Feng Shui Your New Year’s Resolutions

Have your past New Year’s resolutions been achieved in a time frame that pleased you? If your answer is no, consider turning to Feng Shui to support your quest for success with your resolutions this January. Here are some common goals people set at the first of the year and just a few of the many situations in which you might consider using Feng Shui to encourage a successful outcome.

Resolution: Weight Loss or Health Issue

  • Can you see the dining room or kitchen immediately upon entering your front door?

When eating is the first thing you’re reminded of each time you walk into your home, block the view to the dining room or kitchen with a screen, curtain or other appropriate diversion.

Extra pounds of clutter could be manifesting as extra pounds on your body. Follow the guidelines in my free download: Feng Shui Clutter Cleaing Tips for clues on how to lose the clutter and gain some much needed, enhanced vital Ch’i energy.

  • What is on the other side of your headboard?

If it is on a wall that adjoins a bathroom or has a window overhead, this placement may influence your health. Move the bed to a solid wall. Keep your bed in the Power Position by placing it so you can see the door but are not in direct line with the door. If this is not possible, strategically place a mirror so that, when you are lying in bed, you have a view of the door in the mirror.

Resolution: Improve or Attract a Relationship

  • Does your front door open out toward your guests when they enter?

When opened, a door hung this way will push vital Ch’i away from the home. In the essential front door, it is as if you are telling visitors, as well as the energy, to go away and not enter.

Reverse the swing of the door if possible. If not, hang a brass wind chime outside above the door to contain the energy.

  • Is your bed shoved up against a wall?

Feng Shui and good relationships are all about pairs – two equal entities that relate well to one another. A bed shoved against a wall immediately puts one of the occupants at a disadvantage. The ideal bed for attracting or building a relationship is

  • Can you see a stove or fireplace immediately upon entering the front door?

When placed near a front door, the fire represented by a stove or fireplace is met by the “igniting” breeze created as the door opens. The potential for these “sparks” to routinely occur can challenge healthy relationships. Position furniture, screens, curtains or other objects to interrupt the connection of these two elements.

Resolution: Increase Your Wealth

  • Is the stove clean and are all burners working properly?

The stove represents wealth in Feng Shui. A family that is well fed is considered prosperous. Therefore, keeping the stove in good working condition translates to the ability to create abundance.

  • Does your Wealth area fall outside of the floor plan?

There are times when parts of the home fall outside of the structure. Whenever this happens, the Bagua area is greatly depleted and challenged to produce supportive energy without adjustments. Apply appropriate Feng Shui cures to a Wealth gua that is in this position.

  • Where do you pay the monthly bills and is it organized and up to date?

Paying attention to your finances is an important component of good Feng Shui. Have a designated area for this function. Place your desk, which is the home base for transacting your personal business, in the Power Position.

The excitement and potential of Feng Shui, for me, is being able to identify and remedy a particular interior feature or imbalance that may be contributing to a challenge in my or my clients’ lives. When the Ch’i is brought back into alignment with the Feng Shui adjustment, energy shifts and lives improve.

Download my FREE Feng Shui Bagua Map.

Your home can be a treasure chest of information on how your structure, and its Feng Shui, is supporting you. When challenges are identified and remedied, the increased Ch’i energy and good Feng Shui can be life changing.

You may apply the Bagua map to your floor plan with my Free Feng Shui Bagua Map. After downloading the Bagua, I’ll email instructions on how to place your Bagua Map and descriptions of each Bagua area or gua.

You can also work with me directly if you would like some assistance with this process . After providing your floor plan, I’ll apply the Bagua and meet with you phone or internet to offer specific recommendations and answer any questions you might have. We can focus on a specific goal, or you may elect to look at your Bagua in general to get a better understanding of its influence on your life. Contact me for an appointment.

The new year is a time to take stock, set goals and get a fresh start. Let this be the year you decide to allow the life changing power of Feng Shui help you create a Feng Shui home and life you will cherish.

Have fun,



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2 thoughts on “Feng Shui Your New Year’s Resolutions

  1. What a great offering for the New Year ! My business is shifting( all ready) but want to do EVERYTHING I can to help that process along. Am wondering if there is something to do in my office or another area of the Bagua. Open to all the energetic help I can get !

    1. Of course, Elizabeth, Feng Shui can certainly support your efforts further. Please provide some specifics on what you are wanting to accomplish with your business and what your current challenges are.

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