Feng Shui Career Q&A

I’m always encouraging my Readers to ask Feng Shui questions and recently the various topics regarding career, jobs, promotions, etc. have been a big subject of inquiry. Several of the concerns voiced by Readers, along with my responses, are featured below.

If you’re looking for a few simple and practical ways to use Feng Shui to boost your career, check out the Feng Shui Career Q & A below.


Generally, Feng Shui looks at the concept of career as more than your job or vocation, but also on a deeper level as the process of being in alignment with your life’s purpose. It’s only natural that occasionally we stray from being in total alignment with our calling and a bit of adjustment needs to be made.

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The Feng Shui Bagua Map identifies a specific area in your home to hold the most concentrated vital Ch’i energy for Career. To locate your Career area, find the architectural front door, divide the front of the home into three equal sections and Career is the middle section.

If your home is not a complete square or rectangle, a few modifications may need to be applied. Should you prefer some assistance, for a very modest fee I can apply the Feng Shui Bagua Map for you. Contact me for details.

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Everyone who has questions about their career would likely benefit from using the information in their Bagua Map to adjust that part of their home.

Let’s delve into some Reader Q & A for more insights.

Reader: After a significant period of growth in our family business, things have been faltering lately. What can I do to refresh my Career gua and ride out this storm to land back on top?

Carol: Feng Shui is a wonderful way to get energy, and circumstances, moving in a new direction. That’s great that you are wanting to utilize the beauty and wisdom of Feng Shui.

In Feng Shui, washing windows adds clarity and calls in new opportunities.

When I washed the windows in my Career area recently I got a Client inquiry the very next day! This is a simple way to get stagnant energy moving.

If your Career gua includes your Feng Shui Front Door, (the main entrance or architectural front door) give that a refresh. Bringing more vital Ch’i to your home from the outside is an often overlooked energy boost.

Inside the home, make your Career gua a space you truly love, that makes you feel good. You could add a small fountain or picture of a waterfall to call in more energy here.

Apply these same ideas to your workspace for added emphasis.

As you make any of these enhancements, look for results which could include any number of changes in your circumstances. Acknowledge and give thanks for these shifts to help keep the energy flowing in the direction you wish. Please let me know how it goes.

Reader: I work for an insurance broker. I would like to get more clients on board.

Carol: Feng Shui is an excellent tool to add to your mix. Take a look at your office, making sure it is clutter free, clean and organized.

One Feng Shui remedy for adding new clients is to clear out your files, removing “old” projects and contacts that are no longer needed. This makes way for new clients to come in.

Next, try to have your desk in the Feng Shui Power Position. This places you seated at the desk with a solid wall behind you, a view of the door, but not in direct line with the door. If this is not possible in your present circumstance modifications can be made.

Boost your affirmation by placing it in a red envelope.

In addition to these strategies, become very clear on your intention. Write out an affirmation that states how many clients you want, the amount of sales you’d like to generate, the type of people you’d like to work with and any other important factors.

This must be believable to you so you feel it is within your realm of achievement. Then it will help you attract what you want. Place this affirmation in your Fame area both at home and work.

Feng Shui encourages us to place our affirmations in a red envelope. Traditional red Chinese envelopes are an exciting way to boost the energy of your intention. Conventional red envelopes will work as well.

You can also contact me to add a Feng Shui Office Consultation, and we can apply the Bagua Map and add personalized enhancements to your space.

Reader: I would like a promotion at work but am unsure about how to create one. My boss is new. How do I get on his good side to make this happen?

Carol: There are a lot of factors that could influence a new boss as well as a promotion. Utilizing the Shui Bagua of your home can definitely create positive energy for your situation.

I suggest you work with the Career area of the Bagua. Also take a look at the Fame area to boost your reputation and ability to be noticed.

Think about how the Feng Shui Bagua areas of Relationship, Knowledge & Self-Cultivation and Helpful People & Travel are going in your life. Determine whether one of these seems more likely than another to need attention, then review my suggestions on that specific area and make any needed adjustments.

Everything is connected in Feng Shui and lots of factors weigh into receiving a promotion.

  • Your relationship with your new boss, co-workers
  • Your level of knowledge and whether you need additional training for the desired promotion
  • Having helpful people assist you in achieving a promotion. A mentor, coach, trainer or even your outgoing boss may have useful advice and resources that would benefit you.
  • You may also need to show you are a helpful person yourself to be noticed for a promotion.

You can look at the Feng Shui Bagua areas of your office mentioned above well.

Reader: What can I do in the Fame area to boost my career prospects?

Carol: The Fame area of your Feng Shui Bagua Map is directly opposite the Career gua. This special relationship acknowledges the magnified impact of your reputation on your career.

When building your reputation at work, display awards and diplomas in the Fame area of your office.

Boost the auspicious Ch’i energy in the Fame gua by adding an enhancement that highlights your strengths and accomplishments as they relate to your career. A few items to consider are:

  • Diplomas
  • Certificates of Achievement
  • Professional awards or trophies
  • Photos of you with clients, students or others you’ve helped
  • Writing, projects or other career based products you have created
  • Any other item symbolizing achievements on the job

Any one of the items above can be placed in the Fame area of your home as well. Be sure diplomas and certificates are framed and nicely presented to acknowledge the achievement.

If you are currently in a position that has an office or other workspace, place an enhancement in the Fame gua there as well. Locate this area by using the door to your office, classroom, etc. as the front door for placing the Feng Shui Bagua Map.

A final layer of enhancement can be added by placing a positive affirmation for the direction you would like to move in your career. If you have a desk, put it in the Fame area of the desk.

Identify the location of your desk’s Fame area by sitting at the desk. Divide the desk into a tic tac toe board and the Fame area is the center back section.

Feng Shui Your Career

I always tell my Clients to apply the Feng Shui suggestions that appeal to them the most then look for results in the form of new opportunities and shifts in circumstances in their lives. You are invited to do the same.

Which of the Feng Shui recommendations mentioned above have resonated with you? Are you ready to jumpstart your career with some revitalizing Feng Shui and Ch’i energy? What Feng Shui adjustments will you put into place?

If your career is in need of major attention, you can schedule a personal Feng Shui consultation. Contact me for reasonable pricing and scheduling.

Let me know how your Feng Shui goes for you.

Have fun,


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