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It’s income tax day in the United States, and money is on a lot of people’s minds here. Recently I’ve received so many Reader questions about money. They’re often worried that their finances might decline because of a Feng Shui tip they’ve read or a challenge with money already exists. Although everyone’s situation is a little different, let’s delve into some basic Feng Shui to answer a few of your questions about money.

Reader: I could sure use some help with my money. How do I start?

Carol: One way to start shifting your focus toward prosperity and opportunity is to place this simple Feng Shui esoteric cure – create an arrow shape from nine identical coins. Nine is the most auspicious number in Feng Shui.

Try this simple Feng Shui money cure.

Since I live in the United States, I used nine of our coins, the quarter when trying this approach. Chosen for the “rich” look and feel, their shiny, silver appearance felt prosperous to me. Depending upon where you live, use a coin from your own currency that gives that “wealthy” feeling to you.

The coins can be taped or glued onto a piece of paper so they don’t lose their shape. Next, with your intention for bringing more abundance into your life fully in mind, place them under a rug or mat at your front door INSIDE the home, with the arrow pointing into your home. They will symbolically “call in” new, supportive prosperity Ch’i energy.

The post Feng Shui Financial Windfall recounts my experience of strategically placing this Feng Shui money enhancement  in my home as an experiment. Several weeks later I was surprised and delighted when my husband received an unexpected inheritance check. I am a Feng Shui enthusiast, but this result made me even more committed to my Feng Shui lifestyle!

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Another situation that has a big impact on stifling financial growth is clutter. If clutter clearing is a challenge for you, straightening out the problem areas can get more resources “flowing”.

Feng Shui is about the energy in our homes and how it impacts each of its occupants. Clutter is usually a sluggish, stuck, indecisive, restricting energy and all of these descriptions can filter over to impact and describe your prosperity.

If you need a bit of encouragement and support, my FREE Download on Feng Shui Clutter Clearing Tips can give you a thorough understanding of the why, how and benefits of clutter clearing.

The irony is, having too much stuff that has become irrelevant and disorganized can stagnate your prosperity. For optimal Ch’i flow, Feng Shui encourages us to keep all rooms clean, organized and free of clutter, even if not in the Wealth and Prosperity area.


Reader: Could you please help me with my Wealth and Prosperity area? I’ve been going through a rough time in the last couple of years, and I am very interested in accomplishing my goals.

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Carol: Congratulations on looking to Feng Shui to assist you with improving your life! It has made a tremendous positive impact for so many people.

First, it is important to correctly place the Feng Shui Bagua Map for your home and find your Wealth and Prosperity area. To do this you can download my FREE Feng Shui Bagua Map which comes complete with instructions.

Next, take notice of whether the Wealth and Prosperity area is entirely inside your home. Because of its location, sometimes parts of the Wealth and Prosperity area can be outside.

If that is the case for your home, you probably need to hang a faceted crystal or decorative mirror to adjust this imbalance.

Details for this Feng Shui adjustment are outlined in my post Feng Shui Bagua Series #4: What Shape Are You In? It will instruct you how to integrate the energies inside and outside your home to get the Prosperity Ch’i flowing more smoothly.

Also, place a specific Feng Shui enhancement for Wealth in this Bagua area. Each Bagua area has its own list of appropriate items that will serve to encourage and build the energy there.

A few suggestions for Wealth and Prosperity include

  • plants
  • a well maintained water fountain
  • items emulating coins or expensive precious metals such as gold
  • art work that looks and feels “rich” to you
  • items with the colors blue, red or purple

Many more enhancement ideas are described in The Feng Shui Bagua for Wealth & Prosperity.

Look around your home and see whether you already own something that makes you feel “wealthy”. Reposition it in your Wealth and Prosperity area with intention and gratitude.


Reader: My daughter’s room is in my Wealth Area. What can I put in that corner to bring in more wealth? Finances are a real challenge for me. PLEASE, what can I do?

Carol: It can be tricky when your home’s Feng Shui Bagua area for Wealth and Prosperity lies in a room that is someone’s private space (such as a bedroom). This situation may serve as an excellent opportunity to collaborate with your daughter and explain the importance of maintaining and enhancing her space for both her personal benefit as well as that of the family.

I have used this Chinese coin wind chime as a wealth enhancement.

In a child’s room you might add something discreet yet symbolic of Wealth such as coins, a gold, “rich looking” item or a water fountain. Work with your daughter to find something she loves as much as you.

One suggestion I’ve enjoyed using as a wealth enhancement is this Chinese coin wind chime.

You can also find the Wealth and Prosperity corner of your living room and office, which are more adult areas, and place an enhancement there. The post The Feng Shui Bagua for Wealth and Prosperity provides a number of suggestions of appropriate items.

It is perfectly fine to use an item you already own. The key is that it’s something that makes you feel prosperous. A thoughtfully placed enchancement will get vital Ch’i energy moving toward your goal of increased abundance.


Reader: My Wealth Area is a small bathroom right by my kitchen. I put a citrine votive holder there, a small piece of Citrine in the corner of the windowsill and a Herkimer diamond next to it.

Carol: Great moves Reader! If increasing Wealth and Prosperity is your goal, you can continue to upgrade your bathroom decor and functionality and then be on the lookout for results.  You can add live plants, vibrant colors, uplifting art or other types of Feng Shui Energy Boosts. Be sure to keep it clean at all times as well.

I also highly encourage hanging a faceted crystal from the ceiling in the bathroom. It helps to build new vital Ch’i energy in an area that may be depleted.

My post with eight tips to Feng Shui Your Bathroom will advise on other ways to improve the Ch’i in this important room. You are off to a great start. Well done!


Reader: Is it OK to place a picture of the sea waves in the Wealth Area?

Carol: Without seeing the picture or the space, I cannot make a definite recommendation. In this instance it sounds like the picture is of waves alone without a ship?

What are your feelings about this art? Do you have a great love for the piece, and do you think that it is bringing energy into your space, away from it or both (as with the tide)? Feng Shui is about energy and interpreting the effect and representation of energy in the things around us. What do you think now about your waves?

One powerful image often suggested in Feng Shui to encourage more wealth is a sailing ship under full sail. If you have a picture like this on display, be sure that the direction of the ship is pointing into your space, in essence “sailing” more abundance into your life.

In either case, only use the piece if you love it, and it makes you feel good. Art is a very important and powerful Feng Shui Energy Boost. Learn how to choose art with a Feng Shui perspective for optimal Ch’i energy in your home.


Feng Shui to Increase Your Money

Are you ready to execute some of these Feng Shui Money Cures into your home?  Once you have done any of the Feng Shui remedies for Wealth and Prosperity mentioned above, be alert to new opportunities coming your way.

Sometimes getting the energy flowing in an auspicious way may start slowly so keep an eye out for it. Feng Shui results can be very unexpected or easily overlooked. Maybe someone will give you a modest gift or service. Perhaps there is a fee for something you normally purchase that was reduced or waived, or you find a $10 bill on the sidewalk.

Any of these types of circumstances would signal that your Feng Shui efforts are attracting energy for increased prosperity into your home.  Feng Shui is about the energy of your home and how it interacts with you, so take steps to feel good about your home as a whole as well.

You can improve your life with Feng Shui. Share any money questions you have in the Comments below, and let’s all enjoy better energy and flow in our lives with Feng Shui.

Have fun,


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