Feng Shui for the Holidays

Looking forward to a smooth and joyous happy holidays with no worries, stress or overwhelm? Home is a main focus of both Christmas or Hanukkah, and a bit of Feng Shui beforehand can help to make your space a supportive partner throughout the season. Take only a few hours to put some simple Feng Shui enhancements in place to generate extra vital Ch’i energy that can put your celebration on a course of focus, peace and harmony.

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Let’s look at the big three that can bog people down – Relationship, Wealth and staying grounded or centered. If a red flag goes up for any one of these, put all your attention there. These topics are also represented by three areas in the Feng Shui Bagua Map, and a quick adjustment in any or all three could offer you that added boost to make your season merry and bright.

If you haven’t already, use my Free Bagua Map Download to identify your home’s Relationship, Wealth and Center areas. As a reminder, the Bagua is a grid that is placed over your floor plan. It divides your home into nine sections, or guas, each representing a primary type of energy that is present in your life. Instructions for the Bagua’s placement and use will be included with the download. If you’d like help with placing and analyzing your own Bagua, I offer a web based Feng Shui Bagua Analysis for a modest price. Contact me to schedule a consultation.

Let’s focus on each area a bit more.

Feng Shui Your Holiday Relationships

Located in the back right corner of your Bagua, relationship is what we hope the holidays will be about. This gua represents your relationship to other people but also your relationship with yourself as well as to Spirit or the higher power to which you identify. Tense about seeing relatives or the dynamics of the office Christmas party? Doing some Feng Shui in the Relationship area can help.

Take a look at your Relationship area. Is it tidy, well cared for and a place you’d love to hang out? If not, try sprucing it up a bit. Clean and organized go a long way in Feng Shui. Is there anything that is unruly, worn or unkempt?

I once had a  Client who was estranged from her daughter for years. She had two cat litter boxes in her Relationship area. In addition, a bush in an outdoor section included in Relationship had a shrub covered with choking bittersweet vine. Neither circumstance supported healthy relationships. Moving the cat boxes and trimming the vines got the energy circulating again.

Enhance this area with two items that are the same size and relate to each other. I usually need to repeat this to clients more than once so, here goes. Enhance the Relationship area with:

All of these pairs – the birds, me and my hubby in the photo and the sparkly vases – have two items of the same size that are relating to one another. They are each a good Relationship gua enhancer.

Two items of the Same Size that Relate to One Another . At this time of year, it’s especially important to point out that this does NOT include a mother and child, which are not the same size and do not relate to one another equally.


Feng Shui Your Holiday Finances

Do you like to do it up big and tend to overspend during the Holidays, then pay for it later? Take a peek at your Wealth  and Prosperity area in the back, left corner of your Bagua Map for help.

The Wealth and Prosperity gua speaks directly to the energy of our finances but also other kinds of prosperity in the form of good fortune, blessings and abundance of all kinds. This area represents the honest, safe and gradual accumulation of wealth as an ideal path.

The clean and tidy idea I explained about Relationship pertains everywhere so let’s add another interior factor to consider. Is there rushing Ch’i in the room that holds the Wealth gua? Rushing Ch’i can encourage your money to rush through your life, leaving you before you have a chance to hold onto its essence.

We identify rushing Ch’i by looking at the placement of the doors and windows. When you stand at the door of your room and look straight ahead, do you see directly out of a door or window opposite you? Is there anything in its path?

If the path is clear, you likely have rushing Ch’i, and that could reflect directly on your finances. Adjust it by placing an item high into the path. A piece of furniture, lamp or other such impediment would work well.If you have to look around it, it is diverting the Ch’i flow to a different path.

If placing something on the ground or a table is not practical, hang a wind chime or round faceted crystal from the ceiling in the middle of the path between the door and where the energy exits. You can also place something on the glass of the window or door you look through.

The strategic Feng Shui placement of this chair and footstool block and divert the Ch’i flow.

The door to my bedroom in Bonita, our Florida home,  is lined up directly with the sliding door to the lanai at the back of my house. This happens to be in my Wealth and Prosperity area.

Ch’i could race from the interior door straight through the room to the outside, draining the energy and potential my finances as well. In fact, since it is a bedroom it could also disrupt a restful sleep with the accelerated flow.

To adjust the Feng Shui, I added an chair and footstool that protrude far into the path of Ch’i. The energy’s flow is now slowed and diverted to the center of the room where it can help to create a more stable feeling. My finances are doing just fine.


Feng Shui to Feel Centered

The Center of our Bagua receives all of the energy from the other guas, holds then circulates this energy back again to create a smooth and even flow for our lives. A balanced and organized Center supports us in being grounded and feeling stable.

If our Center gua is chaotic, crowded, cluttered, unorganized or unbalanced in any number of ways, this imbalance will reflect in the pace, stress and focus of our lives.

Above is a photo of  my Center gua in Bonita. It’s clean and tidy now, but I do have a tendency to let it get out of hand so that’s one thing I will be paying particular attention to this time of year.

Also, the plant near the sliding door is helping to slow the front to back Ch’i flow, but could add a rectangular rug in front of the turquoise console to ground the energy a bit more. It’s time to add the festive decorations so that will boost the Ch’i here as well.

What is in your Center gua? I often find clients with stairways and hallways which encourage an excessive, hard to calm rush of energy. Others have the kitchen which can pose challenges.

If your Center gua is your Zen meditation room, may I come over and spend the holidays with you? Should stairways, kitchens, long hallways or other odd configurations be in your Center gua, send me a photo and we can develop some solutions together. I love to figure out how to help my readers improve their lives with Feng Shui.

Feng Shui can help to create a holiday season that is peaceful and joyous. Spend a little time early in the Season making a few Feng Shui enhancements, and float through the month singing Fa La La!

Have fun,


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  1. What helpful feng shui tips. I especially like where you showed your room and talked about how you were thinking about improving it.
    Your house looks beautiful.

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