Feng Shui Your Photographs

I love displaying photos of family members throughout my home.

  • There’s a photo of my beyond adorable smiling and waving grandson attached to my computer monitor so I can open my heart and raise my energy whenever I look at his sweetness.
  • The bedroom hallway is in my Health and Family area so I created gallery walls on both sides with photos of various ancestors as well as present day close friends and relatives.
  • I keep a photo of my husband and myself by our front door to affirm that we are nurturing partners with our home and our intention is for good Feng Shui and auspicious Ch’i.
  • In my Children and Creativity area I added two large framed pieces of my sons’ wedding photos with their new wives.
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Of course, there are photos in other places as well, but this gives you the idea. Based on the Feng Shui Bagua Map, each one was placed in its location for a very specific Feng Shui reason. I’ll explain in more detail below. You may want to get your own Free Feng Shui Bagua Map. It can provide a wealth of information about your current situation and show you which Bagua area your photographs live in now and where you might want to move them.

Like any other items in our home, photos hold more Ch’i when they are clean and in good condition. Here’s a few other basics on how to Feng Shui your photos.

Keep children’s photos updated to support and acknowledge their steady growth and progress.

After returning to Maine this Spring I had  a Feng Shui AHA.

The photos of my grandchild that I’d put up chronicled his life through age 5 months, his age when we left for Florida. Of course, he had grown incredibly in the half year we were gone and looked quite different. Major updates were needed. Keeping children’s photos current acknowledges their growth and progress. You can have one or two of them when they’re younger but be sure they are complimented by a more recent photo.

Too many outdated photos overall can signal an attachment to the past and an inability to move forward. If a relationship with a person in your life seems stagnant, check your photos of that person. Is the only picture of your husband from 10 years ago and you wish there would be more change in the activities you share? Are your daughter’s images all from her melancholy phase and she goes in and out of depression? Take a deeper look at what your photos are expressing.

My beautiful grandmother, Denelda, at 90.

One of my all-time favorite photos of my grandmother was taken at her birthday party after she moved to Maine to live with my Mom. I remember she saw the image and said, “I look pretty good for 90!” For me this is both a fabulous memory of her beautiful spirit but also a benchmark of possibility for myself. After eight years of part-time classes she got her teaching degree in her 40s. Supportive, loving and steadfast to her family and ideals, her example is one I try to live by. Feelings of strength and pride surface every time I look at it. The good feeling Feng Shui energy it radiates is palpable. Thanks Grandma!


After I installed my hallway family photo gallery walls there were three missing images. When I asked my Sister for a photo of her with her husband and two boys, my request was put on her very long To Do list. Both of my boys got married that year, and I intended to include one of the wedding photographers’ portraits of each of their brides in my collection. Going through the hundreds of digital wedding shots I’d been sent and choosing just one hadn’t made it to the top of my list either.

As a reminder to include these images, I had chosen and hung an empty frame for each of them on the wall amid the others. Visitors asked more than once why I had empty frames hanging on my wall – was that some “weird” Feng Shui thing?  Weird, yes, but not good Feng Shui!

I got the family shot when my Sister visited us in Florida last winter plus I was able to cull out two gorgeous bride photos of the new additions to our family. My family gallery is complete (for now) and it looks awesome!

There are occasionally situations in which an older photograph is appropriate. If you or a family member have a deteriorating medical condition, honor a successful recovery by displaying a photo of the individual in a healthier state. If a photo enforces a particular aspiration such as returning to college or resuming a beloved activity after an absence, get out the photo that shows the person doing what they love and display it as an affirmation of reaching that goal.

My paternal great grandparents with 10 of their children. My grandfather stands the second from the left in the back row. They immigrated to the U.S. in the early 1900s. How brave they must all have been.

Of course, as you saw with my grandmother’s photo above, pictures of our ancestors can be inspirational and comforting to have in our home. In particular, the Health and Family section of the Feng Shui Bagua Map is a great place to put these older shots. The Feng Shui energy held here acknowledges that we all come from a group that has provided a foundation from which we can continue and evolve. It also refers to our current family and its role in providing a  base of support  to assist us when challenges arise.

Feng Shui doesn’t recommend family photos in every room of the house. The bedroom is a private, yin place where too much Fire element (which people represent) and the intrusive gaze of people who are familiar to you are best withheld. That being said, many of my clients have been excited to hear that a lingering adult child in residence can be gently nudged out of the house by placing a photo of his watchful parents in his bedroom!

My Living Room shelves hold many of my framed photos.

Too many photos in the kitchen or bathroom could be “draining” for those represented if they are hung near these rooms’ various sink, tub and toilet drains. Our more public rooms like the living room and family room are wonderful places for photos.

Photos have become a more exciting and enriching part of my life since I got my smartphone. The shots I have been able to get with the benefit of multiple tries and no added cost or waiting for developing has boosted the number of inspiring photos I can have around my home tenfold. I suspect you may be a member of the “photo storage full” club as well. This opportunity carries with it our vigilant awareness that the images, and their subsequent Ch’i energy, boost our individual Feng Shui Ch’i as well as the Ch’i of those depicted. The steps below will broaden your practice of Feng Shui by helping you evaluate and improve the influence of your photos on your personal energy . Take a look and see!

Have fun!


Your Feng Shui for Today

  • Take an inventory of the personal photos you have in your home. Are they all clean and in good condition, glass intact and frames in good repair? Remove or repair any that aren’t shipshape.
  • When you look at each individual image, does it bring good memories to mind and make you feel good? If not, it should go.
  • Is someone missing from the photos you display? Has there been a marriage, birth or adoption that can be acknowledged by adding a photo?
  • Conversely, any photo of a divorced partner (including those exes of our children or close relatives) can raise the hair on the back of our necks and needs to be retired.
  • Are the ages of the people depicted appropriate? Departed loved ones or ancestors can be any age but those in your life now deserve to be portrayed in fairly recent history.
  • Take a quick peek and relocate any photos in the bathrooms, bedrooms or kitchen. If you think you might have a special exception to this general rule, shoot me a comment and I’d be happy to talk it over.
  • I’d love to hear what you discover and what moves you make. Happy Feng Shui!

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22 thoughts on “Feng Shui Your Photographs

  1. Hello and thank you for sharing this information … I was finding out if putting family photos on the wall in the dining area is good choice ?

    I see many with a mirror on the wall. If read the reflection from the mirror is important. One wall will reflect the kitchen the other reflect the television

    1. Thanks for your question Tiffany. Since the dining room is a place where people come to be together I do think it is quite fine to have family photos there. They represent the same type of “gathering” of those closest to you.

      Regarding the mirror in your dining room, you are right that what reflects in the mirror is important. May I ask, are you really wanting to put a mirror there or are you doing so as it is a general Feng Shui recommendation? It is equally important to “Live with what you Love” so be sure you are totally comfortable with the mirror in that room.

      If you are, then perhaps you can find a different location within the room that gives you a reflection you appreciate. Also, you can try hanging the mirror at slightly different heights or angle it out a bit to see if it improves what it reflects.

  2. Hi is it ok for photos to be in black and white print? As i find that less cluttered look? Or is that bad feng shui? Also alot of stuff has happened once we moved into our current house health problems n stuff n wondering if it could be the house?

    1. Hi Hariet,

      Thanks for the questions. Black and white photos are fine. It’s the images that are most important energetically. If it is a “dark” subject then I wouldn’t recommend it be used whether black and white or color.

      Regarding your second question, a lot is happening when you move. You and your family are arriving in your new home with certain hopes and dreams. Then those intentions as well as your energy must blend with the Ch’i of both the new structure (and land) and the residual Ch’i of the previous owners. There are many, many Feng Shui possibilities that may be causing an imbalance.

      Have you created your Feng Shui Bagua Map for the new home (look at Health and Family as well as the Center gua)? You can also schedule a phone consultation with me to discuss things as it pertains to your particular situation. There are many, many potential Feng Shui avenues to investigate. Is this helpful?

  3. I have a photo of my husband and I in our bedroom. It’s not a staged photo but one where we both have our eyes closed and he is smiling as I kiss his face. Every time I see it, it makes me smile. It’s from our wedding day. It’s not overly big, and is surrounded by several pieces of framed artwork about love. What do you think about that sort of thing?

    1. That sounds absolutely lovely Leah. Feng Shui is as much about the “feeling” you derive from your space as how it looks. Seems like this is good Feng Shui for you. Was there a particular concern you had about this arrangement of photos?

  4. Hi ! I just started using feng shui tips when I moved to a new house with my husband and our children.I love taking pictures but I only have 7 framed.All of them are placed in a wealth and prosperity area where is our living room which is our bedroom too at the moment.On one side of the room is our wedding day picture from10ago,and one is placed next to the tv(on it we hold our hands together ind it’s taken in the yard of our former house)and 2 small frames full of little black and white pictures of our children and us .On the other side above our bed and sofa are a calendar picture of our children,one big frame full of also black and white small pics of my husband and I that I just made as a present for my husband for our anniversari.And in one frame is our kids photo but it is acctually a framed mirror that I hided(it a present of a frend I don’t speak any more but I like it,it looks very nice).Is there something I did wrong?I would be very gratefull if you could help me becouse I want to improve our life in this new house,best regards from Serbia

    1. Thanks for your question Marijana. It sounds like you have put a lot of love and care into your room. That always produces good Feng Shui energy. You are trying to balance a Yang room (living room) and a Yin room (bedroom) in the same space. Are you all sleeping well? If not, you could put some of the photos away and cover the TV with a cloth at night.

      Rather than think of right and wrong, try to determine how the room makes you “feel”. Do you smile every time you look at your photos? Each change you make that “feels good” is bringing you more beneficial Ch’i energy. Please let me know what happens.

  5. After reading the above, I have three boys and have placed three pictures – one of each of them in a blue hat when the were at the same age. These I put in our master ensuite. I love them but is this wrong?

    1. I’m so glad you asked this question. It sounds like these photos (which sound super cute) bring a lot of joy and create a lot of auspicious Ch’i for you. If there were “older” photos of your children all over your home and one or more of your sons was experiencing some challenges, then you might want to consider updating some of their photos. When all is well, I was always taught, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!”

  6. My health and wealth area is the corridor going to the bedrooms or kitchen , which also includes a bathroom in that area. How can I resolve the issue there?

    1. There are many ways to address bathrooms in Feng Shui. First, keep the drains plugged when not in use. Next, decorate and enhance the room as though it is the most beautiful in the home, filling it with live plants, vibrant colors, uplifting art or other types of energy boosts. I have several posts on Feng Shui Energy Boosts. Be sure to keep it clean at all times as well.
      If the corridor is extremely long, you may want to install a faceted crystal. Please let me know what ideas you try.

  7. I have a family alter for those who have passed away.I have it in my bedroom where I pull strength from the photos and remember our relationships.They all taught me something.
    Is it wrong to have this in my bedroom?I

    1. If you pull strength from having the photos there, great! Should you start having trouble sleeping, you may want to shift them to another spot. When your life is working well and the Ch’i is flowing nicely, go with the current arrangements. I’m glad you asked. Feng Shui should be personalized to each individual and their own interaction with the Ch’i around them.

  8. Where can I place wedding pictures of my daughter. What kind of frame should they be in? Should the pictures be in color or black and white.
    I have read that wedding pictures should be placed on the southwest wall.

    1. Hi Nadia. In Compass School Feng Shui the southwest is equivalent to the Relationship area in Form School Feng Shui. As I practice Form School, the recommendation for an enhancement for this area is “two of something of similar size that area relating to each other”. Often a wedding photo works well there. Look also to your Children and Creativity area as a great place to display photos of your children, especially if the photo is only of your daughter and not the couple. It is your preference on color and frame as long as they are choices you really love. What will you choose?

  9. Hello, great article, thank you. I have a bag full of old family albums depicting my childhood (I am now in my 40’s). There are some good memories, but in the main my childhood was quite traumatic and I have a strained, or at best complex relationship with the family members in these images (although I still almost over love one of them very much). I don’t really want the photos in my house, but at the same time know (from past experience) that it’s better that they (the images) remain with me, rather than be returned to others (this is a long story). Where can I store them so that they don’t create any negative energy? I have created mini albums of those that I do like (including those just of a younger me) and these are currently in a book shelf in my lounge. Thank you.

    1. Hi Marie, if you really don’t want these photos and define them as “negative energy” the best approach is to remove them somehow from your home. Is there not at least one family member who could receive them so that you may let go of this reminder of your past?

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