Feng Shui Energy Boost #3: Water Features

Like crystals and wind chimes, water fountains are items that are often associated with Feng Shui. An uncommon item for the home, they are a fun addition so we give them a try. It’s good Feng Shui, right?

A tabletop water fountain is great for the home or office.

Water features, and thus water fountains, are one of ten in the category of Feng Shui Energy Boosts. Also known as Ch’i Enhancers, they are added when a space feels “off” to you, whether bland, uninteresting or some other manifestation of low energy.

A bird bath in the garden can add visual interest in addition to attracting wildlife.

Using a water feature can add vibrant, fresh energy to a problem area. Not only do they generate Ch’i with their sound and movement, but they also attract it to an outdoor setting by inviting, nourishing and bathing many types of wildlife.




Here’s a short list of water feature how to’s:

  • Water features include both still and moving water. Besides water fountains, moving water features include waterfalls, hot tubs and jacuzzi tubs.
  • Birdbaths, swimming pools and fishponds are a few still water features. Indoors I have used glass vases filled with water and floating candles as well.
  • Several of my clients have a view of an ocean, brook, lake or river. These natural occurrences are considered water features and need to be taken into account when doing a Feng Shui analysis.
  • Whether moving or still, water features must be kept clean and replenished. A moldy, dried out birdbath doesn’t do anyone any good. Use distilled water in indoor fountains to prevent mineral build-up.
The combination of water and living things adds a double dose of energy boosts when a clean, healthy aquarium is present.
  • Aquariums or fish ponds are considered an auspicious feature in Feng Shui. They combine the favorable vitality of water and yet another Feng Shui Energy Boost – Living Things. Many Chinese restaurants decorate with aquariums to affirm business success. Again, the concept of cleanliness is extremely important.
  • The stream of water in your fountain should sound pleasant and soothing. A raging torrent often encourages unintended visits to the facilities!
  • The trajectory of the water in the fountain should be toward your structure. A full 360 degree circular flow works as well. The direction of the water indicates the path of the Ch’i. Be alert to where you place a wall mounted fountain as water flowing away from a building is draining Ch’i, similar to a flushing toilet.
Any of these fountains displayed at my local garden center will provide a nice flow in all directions and create good Ch’i energy.

Indoors, add a fountain near the front door, the primary passageway for beneficial Ch’i to enter your home. This current will call in good energy and blessings. In the Feng Shui Bagua, water fountains are often recommended for the Career area. They are powerful acknowledgments of the Water element which is represented there, and they help to lend additional energy to support your work and professional life, life purpose, path in life and our personal genius.

This joyous and playful fountain in found in New York City’s Central Park.

Water is also related to money and a positive flow, bringing prosperous, beneficial Ch’i toward you and your life. Adding a water feature to the Wealth and Prosperity gua of your home is a positive affirmation that you are open to fortunate blessings and wealth of all sorts in your life. When I think of large public fountains, I think of  the famous cities of Europe and the U.S. – all are shining examples of abundant riches. Their well known landmarks often host beautiful fountains as their centerpieces. The Reflecting Pool on the Mall in Washington DC is one specimen of grandeur, success and powerful Ch’i.


The upward flow of these fountains near the entrance to our Florida community signal prosperity and vibrant Ch’i. They were a selling point for me!

When we looked for real estate in Florida, one feature that attracted me to the community we ultimately settled in was the array of water features at the entrance. Several fountains project strong flows vertically into the air while the lake behind has two additional full circle fountains spraying positive greetings while calling in prosperity and good blessings for all who enter.

When I see a fountain with its water flowing away from the entrance or building it abuts, I know that positive energy will be drawn away from the area. This reverse flow of Ch’i puts occupants of any homes or businesses at an immediate disadvantage and they may need to work harder to generate success since they are, in essence, undernourished of vital Ch’i. While traveling over the years, I’ve noticed  time and again that many vacant storefronts reside in shopping areas that have an inoperable fountain or the flow of the water heading away from the stores.

A wind chime or other sound maker can substitute for a water feature as it has similar characteristics.

Is a water feature too impractical or unworkable for your present circumstances? Fear not, as a sound maker can be substituted. At my Maine home each Fall I am forced to put my garden’s water features into hibernation for the season. In their place I install shepherd’s hooks with wind chimes. This continues my Energy Boost during the blustery, frigid New England winters. One winter I even purchased a heated birdbath and loved watching the birds enjoying the unexpected treat of a drink of fresh water.

How do water features fit into your life? Is there an place in your home or outdoor landscape that could benefit from this Energy Boost? Consider adding a water feature of some sort. Do you already use a water feature? Do you love it? Is it well maintained? Does the energy in the surrounding area seem improved by its presence?

These are just a few simple questions you can ask yourself to Start to Feng Shui Today and create your own Feng Shui home. Please share your comments and questions below so that we may all share in the expanded, uplifted vibrant energy that good Feng Shui brings into our lives.

Have fun,


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6 thoughts on “Feng Shui Energy Boost #3: Water Features

  1. Hi Carol,

    We are considering installing an in-ground pool this fall. We want to make sure we put it in an area that will boost our chi not drain it. It will be located close to the home. We like the look and feel of a lagoon shape. Which gua of our property is best suited? You mentioned the career and prosperity guas are good places for water. We were wanting to put it outside our master suite which is located in the relationship/love gua. Any recommendations or warnings? Thank you kindly. Kristin

    1. Good question. You are quite astute to ask it before installing your pool. Although a pool in the back of the home should receive special Feng Shui attention, the Relationship gua location is preferred over the Fame gua. The Earth element governs the Relationship gua and would serve to “dam” the water of the pool. Additional adjustment are recommended for creating an “Ideal Location”. More information is in my post The Ideal Feng Shui Location. Have fun with your pool!

  2. Hello Carol,

    I have two fountains, one at the front door and one in the backyard, I like to have a pond for koi fish. I read a few articles, they said not to have two ponds, one in the front and one in the back, is fountain consider a pond? I bought my fountains at Home Depots. Thanks.


    1. Van, the challenge may be with having water in the back yard where your Fame area resides. This area holds the Fire Elements and too much water there may impact your reputation.

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