Feng Shui and Inner Peace

Does life just get ahead of you sometimes? Can the state of world affairs seem overwhelming? How can we balance our own personal well-being with our responsibility to the world around us? Where is our inner peace? These are big questions that I have been asking for some time. With the help of Feng Shui, here’s an answer I’ve found for myself.

An ancient Chinese system, Feng Shui asks us to see everything as energy. The fundamental Ch’i energy that makes up all things – from humans to animals to plants to the chair you’re sitting on – imbues each person or thing with their own level of vitality.

The level of vital Ch’i is dramatically different in the two bouquets above.

The amount and quality of Ch’i energy we embody can vary. Just think of a drooping plant. Its condition of Ch’i is certainly different than a plant that is at its peak of glory. The task for us all is to regulate the quality and amount of Ch’i we encounter and possess.

This is the basic reason for doing Feng Shui in your home. Learning to identify and rectify inauspicious Ch’i in our spaces is important. When the objects around you and their relationships to one another produce a harmonious, revitalizing and auspicious level of Ch’i, you are supported, and life can be good.

Another basic Feng Shui principle explains that the Ch’i in all things is connected. This is where we can begin to appreciate that not only our outer world, but our inner life as well, holds a level of balance and harmony that affects our own lives as well as all others around us.

I call this internal part of life our Inner Feng Shui. As we seek balance on the outside, in our home, work space and other physical environments, so too do we seek balance on the inner planes. As there are principles, guidelines and standards for addressing the outer world using Feng Shui, so too are there very specific ways to address our Inner Feng Shui.

I Hold the Power of Peace

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Through years of personal inquiry, I have sought to understand and maneuver this inner life and identify the personal empowerment techniques that best work for me. Study, trial and error and personal experience have led me to utilize and recommend a specific process that I have come to rely upon to reestablish my equilibrium when my Inner Feng Shui is disrupted.

This technique is highlighted in my book, I Hold the Power of Peace. Forty-eight pages provide a thorough description of this technique. You can get your own copy.  The hard copy is $6.95 and the e-book only $1.99. Begin practicing Inner Feng Shui today.

Briefly, the technique focuses on these steps:

Inner Peace Step #1: Be Aware of Your Thoughts

Every thought we think is directing our lives. As with each piece of furniture in our home, each thought in our head is holding its own energy. How we resonate with this energy determines whether we are happy, sad, angry or peaceful.

Becoming aware of and choosing specific thoughts to fulfill our intentions is crucial to leading us to desired outcomes. Thoughts alone do not propel us to our desired result. They start the process of manifestation and are the essential first step.

The emotions our thoughts generate signal our resonance with their Ch’i. Should a thought create an adverse reaction, it is showing you that it is not supporting your personal energy. Emotions are a wonderful gauge. They provide an innate and immediate system for deciphering whether our thoughts are propelling us toward our heart’s desire.

Inner Peace Step #2: Use Your Imagination

Once you recognize that a thought is not leading you in the direction you desire, replace it with a new one. I have developed a collection of what I call Feel Good Stories to draw upon when my disposition grows sour.

A Feel Good Story can be an actual recollection of something that has taken place or a scene that you devise for yourself. It should be a situation that makes you smile, lifts your heart or raises your spirits. Only a few seconds of recalling this story can shift your Ch’i dramatically for the better.

As a grandmother, my newest Feel Good Stories have me remembering times with my two-year-old grandson. Thinking of his joy in splashing in the pool with his grandfather or the utter excitement and anticipation as he literally danced from animal to animal at the zoo definitely make me feel good.

What feelings are generated by the stories in these photos?

Can you conjure up your own Feel Good Story? Perhaps the face of a newborn baby or a puppy enjoying the sun on his face make you smile. Do any of the photos above create a positive reaction? If so, they can be your first Feel Good Story!

A favorite joke or family antidote can lighten a mood. Think of all of the You Tube videos and Facebook posts that go viral. Most are definitely Feel Good Stories. As long as it makes you feel good, you can imagine any story you want.

Inner Peace Step #3: Create a Feeling

My cat Isabel.

We must now connect the thought and imagination to a feeling. This is where the essential energy work of Inner Feng Shui takes place and starts to create the energy of inner peace.

Each of our feelings is generating some level of Ch’i at all times. Recognizing our lesser feeling thoughts, shifting to a better feeling thought, then feeling the effect of this shift is what raises your Ch’i and improves your Inner Feng Shui.

Recollecting holding my sweet cat Isabel and envisioning her robust purr as she trusts me to care for and love her, I can literally feel a warm sensation emanating from my heart area. Now that’s good Ch’i and good Inner Feng Shui!

You Can Hold the Power of Peace

Can you give these steps a try? None of us can be totally happy and calm all the time. Having a go-to process to bring us back to center, the place of personal peace, can help to significantly improve not only our individual lives but the lives of those around you.

When our personal Ch’i is flowing smoothly, it radiates out to enhance and enrich others. Our balanced Inner Feng Shui creates a peace that has the power to transform others’ energy and lives as well.

As I write in I Hold the Power of Peace:

You can Hold the Power of Peace.

Expand your personal practice of Feng Shui by trying these Inner Feng Shui methods. The power and potential of the inner peace you hold is valuable.

Please comment below about your experience of Inner Feng Shui and consciously creating inner peace for yourself. Your efforts will not go unnoticed. We can all  build a happy, harmonious, peaceful world together.

Have fun,


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4 thoughts on “Feng Shui and Inner Peace

  1. Oh my goodness! When I looked up “health feng shui” and saw your picture as a part of this page I was moved. I have been struggling with my health and wondered if there was anything that would be feng shui related and found your post. Through your posts you have supported me to begin to explore different options in improving my life, environment and now health. Thank you for your contribution to our well-being.

    1. Irma, I am so thrilled that this information has been motivational. Please keep us updated on what Feng Shui changes you implement and the results you experience. Have fun with it!

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