Bedroom Feng Shui

Since we all spend at least a third of our lives in the bedroom, Feng Shui considers it one of the most important rooms in the home. Is your bedroom serving you, providing a nurturing, calming, restful haven from the outside world? Here’s the basics on how to get started on your own Bedroom Feng Shui.

The bedroom’s primary purpose is to provide a sound sleep for its occupants, thus promoting both physical and mental health. That is why I always ask my Clients, “How are you sleeping?”

If answer is “Great”, I don’t usually say much about this room. But, it’s likely you (or a family member) are one of the millions who wouldn’t give this answer.

Perhaps the bedroom Feng Shui in your home may be contributing to the unrest. There are quite a few Feng Shui perspectives to investigate that could help change your answer. Let’s see whether any pertain to your space.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tip #1: Location

Bedrooms are the most Yin rooms in the house, whether for adults or children. A few Yin characteristics for the bedroom include quiet, subdued, soft, tranquil, low, detailed, cool, dark, receded, night, closed, retreat, dim and small. Keep a Yin state of mind when making your adjustments to get the most out of your Feng Shui Bedroom.

To simplify a bit, one Yin translation suggests a room that is in the back of the house rather than the front. Bedrooms near the street or in the front of the home can be too active and challenging for some sleepers.

Counter this location with heavy curtains or black out shades to darken the room. You can also add a white noise machine to dampen street sounds.


Feng Shui Bedroom Tip #2: Place the Bed in the Power Position

BedroomFengShuiFeng Shui is about arranging the environment to keep human’s nervous systems most at peace. One way to do this is with the Feng Shui Power Position.

When placing the bed in the Power Position, the person should see the door while lying down. Additionally, their feet should not be in line with the door to the room and the headboard is on a solid wall.

Often satisfying all three of these criteria may be difficult when positioning your bed. There are many specific Feng Shui adjustments available to Feng Shui your bed.


Feng Shui Bedroom Tip #3: Perfect the Bed

A headboard is an important feature in Bedroom Feng Shui.

You can further improve your Bed Feng Shui with even more awareness than the Power Position.

Be sure you have a headboard which represents both physical support but also support in your life in general.

Note what is on the other side of the headboard. A bathroom or kitchen may require some additional Feng Shui adjustments.

If the headboard is on an exterior wall, it’s not recommended to have any utility inputs such as electric meters, cable hookups, gas or water meters. As with other disruptors, they create additional unsettled Ch’i.

There are many more ways to perfect your bed’s Feng Shui.


Feng Shui Bedroom Tip #4: Limit Electronic Equipment

I’d like to say remove all electronics, but in this day and age that may be very challenging for some people. The list includes televisions, clock radios, phones, computers, tablets, and other items that are connected to either an electrical outlet or the internet.

The activity of the electromagnetic fields of electricity and WIFI can be very disruptive to highly sensitive people.

One instance in which I would absolutely consider having no electronics connected during sleep is when a person has a severe illness and is convalescing in the bedroom a great deal of the time.

At the very least, try not to put phones or other devices that are connected to the internet right by your head on a bedside table while sleeping. I put my ipad on airplane mode in the adjoining bathroom and use it to check the time if I get up in the night.


Feng Shui Bedroom Tip #5: Hide the TV

To create a Feng Shui bedroom, cover the TV at night.

There is the ideal and then there’s the reality. I’ve had Clients that were upset that their spouse would never allow the removal of the TV from the bedroom that I’m offering a  Feng Shui adjustment here.

A television causes disruptive Ch’i with the EMFs it emits. Again, this may disturb the sleep of certain people. Additionally, when you get up at night, the reflection in the screen may be disorienting and throw off the sleep cycle.

Adjust the TV in a bedroom by putting it in a cabinet. In Maine we designed a built-in cabinet. In our Florida home we simply cover the TV with a small blanket at night.

If you’re really having trouble sleeping, try unplugging the TV at night.


Feng Shui Bedroom Tip #6: Remove exercise equipment

Good Bedroom Feng Shui includes no exercise equipment in the bedroom.

Exercising and working out are very Yang activities and not appropriate for the Yin bedroom. In addition, lots of exercise equipment that ends up in the bedroom is often electronic, adding a double dose of disruptive Ch’i.

If the only place for your exercise equipment is in your bedroom,  screen or curtain them off when not in use.


Feng Shui Bedroom Tip #7: Remove desks & work stations

These items have the same type of active Ch’i as noted with exercise equipment. Plus, the additional emotional ties we have to our desks and computers rekindle issues about work, finances, family matters and any other number of situations for which we use our computers.

Finding a space outside of the bedroom is really the ideal remedy. A more Yang space like the living room, kitchen or family room could have just as much extra space as your bedroom. Take a look and see if you can make the move.

If you really need a big work station and can’t find any other place for it, try curtaining or screening it off at night.


Feng Shui Bedroom Tip #8: Close the doors & cover the windows

In our Feng Shui Homes, vital Ch’i energy enters through the doors and exits out the windows. We want a smooth, balanced flow to help support and nurture us in our daily lives. However, uneven or excessive Ch’i flow in the bedroom can pose a challenge to many.

You can close the curtains during sleep to create a more safe & Yin feeling in this Feng Shui Bedroom.

One way to calm and moderate the flow is to close the doors at night. This includes the door where you exit the room as well as the closet or an en-suite bathroom door. Many master suites also have an exterior door to a patio, balcony or deck.

Also cover your windows to keep the space calm and more Yin.

Recently I taught a Feng Shui class. Two of the students commented that they’d like to improve their sleep. Both were advised to close the various doors in their bedroom when sleeping.

Within a week they both felt the results of sleeping better after closing the doors in their bedrooms. This is an easy adjustment to try so why not experiment in your space?


Feng Shui Bedroom Tip #9: Clear Clutter

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Remember the Feng Shui saying, Your stuff is talking to you all the time. Be sure it has good things to say. Clutter in the bedroom is not saying, “Sweet Dreams.”

Clothes, shoes, laundry, too many knick knacks, lots of photos, books and magazines on bedside tables, overcrowded bookcases and more are not supporting healthy sleep.

My FREE DOWNLOAD, Feng Shui Clutter Clearing Tips will give you all the information you need to get going tidying and improving your space.

Be aware that the space under the bed counts as well. Ideally, having nothing underneath the bed is recommended. This is tricky if you have very limited space. I know, as my Maine house has a few, strategic items tucked away under the beds.

If you must store items under the bed, do it with a clear intention of their symbolism as well as your lack of other options. Any weapons, unwanted family heirlooms, ladders or other items that represent activity, discord or uncertainty should find another home.

If you’re having trouble sleeping these Feng Shui tips will put you well on your way to creating a space that is not only restful but relaxing and comforting as well. As with all focused and intentional Feng Shui, the new Ch’i you generate may bring wonderful opportunities that you never could have anticipated.

Give your bedroom the attention it deserves. Make it your sanctuary. Your Feng Shui efforts can return huge benefits.


Have fun,


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