Feng Shui Energy Boost #8: Sound Makers

When you think of Feng Shui, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? For many people it’s wind chimes. Along with water fountains and faceted crystals, wind chimes were seldom used items in the home before Feng Shui was introduced to the West. Since then they have become a common site. Question is, how do we best utilize wind chimes to create the balance and harmony we’re after?

Only one of the many options in the category of Feng Shui Energy Boosts called Sound Makers, wind chimes are joined by bells, chimes, singing bowls, musical instruments and more.

When a Feng Shui imbalance is recognized, you may choose from the list of ten Energy Boosts to find a remedy that will not only enhance the vital Ch’i energy of your space but satisfy your likes and preferences as well. Other Energy Boosts include Water Features, Art, Faceted Crystals, Objects of Nature, Lighting and more.

Along with other Sound Makers, the vibration wind chimes create as their sound emanates outward produces its own special quality of Feng Shui Ch’i energy. There can be a double activation. Energy is produced with the actual sound, but many also elicit emotional reactions that generate an additional dose of beneficial Ch’i.

Think of the ringing of a phone. It sets you into motion when you hear the sound. Church bells or a Temple gong create their own spiritual connotations. Musical instruments produce an infinite combination of tones which can trigger a variety of reactions. All create, and move, energy.

Let’s take a look at the various opportunities for a musical Feng Shui adjustment that Sound Makers offer.

Feng Shui Wind Chimes

There is such a large variety of beautiful wind chimes, I use them all around my home.

The most versatile of Sound Makers, wind chimes have multiple uses. They can both divert and redirect rushing Ch’i when placed in between the generating start and end point. Indoors place them in long hallways, between doors that are across from one another or  to adjust a door that opens to the small of the room.

Their movement and sound can also revitalize stagnant energy. Outside I love them as a Feng Shui greeter near the front door or on the corner of a building when the path of Ch’i is uncertain.

Wind chimes come in an array of materials with metal most commonly used for the chimes. Metal chimes, particularly brass or copper, are recommended most often as they are stable enough to withstand heavy winds. Their metal composition also conducts Ch’i energy much more effectively than other materials.

As with any Feng Shui adjustment, be sure they stay in good repair fix or replace any that become damaged or worn.

Feng Shui Bells and Chimes

This is the variety of bells and chimes I use for Feng Shui space clearing.

Bells can be hung, mounted or freestanding. Either way, when played, their songs produce a powerful effect. I like to periodically ring my bells that are displayed decoratively. This produces an instant burst of auspicious Ch’i.

Again, they can be used inside or out. My outdoor bells and chimes warn of inclement weather when they start ringing continuously. On a calm day, I will ring them myself, just to hear their sweet chorus. Either way the Ch’i produced is harmonious with the occasion.

There are many forms of chimes. I ring a small hand held chime in celebration every time I publish one of my blog posts! I then envision the information going out to the world to smoothly connect with anyone who might benefit.

Bells and chimes are also often used in Feng Shui space clearing. The photo above shows my collection. The round balls have bells inside.

Singing Bowls

This is my singing bowl I brought back from India.

Have you ever heard a singing bowl? Their tones are truly incredible. Most often made of metal or glass, they are a Buddhist spiritual instrument. The material and size of the bowl determines their pitch. When playing my singing bowl, I can literally feel the Ch’i of its sound vibrating through me.

Although used as part of the Buddhist tradition, use of the beautiful tones of singing bowls have been adopted by many in the West. Therapists and healers have begun incorporating them into their practices.

I was privileged to receive a crystal singing bowl healing. I lied on the floor and the bowls were placed all around me. As they were played, their incredible vibration resonated with my energy field. It was a truly inspiring experience.



Music and Musical Instruments

For many, music is an integral part of their lives. If you always have music you love playing, you are recharging your environment with beneficial Ch’i. We all recognize the positive, as well as negative, impacts of music.

For me, being near the actual playing of a musical instrument is truly special and carries a very powerful and distinct form of Ch’i. I encourage you to become more aware of the energy exchange you experience when you listen to or produce music. It can be a powerful tool to create harmony and balance in a variety of circumstances.

Feng Shui Bamboo Flutes

A more traditional Feng Shui cure, you may have heard of bamboo flutes. Available through Feng Shui suppliers, you do not play them as a musical instrument as they are purely symbolic. Sometimes recommended as a remedy for ceiling beams or over a bed to support healing various medical conditions, they can redirect or uplift Ch’i.

White Noise and Feng Shui

Artificial white noise is a modern phenomenon, and its consistent static sound is often used as a background noise to block out other annoying or disturbing sounds you have no control over. I’ve seen white noise machines plugged in and running outside of a therapist’s office to provide privacy as well.

My Grandson uses white noise from an app on an old iPad when he sleeps. He’s a great sleeper, and it comforts him as well as provides a more consistent environment for his slumber when he comes to our house, goes camping or travels with his parents. It gives an added bonus to the rest of us as well. We don’t have to walk on pins and needles to be quiet when he’s sleeping!

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Have you identified a place where a Sound Maker could be a Feng Shui Energy Boost in your home? Is it inside or outside (or both!) Do you already use some type of Sound Maker? How is it working for you?

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Isn’t it wonderful that there are so many opportunities to use Feng Shui to balance and energize your home? What Feng Shui will you do today? If you’d like additional suggestions or have a particular situation in your life you’d like to address with Feng Shui, you can also contact me for a Feng Shui telephone consultation.

Let me know any questions you have, and we’d all love to read your comments below on how the Feng Shui Energy Boost of Sound Makers has impacted your life.

Have fun,


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2 thoughts on “Feng Shui Energy Boost #8: Sound Makers

  1. So…my Mum gave me an old metal bell that I decided should hang against the Western wall of our rental home/happens to be in the kitchen and conveniently close to one of my gemstone charging stations/my main Angel altar …so I got used to dinging it whenever I felt like the energy needed to be cleared every so often and accompanied with my saying “negative energy out/positive energy in”…I always imagined it would cleanse all of my Gemstones and crystals and charging jewelry up on my Angel altar next to it, too – so yes imagine my confusion today when yet a second handmedown bell kept in this area has …broken!? First I had a little vintage ceramic angel bell and I would just pick it up and shake it lightly when I needed a sound clearing ..:well – the little hanging pendulum inside fell off one day and I chalked it up to probably bad feng shui and removed it for that reason/decided I’d unconvincingly tell myself it was due to sheer age and too much use. That was a few months ago – and so yesterday when I went to clear with my metal bell from Mum – the dang pendulum clamored to the floor unexpectedly 🙁 I think it’s a matter of screwing it back into place when I have a moment but at the same time …two bells are out of commission here so I am wondering if you could possibly help me discern the non-coincidence energy issue in this case? Thanks so much! – Dina

    1. Dina, this is an interesting situation. With the information given, I have a couple of thoughts. First, might there be some geopathic stress in the earth beneath this area? Next, if there is a lot of disruption or activity in this part of the home (entrance in & out, electronic or internet equipment, bathroom drains, fireplaces or a stairway to name a few) perhaps shifting the altar to another, quieter spot would provide more Yin energy toward its purpose. Finally, do you regularly clear your crystals and bells that are kept here? Do any of these ideas ring true for you?

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