Feng Shui Energy Boost #9: Wind Dancers

If you have ever driven past a car dealership in the US, you likely were confronted with an array of flapping banners, balloon garlands, blanket size American flags and giant, colorful dancing windsock figures vying for your attention. This overindulgence in the use of the Feng Shui Energy Boost of Wind Dancers probably won’t make you turn in and buy a new vehicle, but it might get your attention and may even make you smile.

Whirligigs are just one of the many types of Wind Dancers.

What are Wind Dancers, and how do you use them for a Feng Shui Energy Boost? Let’s investigate this diversified energy balancing tool. Along with art, faceted crystals, sound makers, water features, color and others, Wind Dancers are one of the ten Feng Shui Energy Boosts that can be used when an imbalance is detected in your surroundings. Mobiles, whirligigs, banners, flags, weather vanes and balloons are a few of the choices in this category.

When we take notice of a Wind Dancer, we are responding to its Ch’i. Directing and uplifting this most vital Feng Shui energy, they have many uses in Feng Shui.

Using Feng Shui Wind Dancers to Balance Energy Indoors

Inside your home Feng Shui Wind Dancers can be an unexpected and inspiring addition to a space. They may or may not “dance” as much as in an outside installation, but they can still create interest and lift or moderate Ch’i.

I love to use Wind Dancers in very tall, open spaces such as a stairwell or cathedral ceiling. In these cases, people often feel more at ease overall with lower, less cavernous spaces, and the Wind Dancers serve to visually moderate the height while maintaining an open or dramatic feeling.

Wind Dancers can also be hung on an interior wall to enrich a decorating scheme by adding interest and symbolism. Flags or banners work particularly nicely.

Using Feng Shui Wind Dancers to Uplift Energy Outdoors

There are a few situations in which a Wind Dancer is my first suggestion to Clients for their Feng Shui adjustment. One is outdoors where the exterior of our homes or the grounds directly adjacent are critical factors for good Feng Shui.

Glancing skyward at this weather vane directs both your eye and the Ch’i upward.

Buildings sited in extremely hilly areas are challenged by irregular Ch’i flow. Energy can roll down a slope toward the structure, increasing in intensity as it approaches the building and confronting the occupants with an energy flow that is rushing or too disturbing.

Conversely, a home that teeters on the uphill side of a slope can have any Ch’i that comes its way simply tumble away from the structure, leaving the surrounding area devoid of any nurturing Ch’i.

In either situation, Wind Dancers can be installed to lift the eye, and Ch’i, up and help moderate its flow around the building. A weather vane or flag hung high on the roof or side of a building will direct energy up. If your eyes rise to view the Energy Boost, the Ch’i will rise as well.

These flags lift the eye, and Ch’i, in this mountainous terrain.

When I visited India near where the Dali Lama lives, the mountainous terrain was often festooned with lengths of prayer flags. They led the eye, and Ch’i, much more subtly up and down the extreme Himalayan inclines.

Flags are another widely used Wind Dancer. Their symbolism should be considered as flags often carry an extra layer of passion in their interpretation.

They are used to represent your country, provence, state, city or other municiple designation, a political movement or viewpoint, signal inclement weather conditions,  the status of a business (open or closed), many types of groups (teams, clubs), a holiday or season of the year and much more. The additional information the symbolism identifies adds to the Ch’i the flag generates.

Another common time a Wind Dancer is suggested to my Clients is when their home is not a complete rectangle or square. In this instance, Feng Shui suggests that the shape of the structure be adjusted for a smoother energy flow. One of the many ways to address this Feng Shui Bagua Map imbalance is to use a flagpole to anchor the Bagua corner that is outside in the landscape. In the right circumstances, this can be a powerful and impressive approach.

Constantly changing when the breeze blows, Wind Dancers add wonderful Ch’i energy to the garden.

Whirligigs are one of the most playful of Wind Dancers. Outdoors they create a lot of movement and attention. Place them strategically to draw your eye, and the Ch’i, to a hard to find front door, pathway or business entrance.

In the garden they can add variety, height and interest if the plant material is of a similar stature, color or shape. They can be the star of a Winter garden when the temperatures shorten the growing season and the snows arrive.

Banners are very popular now, and I’ve seen them enliven a spot both inside and out. You can make your own out of paper, cloth or plastic, and there are also a huge variety of choices available commercially.

As with flags, the additional impact of their wording or symbols will generate another layer of Ch’i, and that should be considered in your selection process.

Choosing a Feng Shui Wind Dancer

Is there a place in your home where a Wind Dancer could help balance your Ch’i? Once you have identified a particular spot, be sure your selection is something that you really love.

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It’s so exciting to be able to intentionally add a Feng Shui enhancement to your home and to see the results that develop. You can continue using Feng Shui to improve your home by implementing the seven simple steps outlined in my Free Download: Start to Feng Shui Today. Each item offers a brief explanation and adjustment that can get the energy of your home flowing in a wonderfully supportive and positive way.

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Whichever path you choose, please let me hear from you about your Feng Shui journey. Each of our homes and their energy is unique, and we can learn so much from each other.

Feng Shui is a beautiful and wise system that has been tested and approved by millions over thousands of years. Join their ranks, and let’s all do some Feng Shui today!

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