Feng Shui Financial Windfall

If I told you my husband recently had over $10,000 in checks arrive in the mail with very little effort on his part, would you want to know more? A very personal story about our connection to dear family members, there are many Feng Shui connections that the outcome reveals.

Half way through writing this I realized how personal this story is, and I grappled with whether to tell it at all. Feng Shui and how it works is an integral part of my recount, but it is much more than that. Family, legacy, and memories are deeply embedded.

My Feng Shui Lifestyle

We Feng Shui our homes to improve not only their look but the energy of the space around us. The vital Ch’i energy that good Feng Shui generates supports our personal energy field and, therefore, impacts every area of our life.

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As a Feng Shui practitioner I am always working with my space. Keeping it tidy, well maintained and pleasantly decorated to our taste is a start and a constant awareness. Where the beauty and wisdom of Feng Shui can really shine is in the fine tuning.

My home has become a sounding board for my life. When there is a particular situation that I would like to improve, I often turn to my home’s Feng Shui Bagua Map. This nine square grid is superimposed over the floor plan of our home to identify eight life areas. Each area is called a gua (gwah).

As you can see by the Bagua Map at right, a wide variety of situations in our life are covered. Those not specifically noted on the map are included in the Center. You can download my free Feng Shui Bagua Map with instructions to get started identifying these areas for your home.

Our Feng Shui Financial Windfall Story

My husband, Dan, and I are Snowbirds and spend half of the year in Florida and the rest in Maine. In late April Dan received an interesting letter which concerned both of his parents who had passed away a few years before. A credit union near where they had lived advised that his father had a open passbook savings account that had recently been unearthed after a computer conversion.

Dan contacted the financial institution for further information. He was told that an in-person visit was necessary to proceed so everything was put on hold until our return to Maine.

Once back, he called the credit union to verify the next steps and also asked that his mother’s records be checked. It turned out that she too had a open account on file. One question made the final outcome of the unfolding mystery even more intriguing. Did they have life insurance policies on the accounts? (This was common in their area for their time.) They did indeed, but the exact amount was unclear.

This employee advised that appropriate paperwork could be forwarded without a personal visit so everything was bundled up and put in the mail. Soon thereafter we received two envelopes. Each contained a check for over $5,000!

All of the various family members who benefited from this windfall have nicknamed his parents “The Gift that Keeps on Giving!” Beautiful, hard working and humble people, they were responsible with their money as well as generous in spirit.

Look for Feng Shui Results

The circumstances that had unfolded got me thinking about how Feng Shui might have been involved. I’m always asking my Clients, (and I consider you, my readers, to have that same relationship) to make note of what occurs in their lives after they make their Feng Shui improvements. Here are the Feng Shui adjustments I made in the past several months that I believe may have contributed to our windfall.

It should be noted that I executed none of the changes specifically for this financial outcome but with the intention of improvements in health and overall well being. Maintaining and revitalizing our level of auspicious Ch’i is a constant focus for me, similar to eating well and exercising.

Feng Shui Adjustment #1: Prosperity Arrow

In March I joined a friend for a Feng Shui talk given by a new Feng Shui practitioner who had just relocated to our area. Laurie Pawli practices BTB Feng Shui (I primarily practice Form School Feng Shui), so I learned a new prosperity cure during her presentation.

I used nine quarters for this cure.

To increase wealth, she advised placing an arrow made of 9 coins under a rug directly inside the front entrance. This arrow should point inside the house to direct the vital Ch’i energy into the dwelling.

My Feng Shui practice doesn’t usually use this type of adjustment, but I was intrigued so decided to “experiment”. The coins were put on a piece of paper and taped so they wouldn’t shift. Tucked under the rug with the point facing into the house, it was forgotten.

Feng Shui Adjustment #2: Anchor the Feng Shui Bagua Map Corners

The same friend I went to the talk with is a new Feng Shui practitioner. I invited her to my Florida home to take a look at my space. My personal goal is always focused on fine tuning my environment, and her opinion, and fresh eyes, were valued.

She found one obvious Feng Shui adjustment I’d totally neglected. Two of the four corners of my home were not anchored! More details on this very important Feng Shui adjustment are covered in my post Feng Shui Bagua Series #4: What Shape Are You In?

Red tape can be used to symbolically anchor a corner or close a drain.

One place that needed anchoring was the back left corner of the house. This corner of the Wealth and Prosperity gua was part of my lanai cage. This is the metal framed, screened covering that covers our pool so I couldn’t dig in the ground or place a substantial object in that corner . My solution was to mark the spot with a large piece of red duct tape. Red is an auspicious color in Feng Shui and in this instance it serves to acknowledge my intention to anchor and ground that corner. I have also used red tape to symbolically close a drain.

A second corner was anchored in the front left of my home in the Knowledge and Self-Cultivation gua. I buried a clear quartz stone point in the ground, point up. This is a simple and common adjustment.

Feng Shui Adjustment #3: Enhance for Health

Last Winter and Spring health issues were a concern for not only myself but another family member as well. Those circumstances led me to spend a lot of time analyzing and enhancing the Health and Family area of our Florida home. Both the Health and Family gua for the entire house as well as that gua in several individual rooms were targeted and updated.

It’s exciting to report that both myself and the family member are feeling much better.

My Feng Shui Results

Have you put together the pieces of this Feng Shui results puzzle? Here’s what I unraveled:

  • The arrow of coins expressed my intention to the Universe that I was open to trying new things, especially as they related to receiving more prosperity and blessings.
  • Anchoring the two corners, in general, provided more stability and grounding which helped keep us focused on doing the menial tasks like calling the credit union, getting the paperwork together and, for some people, just opening the mail to begin with!
  • Anchoring the Wealth and Prosperity corner reinforced the flow of auspicious energy in that area.
  • The concentrated effort in the Health and Family areas not only produced positive health-related results but activated our Family Ch’i as well. The Family reference in this gua relates to our ancestors and the support they give us as well. This includes our siblings, parents and extended families and the foundation they provide whether they have passed on or are still with us.

Your Feng Shui Results

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For those of you who have started to create your Feng Shui home, what results have you seen? I’m always encouraging you to look for results. They often show up in unexpected ways, but, in my experience, they do happen. and often the unforeseen Feng Shui results are the most fun!

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When you do Feng Shui it shifts the Ch’i energy in your space. This revitalized energy ripples out to attract new opportunities on all fronts in your life. We don’t always know why or what will show up, but when the energy changes, so do the situations around you. As you’ve seen by my story, often the unforeseen Feng Shui results are the most fun!

Have fun,


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