Feng Shui Energy Boost #4: Objects of Nature

Did you ever collect Fall leaves and press them in a book as a child? How about wild flowers? It’s likely you were responding to both their beauty and their high level of Ch’i energy and you were trying to preserve this energy.

A home can be clean and tidy but still feel like something is missing. What gives our surroundings the extra Ch’i that can propel us to live a life we love is the conscious placement of specific items that we choose with care. We are attracted to them because we relate to the high level of energy they generate. These items are called Feng Shui Energy Boosts.

We’ve already talked about three of the ten Energy Boosts – Living Things, Color and Water Features. Let’s delve into one that may surprise you, Objects of Nature.

This bird’s nest is a sweet Object of Nature that can beautify any home.

Objects of Nature are any items that are produced by nature but don’t require regular maintenance (those would be in the Living Things category.) Even if you live in the city you can go on a treasure hunt and keep an eye out for your own special finds.

Of course, there are also commercial enterprises that offer these gems (pun intended.) It’s great if you can get outside and see what you discover, but if you are really attracted to something that isn’t available in your backyard, certainly finding it from another source will work as well.

Since there’s such an array of offerings in this category, I’ll break them down by their Five Element designations.

Wood Element Objects of Nature

Sticks, branches, dried flowers, potpourri, driftwood, tree trunks, abandoned birds’ nests, nuts, cones, seed pods

I have a Client who had a series of 4-6” round, clean Birch logs cut into 4 or 5’ lengths. She leaned them on a wall above a bank of windows behind an easy chair. They were a great visual barrier that diverted the Ch’i from exiting through the windows, yet they still allowed the light in. It was quite creative and effective.

Living in the Pine Tree State (Maine) full time for many years, pine cones have worked their way into bowls, onto wreaths and into untold crafts projects over the years. One year we had such a bumper crop of big, round acorns I put a bowl of them on the shelf. My cats loved to chase them as they scooted along the slick wood floors. They were a fun Energy Boost for all involved.

Dried flowers and potpourri are in this category and have a bit of a Feng Shui reputation. Some may advise to “never” use them, but I will say, if the item inspires and uplifts you, go ahead. Dust, fading and general deterioration can get the best of dried flowers and vegetation so just keep an eye out for a time they may no longer carry their original vibrancy and may need to be retired.

Fire Element Objects of Nature

Shells, feathers, animal bones or skins, abandoned beehives, anything to do with animals

Shells, an antler light fixture and feathers are all Objects of Nature associated with the Fire Element.


Since shells are products of wildlife they are considered the Fire Element. Don’t you love this shell tree? Beach goers have created it slowly but surely over the years at the end of our local protected beach. One could be crafted, tucked in a pot and placed in your garden or out on a balcony or deck.

I love feathers and usually pick up any I find on the beach. Some believe finding a feather is a message from Spirit. One year my house painter bagged a turkey and gifted me the amazing array of tail and wing feathers. My Aunt often includes a delicate pink, blue or red songbird feather in her cards to me. You can see why I always have feathers displayed somewhere in my home.

Walking the beach is a regular activity when we’re in Florida and hardly a visit goes by without a shell or two slipping into my pocket. Our neighbors lived on a boat for many years and have a shell collection in a tall, Walking the beach is a regular activity when we’re in Florida and hardly a visit goes by without a shell or two elegant display case showing the discoveries from their far-flung adventures. Shell shops can give you an array of choices from around the world without traveling far from home.

Earth Element Objects of Nature

Dirt and Sand

This is a fairly succinct list as the Earth Element is simply that – the earth beneath our feet. Some folks like to remember a special location or occasion by placing some of the dirt or sand from that spot in a bottle or dish and putting it on display.

Metal Element Objects of Nature

Stones, rocks, gemstones, crystals, geodes, lava, petrified wood

Rocks and stones, in all their many forms, are part of the Metal Element.

The Metal Element represents the processes of transformation and restructuring so we include all forms of rocks and stones here. I have one friend who often brings me a stone from the far-away places she visits, and she asks me to do the same for her. In some spots stones are sacred and it is considered taboo to take them from their land so know the locals’ customs before you act. Hawaii is one such spot. You may also not remove any rock or mineral from a U.S. National Park without a permit.

Maine beaches are made of granite rocks carved by the sea and these stones are wonderful to work into garden sculptures or used for paperweights. One beachcomber I know will only collect, and share, Maine beach stones in the shape of hearts. She’s found many.

If you are lucky enough to live near a gemstone or mineral deposit and can have a local specimen to display, that would give you wonderful, local Ch’i energy. If not, gemstone and crystal shops abound. Take your time to deliberately view their offerings and the crystal may very well select you.

Water Element Objects of Nature

Sea glass

Glass is designated part of the Water Element so I’ll include sea glass here. Like Earth, you might bring home some water from a special spot but, as with regular Water Features Energy Boosts, the Water needs to be fresh so this application may be short lived.

Wind chimes and sound makers represent the Water element and you might consider crafting one from some of the Objects of Nature you find.

Many Objects of Nature can simply be displayed on their own as what attracts us to them is their sheer beauty and high energy.  A collection of shells I found on the beach are a beautiful addition to my dining room table. Other times you might see various Objects made into decorative or utilitarian pieces.

Objects of Nature can be very unusual and carry deep stories with them. What do you already have around your home? Are they still inspiring you and boosting your energy? Is it time to go on a nature walk and bring something new indoors?

Let me see what you are using and hear how you found it. Your Feng Shui will get a boost along with your Spirit.

Have fun,




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