Feng Shui Bagua Series #5: The 9 Bagua Areas

This fifth in my series on the Feng Shui Bagua, we will delve into the meaning of each of the nine Bagua areas, or guas (pronounced gwahs). Then you will be able to look at your own Feng Shui Bagua with new eyes.

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As a refresher, the Bagua is a tool of Feng Shui that maps the floor plan of your home in such a way that you can decipher various physical and energetic patterns that influence your life. If you haven’t done so already, I invite you to Download Your Free Feng Shui Bagua Map here.

Now, let’s take a deeper look into the meaning of each of these eight areas. They comprise the wholeness of the attributes of a balanced and harmonious life. When the composition of each area is balanced with Feng Shui principles and enhanced with our intentions, we prepare ourselves for a harmonious and fulfilling life where we can realize our dreams and more.

Health & Family

  • I Ching Trigram: CHEN – “Arousing Thunder”
  • Colors:  green & blue                             Body Parts: foot, liver, muscles
  • Home of the Wood element                       Direction: East

Associated with our family, both blood relatives and close friends, particularly our elders and the support system they provide. Receiving family support helps us rally when challenges arise. The foundation from which you move forward. This is true also of good health, and so it is included here. Some systems designate this gua as family only and put health in the Center.

AKA (Also Known As):  Elders, Family and Past, Ancestors, Heritage, Community, Family Life, Grandparents

Wealth and Prosperity

  • I Ching Trigram: Sun – “Persistent Influence of Wind”
  • Colors:  blues, purples & reds                Body Parts: hips, gall bladder, breathing
  • Ruled by the Wood element                      Direction: Southeast

Associated with material wealth but also prosperity, good fortune, blessings and abundance of all kinds, not just money. When we place our attention on the steady, truthful gathering of wealth we attract not only money but opportunity, blessings, power and prosperity of all kinds. That is the ideal path.

AKA:  Fortunate Blessings, Abundance, Empowerment


  • I Ching Trigram: Li – “Clinging Fire”
  • Color: reds                                          Body Parts: eyes, heart, blood
  • Home of the Fire element               Direction: South

Associated with the fame that comes from high profile expression such as being a doctor, actor, etc. However, it is also concerned with the less obvious cultivation of a good reputation through the steady giving and receiving of support. Self-expression and what you are known for, both good and bad.

AKA: Fame & Reputation, Illumination, Self-expression, Future, Luck


  • I Ching Trigram: K’un – “Receptive Earth”
  • Colors: reds, pinks & white                     Body Parts: internal organs, stomach, immune system
  • Ruled by the Earth element                    Direction: Southwest

Associated with marriage, partnership, friends, colleagues and how we relate to people in general. The most yin trigram, it represents flexibility, yielding and commitment. When both partners are flexible and take the other into consideration, a strong partnership emerges. This gua also refers to the relationship we have with ourselves.

AKA:  Partnership, Love & Marriage

Creativity and Children

  • I Ching Trigram: Tui – “Joyous Lake
  • Colors:  white & pastels                             Body Parts: mouth, lungs, skin
  • Home of the Metal element                        Direction: West

Associated with anything you create or birth into the world, whether by yourself or especially when encouraging others. Your future and what you would like it to bring. Anything to do with your children, having children or children in general. Also concerns the childlike qualities of generosity, delight and joy.

AKA:  Children & Joy, Offspring, Feminine Energy

Helpful People and Travel

  • I Ching Trigram: Ch’ien – “Heaven”
  • Colors: white, grays and black                   Body Parts: head, neck, large intestine
  • Ruled by the Metal element                       Direction: Northwest

Associated with helpful people and the qualities of power, synchronicity, inspiration and confidence.  Helpful people can be family, friends, colleagues, trades people, officials, spiritual beings or people you’ve never met before. It is also the gua used to attract opportunities and to help others. In addition, all aspects associated with travel are addressed here.

AKA:  Helpful Friends, Angels, Masculine Energy


  • I Ching Trigram: K’an – “Deep Water”
  • Colors:  black & dark tones                         Body Parts: ears, kidneys, reproduction
  • Home of the Water element                       Direction: North

Associated not only with our career and professional work, but our life’s work or life’s path. Our life’s journey and life purpose on a more spiritual level. This is the area that helps us to connect with our personal genius and discover and follow our deepest passion.

AKA:  The Journey, Life’s Journey, Opportunities, Business Success

Knowledge and Self-Cultivation

  • I Ching Trigram: Ken – “Mountain”
  • Colors:  black, blues & greens       Body Parts: hands, back, shoulders
  • Ruled by the Earth element           Direction: Northeast

Associated with reflection, meditation, inner guidance, learning and studying. It also encompasses spiritual enlightenment, self-realization, and personal growth. This gua encourages us to cultivate intelligent mind but to be prepared to assimilate this new knowledge by having a peaceful mind as well. We develop this through education coupled with introspection.

AKA:  Contemplation, Knowledge and Spirituality, Self-realization, Wisdom, Education


  • Home of the Earth element            Colors:  yellow and Earth tones

The Center is considered a neutral area, hence no one aspect of life is represented here. Considered the solar plexus of the entire structure, Ch’i energy flows from the other eight outer guas into the Center where it is collected then disburses throughout the Bagua once again, creating a continuous, wonderful flow of Life. It oversees all areas of life not represented in the other eight guas and is the solid base that helps to keep us grounded and centered within. When it appears that many areas of life are out of harmony, check first to see that the Center is in balance.

AKA:  Unity

Now that you have a basic understanding of each gua, you will be able to more fully recognize where the various aspects of your life are represented within your home, office or workplace. For example, if you are prone to headaches and never seem to find a way to go on a vacation, take a look at your Helpful People and Travel gua. If the children aren’t minding and you can’t stay out of the dentist’s chair, perhaps your Creativity and Children area has some imbalances. The possibilities are revealing, fascinating and endless.

As always, if you’d like to add my professional expertise to your individual situation, I’d be happy to assist.

Please share your discoveries here as we can all learn from each other’s findings. I will be providing additional ideas on how to read your home’s Bagua Map in the next installments of this series.

Have fun,



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