Feng Shui Energy Boost #7: Lighting

The saying goes that a “light bulb goes off” when our brain lights up and we get a brilliant new idea. When a light bulb gets turned on in our homes an equally powerful Feng Shui result occurs. Energy is activated and auspicious Ch’i begins to build to create supportive, positive results. Do you have a situation in your life you’d like to improve? Let’s shed some literal Feng Shui light on the matter.

Lighting is one of the ten Feng Shui Energy Boosts along with color, art, faceted crystals, water features, living things, objects of nature and more. Energy Boosts are a few of the Feng Shui tools that can help to balance our spaces. An effective and powerful way to activate energy, lighting of all types fits this category.

To recognize the supportive quality of lighting, think of igniting a candle, flashlight or oil lamp during a power outage and of the comfort and possibilities this simple act creates. In an esoteric sense, lighting has a similar effect on  subtle Ch’i energy which is invisible but present all around us.

There are several categories of lighting that can be used as an Energy Boost. Let’s investigate which might be right for your Feng Shui home.


Lighting Feng Shui Energy Boost #1: Electric light bulbs

Add a Himalayan Salt Lamp by your computer for a Feng Shui Energy Boost.

Lamps, overhead lights, strings of lights, night lights and many other types of fixtures that are powered with bulbs are all considered a Feng Shui Energy Boost. Be sure that yours are in good repair and all of the bulbs are functioning. Language is important in Feng Shui so a “burnt out” bulb, especially one that’s been there for a while, could foretell low energy.

Some forms of electric lighting do double duty. Himalayan salt lamps are used to clear electromagnetic frequencies and are often placed near computers. Night lights that guide people through a dark hallway or inside a blackened bathroom provide safety. Comfort and safety first is the second Feng Shui Foundation Principles. I often recommend they be kept burning round the clock in a low energy, windowless room to give a constant revitalization of Ch’i.


Lighting Feng Shui Energy Boost #2: Fire

Candles of all types are a Feng Shui Energy Boost. This capriz shell candle holder is one of my favorites.

Fire provides its own special type of light. Candles lit on a dining table can make a meal special. Red candles, which symbolize igniting romance in Feng Shui, are recommended to make a bedroom more intimate, particularly if you place two of them in the Relationship area of the room.

The lighting of candles is an integral part of many ceremonies whether a wedding, religious service, memorial or other type of induction. You can transfer this same quality of Ch’i to your home by creating an alter which holds a candle. It can be lit daily, or as you prefer, and when combined with a simple intention such as, “All is well,” the flame can represent the building Feng Shui energy of your proclaimed wish.

Fireplaces are another form of Lighting Feng Shui Energy Boost. Understanding and following proper maintenance and operation will allow their dramatic, magical glow to energize you in multiple ways.

Fire pits, bonfires and other outdoor open fires can be a Feng Shui Energy Boost as well. Our outdoor spaces are an important second layer of energy for our home and our lives so the Feng Shui placement of the fire feature should be considered carefully.


Lighting Feng Shui Energy Boost #3: Natural Light

My Studio has amazing natural light which creates a lighting Feng Shui Energy Boost.

When folks look for a new home they usually want a lot of windows. The natural light they let into a room can totally transform the space. Even though they are dark during the night, in Feng Shui, when light is let through windows it is considered an Energy Boost. Simply think of how differently a windowless small bathroom, walk-in closet or pantry feels when you enter with the light turned off. Adding natural light enlivens the space.

Skylights do let in extra light but, in Feng Shui, they should be used as light sources with care. Too many in a small area or one placed in an inauspicious location can encourage Ch’i to escape rather than flow smoothly.


Feng Shui Interior Lighting Tips


You can more deliberately start using lighting as an Energy Boost by pairing it with your Feng Shui Bagua Map. The Bagua, shown at right, is a major tool of Feng Shui. The nine square grid is superimposed over your home’s floor plan. Download your own free copy, complete with instructions, to get started.

When I have something in my life that warrants improvement or support, I turn to the Feng Shui Bagua Map. An immediate way to call additional Ch’i to a troublesome situation is to identify the corresponding Bagua area, or gua (pronounced gwah), that most directly relates to the dilemma. Then, turn a light on in that area. Keep it burning until things improve.

Turn on a light in a specific Bagua area to call in that particular Feng Shui energy.

Last Spring there was a health issue I wanted to mend. The dark Master Bedroom closet is in my Health and Family gua. A lamp was added to my dresser in this walk in space and left on for about 2 weeks.

My health concern did, in fact, improve. I have used this same technique to attract service and repair people for a project as well as call in new opportunities.

You can use this technique in virtually any area of your home. What is required is a clear idea of the issue, a precise intention of the direction you would like to go to resolve it and a willingness to flip the light switch and give it a try. Are you ready to experiment? Let me know how this works for you. It could be an “enlightening” exercise!

A note of caution, however. It is possible to overdo this approach. Be sure to turn the light off once the initial intention is achieved. I have tried to add a bit of “extra” Ch’i to my Helpful People and Travel corner on two separate occasions by leaving the light on long after the helpful person had come and gone. My results were a packed travel schedule, with an overloaded itinerary that found me wanting to take a “vacation” by being back home!


Feng Shui Exterior Lighting Tips

In Feng Shui, exterior lighting provides comfort and safety while also calling in vital Ch’i energy.

Lighting can be a powerful Energy Boost outside as well. The front door area is where new, revitalizing energy enters your home. “Light the way” for people, opportunities, and clarifying Ch’i to arrive.

Adequate lighting on the pathway to the front door guides not only people coming to the house but Ch’i as well. This is also important for the approach from the street to where you leave your vehicle.

Turn on the outside light by your front door to call more people and activity into your life. You can leave this same exterior light burning at least three hours after dark to get some extra clarity in your life as well.

Since the same Feng Shui adjustment, putting the front door exterior light on, can be utilized for multiple situations, be very clear on your intention when turning on the light so the results you are requesting can come your way.


Light Up Your Life – and Feng Shui

Where might you need additional lighting in your home? Is your lighting in good repair, with all bulbs and sockets working properly? Start using lighting consciously as an Energy Boost and look for result to start showing up. Any conscious, intentional Feng Shui adjustment should give you noticeable results within a few weeks.

I am also available for telephone Feng Shui consultations. Contact me to learn more about how you can really rev up the Feng Shui benefits in your life.

We can all take steps to apply Feng Shui’s wisdom to our homes. Renewed energy and new opportunities can be the outcome of doing something as simple as flicking a switch. Are you ready to give it a try? It only takes a second.

I’d love to get your comments below about what new and wonderful experiences come into your life after you use a Lighting Feng Shui Energy Boost.

Have fun,


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  1. Hi I can really use your knowledge with my place. It’s a beautiful home but the set up is very different and I’m having issues with everything my health, job and love life.

    1. Hi April. It’s great that you are interested in using Feng Shui as a part of your plan to improve your life. I suggest you start with two Feng Shui tools: Clutter Clearing and the Bagua Map. There is information on both topics on my website. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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