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Back to School time represents a big shift in any child’s year, and this transition requires an added measure of attention and care. Feng Shui offers many ways to support our children as they set off for their new school year. Using just one of these Feng Shui tips could give your student that little something extra.

Although a child is often leaving home for school, the energy of the home’s Feng Shui goes with them. It can provide not only revitalizing Ch’i energy for the school day but an environment that supports rest, play, study and other activities to allow greater balance overall.

Ideally, good Feng Shui throughout the home is best for any family member, child or adult. However, there are a few specific Feng Shui factors to consider at Back to School time that could be affecting your child directly. Most of these tips will apply as well to adults who are furthering their education in a training program or working on a degree.

Assess Your Creativity and Children Area

The Creativity and Children area (or gua – pronounced gwah) of the Feng Shui Bagua Map, is the specific section of your home that directly influences your children. Even if you share joint custody or your child in away at college or boarding school, the vital energy in this area relates directly to your children.

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To place the Bagua Map, stand at the front door looking into your home. The Creativity and Children area is in the right, middle section of your home’s floor plan. Get your own free copy of my Feng Shui Bagua Map to help you locate this area.

As outlined in The Feng Shui Bagua for Creativity and Children, it is important to intentionally place an object that represents the goal for this area within the gua. Several options are provided that are appropriate for this enhancement. You and your child can even choose one together to put in this section of your home.

Maybe a small bulletin board where school artwork and papers can be hung or a photo of your child enthusiastic and happy on the first day of school will be on your list of considerations. Remember to state your intention for a good school year when you place your item.


Check Your Knowledge and Self-Cultivation Area

The Knowledge and Self-Cultivation area of the Feng Shui Bagua Map is not specific to children, but to the pursuit of education and the betterment of oneself. When standing at the front door looking into your home, the Knowledge and Self-Cultivation gua is in the bottom left hand sector of your Bagua Map.

Use the same procedure as the Children and Creativity gua – get clear on an intention for the student’s self-improvement goals and add an enhancement such as:

  • Books, school supplies or other materials that reflect what the child is learning
  • The child’s desk or reading area
  • A computer, laptop or tablet if one is used
  • Items in the colors of black, blue or green
  • Artwork or photos with special teachers, schools or other symbols of good academics
  • If this gua is in a convenient spot, it is an excellent place for the child’s backpack



Fine Tune the Bedroom

The bottom wall color is more conducive to rest than the brighter yellow above.

The child’s bedroom or sleep area is very important to their rest patterns and potential ability to perform at school. If sleep issues arise, here’s a few Feng Shui suggestions on items to evaluate and improve in a child’s bedroom if necessary:

  • Eliminate TV or other electronics from the room.
  • Soften a wall color that is too bright or stimulating. Feng Shui recommends light neutrals and flesh tones in all bedrooms.
  • Clutter clear too many toys, stuffed animals, or other potential noise makers from the room.
  • Remove artwork with subjects that are too active, violent or disturbing in some way.
  • Replace sheets, blankets and pillows that have a lot of busyness or pictures.

When a child awakens in the night, their semi-conscious state can trigger disorientation. They may imagine that a Super Hero pillowcase is a real  person or a stuffed animal is alive. Events can deteriorate from there. If your child is waking frequently, you don’t have to get rid of all the potential offenders mentioned above, but do try toning down the room in case that is what is disturbing them.


Provide a Powerful Study Space

You may not think of your child being powerful, but putting their desk or study seat in the Feng Shui Power Position can provide them with an added bit of stability and grounding while doing their schoolwork. When seated at the desk, the ideal Power Position allows the student’s clear view of the door without being in direct line with the door. A solid wall behind the chair completes the ideal placement.

If you cannot provide a desk, designate a specific, regular place they can sit to study. Whether at the family computer, the dining table, a desk or other location, try to place the learner in the Power Position.

Get Ready for Back to School with Feng Shui

Here’s a summary checklist of the four Feng Shui tips for Back to School:

  • Enhance the Children & Creativity Area
  • Enhance the Knowledge and Self-Cultivation Area
  • Evaluate the child’s bedroom
  • Assign a designated place to study in the Power Position

When looking at this list, does a particular item stand out as being an obvious “must do”? Dive right in and tackle that part first. If not, choose one that feels right to start you off.

No matter what is happening in life, you can turn to Feng Shui to shift energy to address most circumstances that arise. Should your child develop an issue with school, you can complete all of the suggestions on the list for additional support. For now, choosing the one item that stands out at you will give them a good send off and additional beneficial Ch’i.

If a situation at school becomes more serious or goes unresolved, it may signal a time to call in a Feng Shui practitioner. Contact me to schedule a personal telephone consultation. That will allow us to more thoroughly customize the Feng Shui approach for you and your youngster.

Isn’t it great that Feng Shui offers so much support to us all in so many situations? Back to School can be an exciting time for student and parent alike. A little Feng Shui attention invested in their educational success now can go a long way toward contributing to long term academic success and overall happiness.

Have fun,


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