Feng Shui Field Trip: Visit a Botanical Garden

This gorgeous lily pond is part of the Naples Botanical Garden in Southwest Florida. One of my Christmas gifts was a membership which has made it easy for me to visit multiple times and enjoy not only the wonderful special exhibits but to start learning about the plants that will flourish in my new home. I’ve always been a Northern gardener (Zone 5) where perennials reign and this tropical environment (Zone 10) is a whole new ballgame.

A wonderful special exhibition of origami inspired sculpture was interspersed throughout the Naples Botanical Garden.

During the visit it’s inspiring to see not only unusual varieties but all of the plants look so healthy and strong. Feng Shui asks us to observe and learn from nature, then emulate its teachings. Visiting public and private gardens is one way to achieve this end. In this instance, the plants were in their ideal environments so they flourished. That observation and advice from nature could be applied to so many of my own circumstances when I’m trying to make do without the conditions I really need to thrive!

Another benefit of these settings is that we are immersed in auspicious nature Ch’i. When plants and vegetation are healthy, that signals the presence of great Ch’i energy. Strolling down garden paths allows us to interact with these vibrant specimens and benefit from their wonderful energy. It’s so invigorating to be around such beauty.

Check out your locale and see what’s available. When you purchase a garden membership you can return many times and benefit over and over from what they have to offer. Many gardens have reciprocals which give you free entry into gardens in other cities. Happy strolling!

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Your Feng Shui for Today

Visit a Garden and Take a New Perspective

  • Start by observing the plants around your home or neighborhood. What level of Ch’i do they emanate – vibrant, inspiring, neutral, depleted, dead? Does the Ch’i empower you?
  • Can you locate pockets of Ch’i that are less vibrant versus the places that have stronger Ch’i?
  • If the pockets of low Ch’i are in your own yard, formulate a plan and begin to shift the Ch’i by improving the area. Feel free to share your circumstances with me through this blog if you need any suggestions.
  • Visit a public garden that receives constant care and attention. Do you notice a difference in the level of Ch’i of the plants there compared to those in your neighborhood?
  • Do you observe any particular patterns with the plants that have significance for you?
  • Is your Ch’i lifted after being in a healthy garden?
  • I’d love for you to share what you see and the observations that emerge.


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