Feng Shui Spring Fever

Awaken from the Yin energy of winter and honor the new season with an intentional shift into the more Yang energy of Spring. These 9 Feng Shui Tips will get you there.

Tune In

Make a list of any signs of Spring you may see. This shifts your attention to the new, vibrant, emerging energy of the season. When I was in Maine during the springtime this was easy. Now that Florida is my home at this time of year the indicators are a bit more subtle. Certain trees burst into full bloom, birds are sighted in pairs more frequently and tourists are everywhere during their Spring breaks!

Bring Flowers Inside

Flowers are a Feng Shui Energy Boost and highlight the Earth’s time to come alive and start another growing season. My sister is a florist, and her shop (at right) is just bursting with offerings. If your garden is already up and blooming and you can spare a few stems, even better.

Eat Fresh and Local

Visit your nearby Farmers Market or organic food store to find some locally grown, Ch’i-filled greens, sprouts, peas or other morsels. It’s a win-win for both you and the farmer.

Open Wide

On those glorious, warm, sunny days of Spring, unlatch the windows and let the new, fresh outdoor Ch’i energy come pouring in. It’s a total revitalizer. If you’re in the midst of a rainy spell, make a room spray with distilled water and essential oils and do a bit of space clearing by spraying into your corners to cleanse and revamp the old energy.

Add some drops of essential oil to distilled water to create a space clearing spray. Lavender, lemon and rosemary are good choices.

Clean It Up

Our grandmothers were right – Spring Cleaning is a good thing. It serves to remove the old, stagnant Ch’i energy that has been cooped up in our homes for months. If having time is a challenge, start with just one small area or room, like a bathroom. Every time you walk into a totally clean space, you’ll feel better.

Clutter Clear Winter Gear

As you pack away hats, mittens and other cold weather gear, clutter clear any items that are worn, outgrown or unused. Laundering before storage removes dirt and old Ch’i and allows them to rest as a more neutral energy.

Refresh Your Front Door

As the mouth of Ch’i for your home, the front door invites many good blessings into your life. Honor the important role of this entrance by revitalizing it after the long winter months. Wash it down or apply a fresh coat of paint, add a wreath or swag, place a new greeter or fresh welcome mat. Make sure the path to the door is tidy and easy to follow as well.

Evaluate Your Health and Family Gua

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In the Feng Shui Bagua Map the Health and Family area represents the season of Spring. Assess this gua for low Ch’i in the form of dirt, clutter, broken or unused items. If there’s a bathroom, commit to closing the drains.

Once freshened, add an enhancement to reinforce the energy of Spring and your desire for smooth family relations and good health. Possible enhancements include flowers, wood or items made of wood, the colors blue or green, stripes, art with trees, flowers or vegetation, photos of relatives or family friends or anything that symbolizes “healthy” to you.

Get Clear on Your Summer Intention

Personally, my intentions for this summer are to paint, visit National Parks and go to a Red Sox game. These enhancement items can be placed in different areas of my Bagua Map to attract these opportunities into my life.

Get clear on the goals, and energy, you’d like to bring into your life in the summer months ahead. You can then affirm you intentions for the future by consciously working with your home’s Feng Shui Bagua Map.

For example, place a travel brochure of your desired vacation destination in the Helpful People and Travel gua; hang a photo of your kids enjoying their summer camp in the Creativity and Children gua or keep your seed catalogs in the Health and Family gua (home of the Wood element.)

Feng Shui gives us so many ways to usher in this most magnificent time of year. Professionally, I’m planning on focusing on further developing The Feng Shui Studio on many fronts so will do more organizing and enhancement in my office and prepare a vision board for the business to name just two ideas I have planned.

One idea for all of you is to consider is contacting me to schedule a Feng Shui consultation for your own home. It can fine tune your efforts and address situations and improvements you may want some help with.

How will you embrace the season now that you understand how to use Feng Shui to clear and direct energy to specific goals and desires? Please share your ideas with us all. As more and more of us consciously apply Feng Shui principles to enhancing and improving our homes and lives, the world becomes a better place!

Have fun,


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