Feng Shui Energy Boost #6: Faceted Crystals

Beautiful, rainbow producing “crystal balls” are one of the most stereotypical items associated with Feng Shui. When Feng Shui was introduced to the US only a few decades ago, the idea of integrating these playful elements into the home was adopted by many. What do the faceted spherical delights mean in Feng Shui, and even more importantly, what are they meant do?

Faceted crystals are one of the ten Feng Shui Energy Boosts, along with items like water features, art, color and living things (animals and plants) among others. These additions to our surroundings have the potential, when chosen and placed with Feng Shui in mind, to transform the energy in our spaces. It’s wonderful and powerful stuff.

The Feng Shui Basics of Faceted Crystals

I’ve probably recommended a crystal in almost every residential Feng Shui consultation I’ve done. (Contact me to arrange your own consultation.) Clients love the idea of incorporating their beauty into the home in such an intentional way, but they always have lots of questions about the what, where and how.

Crystals come in many sizes, but my general recommendation is to use a 30 or 40mm faceted sphere. This is relatively small with a circumference approximately the width of an American or Canadian quarter. Occasionally a 50mm may be used in certain larger spaces as explained below.

For do-it-yourself purposes, I use the smaller diameter. This compact size, and the fact that they do not take up floor space, makes faceted crystals useful in multiple situations where other energy boosters may not work well.

These non-spherical faceted crystals are best used for decorative purposes only.

Have you seen crystals in various shapes like teardrops, stars, snowflakes and others? When hung in a window and enjoyed purely for their rainbow displays made as the sun shines through, any of the variety of shape options are a fine decorative addition.

It’s also possible to be tempted by a variety of different colors that are offered for the  spherical shape. These too are best used as decorative accents.

Whether hanging the crystal in front of a window or from the ceiling, if you are curing a specific Feng Shui energy imbalance, always use a clear, faceted spherical shape to get the best results.

I gift a 30mm faceted crystal to almost every Client.

You can sometimes pick these Energy Boosts up in gift shops or metaphysical stores. I use a lot of them, so I often buy them in bulk online. A variety of sizes are available through Amazon, and they have been highlighted here.  You may use Swarovski crystal or the more economical glass versions.

Each crystal should come with a hole at the top to attach a string for hanging. Maybe you’ve heard that  a 9” red string must be used to hang a Feng Shui crystal. You certainly can if you wish.

This is a teaching specific to the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist School of Feng Shui (BTB). I have used this approach with red embroidery floss or silk thread as my string.

This school of Feng Shui would also recommend that you repeat a mantra and sometimes do a hand mudra in addition to using the red string. As a Form School Feng Shui practitioner, I may weave other teachings into my practice, but I generally do not apply the entire BTB approach.

Dental floss works exceptionally well as a hanging string as it is very sturdy, its color blends with the surroundings and it’s easy to tie. If there is proper clearance, I’ll use the 9” length, if not, anywhere from 4-7” is fine. Just be mindful to have the crystal hang free so it doesn’t touch a wall or run into an opening door. You’ll see why next.

Because of the multi-surface shape, faceted crystals have unique characteristics and multiple applications in Feng Shui. They are used for generating vital Ch’i energy in spots where the energy is depleted. Interestingly, they are also able to slow or disperse accelerated Ch’i and are placed where there is rushing or overactive Ch’i.

Rushing vital Ch’i energy occurs in an environment when there are long, open areas with no objects present. If you stand in a spot in your home and can see for more than the length of a room with nothing in your way, there may be rushing Ch’i. Depleted Ch’i can develop in rooms with little energy movement or a lot of energy drains.

Let’s investigate a few ways that Feng Shui has to address these imbalances.

Place a Feng Shui Crystal: Tip #1

Long hallways can produce extreme imbalances. They are like bowling alleys, encouraging Ch’i to gain speed as it goes. All of this rushing energy will encounter whatever is at the end of the hall. If there is a door, the accelerated Ch’i could greatly disrupt the balance of the space it enters. Make that room a bedroom and the red flags go up even more. Hang a crystal from the center of the hallway’s ceiling to moderate the flow.

Place a Feng Shui Crystal: Tip #2

Stairways lined up with doors or windows at the bottom are another classic example of rushing Ch’i. The Feng Shui adjustment is to hang a faceted crystal over the center of the bottom step. This serves to disperse the “waterfall of Ch’i” energy as it pours downward and helps to divert it from exiting out the door at the bottom.

The opposite of rushing Ch’i is depleted Ch’i. Here’s a few places you can investigate.

Place a Feng Shui Crystal: Tip #3

Toilet drains, bathtub drains, shower drains – bathrooms have a lot of drains, and these drains suck vital Ch’i energy right out of your home. Adding to the problem is the fact that bathrooms are usually one of the smaller rooms in the house. Removing more energy from a smaller space puts bathrooms on the Feng Shui “must do” list. Start by reducing the energy drains then continually add new Ch’i to the space by hanging a faceted crystal from the center of the ceiling. Ah, feels better already!

Place a Feng Shui Crystal: Tip #4

This attic space could benefit from a faceted crystal as well as a bit of organization and clutter clearing!

Rooms with no windows or little light often feel low energy. If they also have minimal activity taking place in them, they will need an energy booster.

Hanging a faceted crystal from the center of the space’s ceiling will help to generate new vital Ch’i. Attics, knee walls, unfinished basements and crawl spaces are all good candidates for this adjustment.

Since these spaces can have such limited circulation and movement of Ch’i, a 50mm crystal can often be used.

Place a Feng Shui Crystal: Tip #5

Bedrooms are rooms that accommodate many different activities. The variety of focus and energies required could benefit from the addition of a crystal. Hang a 50mm crystal from the center of the ceiling in a larger, Master Bedroom. If there are issues of some sort such as poor sleep, lack of motivation or excess clutter, investigate additional Feng Shui adjustments to further improve the space.

Place a Feng Shui Crystal: Tip #6

Hang a crystal in a window to extend the inside space into a Bagua area that is outside of structure.

The shape of your floor plan is key in Feng Shui. While the ideal is a complete square or rectangle, this is often not the case in many homes. One technique to balance the shape of your structure is to put a faceted crystal in a window near the irregularity.

This extends the energy of the inside of the home to the outside. If you are uncertain of what action to take, contact me for a brief Feng Shui evaluation of your floor plan. It can go a long way to improving the Ch’i flow in both your home and life.

There are many other ways, and places, to use faceted crystals. Do not be surprised when you have a Feng Shui consultation if they are recommended for any number of other uses. The six scenarios described above are what I have found to be the most common situations.

Do you think there’s a place in your Feng Shui home that would become more balanced with the addition of a faceted crystal? Take a look and let me know in the comments below. I’d be excited to hear what you’ve figured out.

For even more insights into your home’s Feng Shui, or to address a specific situation in your life that needs improvement, contact me for a Feng Shui consultation.

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How’s your home feeling lately? Is it time to do a bit of Feng Shui to get your space on board with giving you all the comfort and support it possibly can? I hope you have fun with it and share your ideas, experiences and results. Feng Shui has helped to transform my life, and I trust you can join the long list of people who can say the same.

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6 thoughts on “Feng Shui Energy Boost #6: Faceted Crystals

  1. I have read your blog, how can I enroll myself to learn very much interest fengshui nd crystal thraphy let me know, will be great full to you thanks gauri singh

    1. Thanks for reading my blog! I do not offer a course on crystal therapy which utilizes mineral crystals such as quartz and amethyst. One way to learn more about Feng Shui is to read my posts on each of the ten Feng Shui Energy Boosts and try to intentionally integrate them into your home. I’d love to hear what Feng Shui enhancements you make and your results. Have fun!

  2. we live in an elderly apartment , the bathroom is in the wealth section,,help! it has white tub toilet, & sink, & beige walls & floor. I have put red curtains, multi red shower curtain & waterfall pics. also, red tape under sink drain. should i add red toilet seat cover? should i change colors to purple? not crazy about the red anyway. love your articles & love feng shui thanks, elaine

    1. Elaine, I understand your worry about having the bathroom in the wealth area but fear not. Consider approaching the area as if it is a spa. Create a lush, vibrant and soothing feeling. That can all translate into prosperity.
      You can check out my post on bathroom Feng Shui. Generally you don’t want to add too much of the Water Element in a bathroom since it already has the sink, toilet and tub or shower and mirror (all representing Water). Consider removing the waterfall pictures and certainly, if you don’t enjoy red, put in a luxurious, “rich” color you do love. I’d love to hear how you modify your space.

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