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As a Feng Shui practitioner since 2001, I’ve visited many homes and businesses to help my clients with their spaces and their lives. Now I’m loving sharing Feng Shui with all of you online. It’s been great getting to know some of my readers through their very thoughtful and varied questions. Here I provide a dose of Feng Shui “how to” by sharing a variety of Feng Shui questions I’ve received from readers recently.

Part of my commitment to Feng Shui, and to you, is to provide experienced, professional insight on how to understand and integrate Feng Shui into your lives. Many questions focus on trying to sort through the different approaches and conflicting information that is available about Feng Shui topics. My explanations also provide some of my own Feng Shui so please be reminded that we spend part of our time in Florida and the rest in Maine.

Reader: What is your opinion on a mirror in the bedroom? I’ve read that it isn’t good Feng Shui?

Carol: Generally, a mirror is not recommended for the bedroom. If you sleepily rise in the night for any reason, your subconscious could perceive the movement of your own image in the mirror as that of another person, perhaps an intruder. Plus, for some people seeing their image can be disorienting. I almost knocked myself out one night in a hotel that had a mirror on the outside of the bathroom door! In this most Yin space in our home we want to feel safe and secure and know that we are in command of the situation.

That being said, your specific motivation for placing the mirror should be considered. A small mirror on an exterior wall that is adjusting for a Bagua area outside of structure or a small space that has no other place to position a mirror are individual circumstances that could warrant a mirror being thoughtfully placed so it doesn’t create the nighttime confusion. I would caution against full closet door mirrors, and if present, curtain them during sleep.

Reader: Where is the best place to put shoes? They say it’s not good to put them in a closet or right by the door?

My shoe rack with multiple levels gets the shoes off the ground and elevates the Ch’i.

Carol: Shoes are a necessity of life. Treat them as you would your personal care items in the bathroom or your dishes in the kitchen – keep them clean and have a convenient and appropriate place to store them out of sight. A basket by the door or a shoe rack in the closet are fine. My coat closets up north, where it snows and can get pretty messy, have boot trays, and I leave my heavy-duty snow and slush footwear in a closet near the door. In the summer, my sandals go in a cupboard by the back door. Shoes that are warn occasionally, and never in wet conditions, are kept in the master closet.

It’s true, shoes do contain dirt which is considered undesirable Ch’i. However, they can be polished, brushed or handwashed if needed. I play tennis on courts that have a sandy textured surface and my shoes get very dirty. There are shoe washers at the courts, and when needed, I give them an extra wash with liquid soap and a scrub brush.

Reader: Are wastebaskets bad in Feng Shui? Do they have to be covered?

Although the wastebasket in my kitchen is quite large, I insert a smaller one inside and empty it daily.

Carol: Like shoes, wastebaskets are another necessity of life. They hold all the undesirable, discarded items, and their Ch’i, in one concentrated area. To counter that, I have very small wastebaskets and even though, yes, I may empty them often, the inauspicious  Ch’i doesn’t hang around for a long period of time. In Maine the kitchen wastebasket is a small two gallon size and lives under the kitchen sink. It is emptied at least once a day. In the Florida house, there is a fancy pullout cupboard with a large built-in twelve gallon bin alongside another for recycling. To modify this large capacity, a three gallon can is inserted into the larger bin. We empty that daily as well.

Regarding covered vs. uncovered wastebaskets, I leave that up to personal preference. I don’t like to put my fingers on the covers when they get dirty or too full, so I’ve always had an open container. Generally, keeping waste containers tucked in a corner or out of sight is preferable irregardless of whether they are covered or not.

Reader: Is putting family photos on the wall in the dining area a good choice? Everyone seems to say you should have a mirror for that room.

I find my dining room hutch a great place to display current photos of family and friends.

Carol: Since the dining room is a place where people gather, I do think it is quite fine to have family photos there. They represent  a type of “gathering” of those closest to you, similar to a group of people sitting down for a meal. Unless this is the Health & Family area of your home’s Bagua Map, avoid placing photos of deceased relatives or ancestors here.

Live with what you love is a phrase you will see over and over in my writing. When you research a topic in Feng Shui and it says you “should” or “must” do something with your interior decoration, there is almost always an alternative. The dining room is a great room for a mirror, but if you don’t want a mirror there that’s fine.

I’ve also made myself available to receive Feng Shui questions from readers that are very specific to their particular situations. Perhaps one of these circumstances applies to you as well?

Reader: My bed is positioned right below two horizon windows, and this is the only wall I can place my bed on. I have blackout shades that I close at night. Is there anything else I can do?

Carol: Let me ask first, how are you sleeping? If your answer is, “Great!” the blackout shades may be all you need. If not, (and your bed is in the Power Position) you could install a rod and full-length curtains. Make the rod long enough so the window treatments can be pulled back during the day and still leave your windows clear. When drawn at night, they will give a strong illusion of a “solid” wall behind the bed.

Reader: When considering the Power Position, what if the desk is built in and your back is to the door? That was the situation where I last lived.

Carol: When the desk is built-in, it usually means the person at the desk will have their back to the room behind them with no view of the door. In this instance, mount a small mirror at eye level close to the desk in a position where you get a view of the door in the mirror. You will catch a “glimpse” of movement when someone enters and will be alerted. Knowing that the mirror will keep an “eye” on the door, the nervous system can relax and not be on guard for someone approaching from behind. This method works for those who work in cubicles as well. Once the mirror adjustment is made, you will likely feel more at peace. That is the objective of good Feng Shui.

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34 thoughts on “Feng Shui Questions & Answers

  1. Hi Carol,

    I’m new to Feng Shui and I have my floor plan and bagua but I have questions on how to lay the bagua over my floor plan. In looking at other Feng Shui websites, some line the bagua up in line with front door but in my case that would leave out the garage. If I move the bagua to include the garage I’ll have a missing space in my frontyard it changes the whole dynamic of where each section of the bagua falls. How do you handle odd shaped houses and missing spaces? Include the garage in the bagua or line the bagua up with the front door?

    1. Your question is a common one in Feng Shui. Different schools of Feng Shui have slightly different approaches. My post How to Place the Bagua explains: To know exactly where to place the Bagua, first, identify any sides that do not have two walls that meet in a corner. Next, look at the area that protrudes. If that wall is longer than 40% of the length of the side, draw a line extending that side to meet the adjacent corner.
      Once you do this you may very well have some part of your Bagua outdoors. This too is common in many modern buildings. If you would like me to review your placement, email me a copy and I’d be happy to take a look. caroldaigneault@gmail.com

    1. In the Power Position, which Feng Shui recommends when sitting at the desk, the most important siting is having the person seated able to see the door to the room without being in direct line with the door. If the only way to do that is to have a window behind the desk, then add additional Feng Shui adjustments. A high back chair is recommended. Place something to block the window between the chair and the desk such as a plant, sculpture or some type of window treatment. My post, The Feng Shui of Your Desk will give more detailed background.

  2. Hello,
    I live in a flat which from door faces east, but the front door of the building faces south. Which direction should I consider?? Thank you!

    1. Although I practice Form School Feng Shui rather than Compass School, which you’re referring to, always start with the door to your home rather than the larger building. The energy in our home influences us the most and should be considered first.

  3. Hello good day. i would like to ask what remedies should i do with this one. So we have a neighbors door whose facing our Main gate then our door. Can you please help me thanks!!

    1. Gine, I suggest you keep the gate closed. If it is solid, it helps to moderate the flow from the neighbor’s door. If it is not solid, you can add something more to it like a wreath or other decorative feature which will add bulk and divert the flow of Ch’i. Do either of these ideas work for you?

  4. Hi Carol,
    I have this query about the positioning of a lucky bamboo. I have been living in this “rented” house for more than 2 years now ( ground floor plan attached). We purchased a lucky bamboo plant for the first time ever, and placed it on our dining table, 2 weeks back. It’d be great if you can guide me in knowing if its ok to place the lucky bamboo on our dining table after studying the plan. I am ready to purchase more if required, inorder to prosper in life financially and for good health.Hope you will revert with an answer to my queries.
    House plan layout : ground floor : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f-EU3_OpdqglFDRMOjeNJlW6bMXCYDN4/view?usp=drivesdk

    Plant type : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W8qgr0xlHjq_a7-JQYQHPW8U_rSG1X_F/view?usp=drivesdk

    1. Sreeja, rather than focus only on lucky bamboo, think of getting more prosperous Ch’i energy to flow in your home. Your front door is placed on the side of the building rather than the front. Also, part of the Wealth & Prosperity area is outside. Check out my posts Feng Shui Financial Windfall, The Feng Shui Bagua for Wealth & Posperity as well as Feng Shui Bagua #4: What Shape Are You In? for more information. Look for positive results after checking them out and executing their suggestions then decide if you’d like additional insights and consider booking an online consultation with me.

  5. Dear carol, i am showing my home for potential rental and a woman -a feng shui fanatic- interested in the house… Pooped (!) And left the toiled unflushed.
    I don’t know much about this philosophy, so please help me understand:
    Is there a meaning to this action or is the woman simply without even the basic manners!?

    Thank you in advance,

  6. Dear Carol,
    I bought a new house where the door of the bathroom faces one of the doors of the kitchen. there is 7 feet hallway between the bathroom and the kitchen but I can see the bathroom door from the kitchen. What should I do? is that bad feng shui? I was potentially thinking of creating another door end of the hallway before the door to the patio which would still leave approx. 2 ft hallway to the kitchen and also add bamboo curtain at kitchen doorway. what do you suggest? do we need to create a door there or should we just put bamboo curtain and paint the kitchen and hallway different colors and it be good chi in the house?

    thank you so much in advance

    1. Malika, I agree with your idea to devise some way to block the bathroom view from the kitchen. It sounds like your hallway places the bathroom so that it does not share a wall with the kitchen. If so, keep the bathroom door closed at all times and see how you feel about the new energy of that remedy. Should it still disturb you, go ahead and try the bamboo or some other type of curtain.

    1. Meg, you obviously have some Feng Shui knowledge to ask such a sophisticated question. Stairwells are considered “waterfalls” of Ch’i energy, often producing an overly downward and unsettling energy. When lined up with the front door, energy is directed out your front door and is unavailable to rejuvenate the inside spaces. Generally speaking, I suggest hanging a faceted crystal over the bottom stair. Consider throwing a rug or small carpet at the bottom of the stair to give the energy a place to pool. These suggestions will get you started in moderating the Ch’i flow.

  7. My house is surrounded by machinery and scrarp metal as this is our business.we do not not have a backyard but do have patio right around. How can I make this good Feng Shui.

    1. What an interesting question Tania. First, I would ask how your life is going – health, wealth, relationships, etc. If it is very disorganized with many concerns then I would definitely consider delving into the Feng Shui of your situation more with a personalized consultation. With your home, start inside and work outward, as the energy closest to where you live is the most impactful on you. Make your home as “you” as possible. Cleanliness, good maintenance, organization, and things you love wherever you look with go far to raise the Ch’i energy for you and your family. Once that is accomplished, take that attitude outside to the patio area. Then try also to make the machinery and scrap metal area as clean and organized as possible. In everything there are levels of organization and clutter. How does this approach feel to you?

  8. Dear Carol,

    I have kept fish tank beside idol of laughing buddha on money frog in NE corner of living room since then I am lot lot of financial crisis and difficulty in finding new job. I wanted to know is this position correct for fish tank or buddha idol or should it be changed?
    If not correct position to place then what is the correct feng shui position.

    Thank you!!

    1. In my approach to Feng Shui I do not utilize the compass directions. However, Southeast would be the area for Wealth in the compass oriented school of Feng Shui. Check out my post on How to Place the Bagua. Once you have identified your Wealth area, place an object that that expresses how YOU feel about wealth, money and prosperity. If it is a fish tank or laughing Buddha, fine. If not, identify something that is unique to your viewpoint. That will more likely shift the energy of wealth for you. Let me know how things shift for you.

  9. Hi Carol,

    My partner and I have moved into a new space and are trying to decipher the best positioning of our furniture, which is proving to be a challenge in the bedroom as the apartment is very small.

    I have a question regarding bed placement. I have identified the power position for the bed in our bedroom, however I have also noted that for the bed to be in this power position, it is facing toward my Chuehming and my partner’s Lui Shar direction. My research has been somewhat inconclusive of how to wok with these directions regarding the bedroom, as most information regarding Qua numbers seems to be focussed in work/living spaces and housing entrances.

    Do you have any suggestions as to what the best placement would be for a bed in this situation?

    1. Thanks for your question. All of the information on my website is based upon Form School Feng Shui. I have very limited experience in working with the Lo Shu and Compass School Feng Shui.

      You are trying to layer multiple approaches of Feng Shui to your space. This is akin to cooking a Chinese dish while trying to add Italian spices. It can be done but requires a high level of training and sophistication.

      My suggestion is that you choose just one school of Feng Shui to utilize at this point. My experience has been that Form School is very understandable and creates great results.

      After getting a solid energetic foundation in your space with this one approach you can always introduce adjustments of other schools based on the situations you would like to shift or improve in your life.

      Later you could also consider hiring a Feng Shui consultant proficient in another style of Feng Shui to tour your home.

      If you have any other questions let me know. Congratulations on your new home.

  10. Me and my wife want to build house for us, we have 2 small children. Im corious how much space it is needed to be a good Feng Shui. How much m2 is enough for 4 member family. Thank you.

    1. Mario, there is no specific “right” amount of space for good Feng Shui. Take into consideration the needs of your family. Be sure that all spaces are put to use (no extra rooms that are never used or just fill with extra clutter), that there is adequate storage, good Ch’i flow and a strong location. See my posts on the Feng Shui Bagua Map for additional details. You can also contact me for consultations I offer on all stages of blueprint development as they pertain to Feng Shui.

  11. Hi Carol!

    I’ve got my own business as a myotherapist and I’m working from home.
    I’m planning to paint an oil painting to hang in my working space. I’ve read that water and ocean is supposed to attract wealth and business success.
    Would an underwater painting with 2 gold fishes swimming together be good feng shui? Or a sea turtle?
    Thank you very much!

    1. Tess, it’s great that you are integrating Feng Shui into the updating of your workspace. Generally, in Feng Shui, water and goldfish signify wealth. However, depending what Bagua area of your home this workspace occupies, you may want to place this feature in either the Wealth or Career area of the room to keep the Five Elements balanced. If your business goals are clear, consider my Feng Shui Office Consultation package that can really fine tune the Feng Shui of your space.

  12. I have a small art studio in a 2-bedroom apartment, and I don’t feel very creative in the space. I just found out that my desk where I draw is facing the wall and my back is to the door. So now I know that I have to reposition my desk. Can you give me any other advice about the best way to set my studio up?

    1. Interesting question Carmen. I’m relocating my art studio at present so it is a timely topic. Is the room clutter free and organized? That can cause disruptive energy that could thwart creativity. Do you have any older, practice projects that you may want to pass on to open up space for new ideas? Also, stand at the door of the studio and place the Bagua Map over the room. Enhance the Creativity and Children gua of the room with an appropriate item. Let me know how it goes.

  13. Hello, I own a home with my parents. My entrance to my apartment is on the 2nd floor and in the back of the house. How do I use the bagua to figure out my floor plan? I enter into an open floor plan that has a kitchen, dining and living room, very confusing! Do I still use the main front door of the house or the door I enter into my apartment? When I go up to the second level of my apartment is the entrance the top of the stairs that faces 3 rooms? Please help! My family life feels so stagnant, in need of help right now as well as my business which I run out of my home. Any advice would be so helpful. Thank you.

    1. Hi Pat,
      Are you entering your apartment through a separate entrance that you approach from outside? If so, use that door as your architectural front door. I am not quite understanding your description of the second level of your apartment and the 3 rooms. As far as stagnation, a need for clutter clearing is often the first item I check for to get a flow going again.

  14. Dear Carol,

    Thank you for your article, it was very informative. It’s just one thing that I cannot get my head around and wondered if you could offer any advice.
    I am intending to hang a family portrait on the right side wall in the upstairs landing area, but it would be directly opposite a large mirror on the left, for some reason I doubted myself… My question is, is it a good idea to hang a family picture/portairt directly opposite a mirror or is it best not?
    Thank you very much in advance

    1. Edith,
      The images that are reflected in any mirror are “multiplied” both visually and energetically. My thinking is that family situations would be “multiplied” as well if the portrait were directly across from the mirror. So, depending what is in the photo and how you view that image, the photo may be “just right” for now as it is and not need to be viewed differently. Does this help?

  15. Dear Carol,
    I am new to Feng Shui and very interested. I took a free three day podcast course from Marie Diamond recently and loved it. However, it is very hard to find any Feng Shui practitioner to ask a simple question. I will ask you and hope you are able to reply.
    I am a 71 year old woman and built a chair out of cinder blocks in my side yard. It was very, very hard and I overdid but incurred no permanent injuries. I cleared the area, leveled it, organized and reorganized the entire chair 3 times using 25 cinder blocks. I’ve painted it with concrete paint, sealed some of it, stencilied some other parts with Egyptian motifs and when the thing is for sure definitely located I will stencil large beautiful images of Isis and Osiris. If you have read any of the books by Normandie Ellis you know why I love them.

    My question is the chair is located in the South direction of our house and property, which is one of my fortunate areas and correspond to health. However, the chair faces Northwest, one of my worst areas which corresponds to disease.
    There is really no other place to put this chair and I do feel good there. My back is to a fence, the chair is also facing the pool and a narrow garden, and is just east of a tall tree and another small garden.
    From this chair I can see the North, Northwest, South and Southeast areas.
    I also love the chair as the cinder blocks are grounding. Everyone loves that chair.

    So, can I keep the chair where it is, facing NW?
    I’d like to know as I will not stencil the large Isis and Osiris images on it if it is to be taken down because the facing direction is bad. It would have to be repainted totally as it would never fit back correctly if stenciled then moved.

    I grew up in Maine and now live in Sarasota. I’m not rich like you seem to be with that big house in Maine and I think your snowbird lifestyle is the best deal going. Happy for you. I’d like the same and am willing to learn how to work with Feng Shui to get same, especially cleaning help!

    Best wishes to you and thank you for making your presence known via the internet.

    1. Hi Paige,

      It sounds like your chair project is a beautiful addition to your yard. First, let me explain that, although I have taken some of Marie Diamond’s Compass School practitioner training, I consider myself a Form School practitioner and only consult from that perspective. I would determine which part of the Bagua Map the chair occupies for your home’s overall land. Per your description, if it is in the back of the home it could be either the Wealth, Fame or Relationship area. I have three pages of information on how to figure out your home’s Bagua Map, highlights of each individual Bagua area (gua) and ways to enhance the areas.

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