Clutter Clear for a Yard Sale

Yard sale season is upon us. Perhaps your favorite non-profit is looking for donations to their fundraiser, or you just feel you have too much stuff and want to make a few bucks getting rid of it. Whatever the reason, in Feng Shui anytime is a good time for clearing the clutter.

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If you haven’t already downloaded your free copy, my Feng Shui Clutter Clearing Tips can give you an in-depth understanding of the process. For now, here are a few clutter clearing tips to help you pull your yard sale items together easily and quickly. Then you can start reaping the benefits of a clearer, rejuvenated, energy-filled home.




Feng Shui Clutter Clearing Tip #1:

Identify the Most Cluttered Spot

Clutter Clearing Tip: For a yard sale, start clutter clearing in your most cluttered area. This room is a great example.

It may sound a bit intimidating, but starting with your most troubling area will provide a recognizable improvement and help you gain momentum more quickly.

You have set the intention to have a Yard Sale, so there is an end game that can give you that added motivation that may be needed to take this approach.

When you go directly to the most annoying, chock-full, I can’t stand it anymore, cluttered beyond belief room and face the mess, so many great things can happen. There is a release that can begin to happen as you face that roadblock of clutter that’s been wearing on you. I’ve heard positive and powerful stories again and again and have experienced them in my life as well.

Plus, you will quickly see the fruits of your labors and begin to feel the potential that removing more stuff can produce.

Even if you don’t have a room brimming to the ceiling or a garage you can barely walk through, everyone knows of an area that’s “bugging” them. Start there.


Feng Shui Clutter Clearing Tip #2:

Do Clutter Clearing Prep

The stuff you’re sorting will not all go into the yard sale. Prepare for this possibility and select 3-4 sorting categories then having boxes, trash cans, recycle bins or other containers ready to receive the various items as you sort. Here’s a few category possibilities:

  • Yard sale or donation items
  • Trash
  • Recycle
  • Gift/Regift
  • Return borrowed items
  • Return items to proper spot in my home

Items that are kept can be put in their respective category and organized later. If they have a home within the space you’re clearing, they can be returned right away.

Be watchful about what you’re putting away so it doesn’t bog down your clutter clearing. I need to remember not to rush to the kitchen when I find the missing tape that needs to go in the junk drawer then I see the screwdriver in the same drawer that needs to go to the garage then …… you get the picture!

Try to stay in the room you’re working in, make a pile of items you’re keeping and continue sorting the others. It’s easy to get diverted!

One more item of prep is to assign time on your calendar to actually clutter clear. If you’re less than excited about the process, I recommend you start with half an hour. Try to find a time when you are without kids, outside distractions or any other obligations. Leave your phone in the other room, and it’s time to start.


Feng Shui Clutter Clearing Tip #3:

Do a Quick Scan of the Area

Keeping the eye on the prize (yard sale items and aS clearer space), it’s time to step confidently into that cluttered room and give it what for….

Depending on how much time you’ve allotted, set a timer for 5-10 minutes less than the total. That will give you a head’s up to finish clearing a corner or make arrangements to keep going if you’re super motivated. You can also start carting things to the car or trash bin, not just stop midstream and leave everything in piles.

Now, take a deep breath, you can do this!

  • In your most full and troublesome room, start in one corner.
  • Take a quick scan of the area and identify and retrieve any items you’re absolutely sure you don’t want.
  • Use the OHIO method. (I actually grew up in Ohio but that doesn’t have anything to do with this!) Pick up the item, decide which category it belongs to (yard sale, trash, recycle, etc.) and place it in the appropriate container.


By starting with items you know you don’t want, you eliminate the sentimentality factor. You don’t need to hold the item for a few moments, remember the story behind it, attach to the memory and then start to feel bad you might want to get rid of it. If there aren’t a lot of attachments to the item, it’s easier to let it go.


Feng Shui Clutter Clearing Tip #4:

Decide and Sort

Choose a spot on the perimeter of the room that feels like a good place to start. Work systematically clockwise around the room from there. This allows you to cover all the territory without missing anything.

In addition, a clockwise approach is more Yang which will give an outward, progress-oriented push to the process.

Now that the quick scan items are gone, let’s move on. It’s time to get into the more “feeling” part of clutter clearing. For each item you can now decide:


For each individual item ask these two questions:

  • Do I use it?
  • Do I love it?

Keep the item ONLY if you answer yes to both questions. Again, my free download, Feng Shui Clutter Clearing Tips goes into much more detail to help you if you’re having trouble releasing an item.

Be aware that Feng Shui teaches that each item has its own vital energy and that energy is interacting with you. Living only with what you love helps you create a Feng Shui Home with harmonious and supportive energy.

Clutter Clearing Tip: Gather all the same items in one spot.

Although I have successfully used this technique for many years, there is a potential hiccup people can encounter.

Their initial review of the item elicits a good feeling or memory. This is interpreted as “love” for the item, and they decide to keep it.

The challenge arises when almost every single item is retained without remembering the original intent of the clutter clearing – there’s too much stuff! Try to separate your love for the memory the item elicits from your actual love of the item.

One technique I find useful is gathering all of one type of item together. Often when folks see 80 pairs of shoes or 35 pots and pans the “Ah Ha” light bulb goes off, and they can let some of the old or lesser used items go.

It also lets you see which items you’ve actually use and love.


Feng Shui Clutter Clearing Tip #5:

Wind Down Your Clutter Clearing Session

When your timer goes off, make a quick assessment. Does your schedule allow and do you want to keep going? If you are ready to quit, take the remaining few minutes to put the yard sale items in the collection area you’ve designated within your home or in the car if you’re donating them. Throw away the trash and take the recycling to your bin.

It’s important to keep the momentum and Ch’i flow of clutter clearing going and not just stop in your tracks. Tidy up and move things to their next or final destinations.


Feng Shui Clutter Clearing Tip #6:

Acknowledge the Shift

Great work! Since you’ve completed your session, take a moment to acknowledge the accomplishment. Give thanks to all of the items that are leaving your home and life. Imagine the good they will bring others and the extra money you’ll have once the yard sale is complete.

How do you feel? I always feel sooooooo uplifted after I’ve clutter cleared. I love to admire the pile of items that have been released. I love to gawk over the freshened space that was created by their leaving. Win, win, win, win, win! OK, so you get my enthusiasm!


Feng Shui Clutter Clearing Tip #7:

After the Sale – Donate

Once your yard sale is complete, make sure nothing comes back in the house! If an item has been designated for sale it surely can move on.

Be strong! As part of your yard sale day plan time to pile anything remaining in the car and drive it immediately to a donation center. I know, I know. You’ll probably be tired, but the exhilaration you can feel as you pull out after dropping the few stragglers off will be the icing on the cake of a very successful sale.

Are you ready to dive in and start clearing your clutter? I’m sure you can do it! I’d be happy to help, so contact me for a Feng Shui consultation if you need any additional information, motivation or coaching.

As always, keep an eye out for the results of your Feng Shui clutter clearing – new opportunities, ideas or energy are just a few of the good things that could be coming your way.

Have fun,


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