Feng Shui Real Estate Series: Feng Shui Your Closing

This is my first post on using Feng Shui to sell real estate, and it seems like I’m starting on the wrong end of the process. But, four friends in the last few weeks have happily been in this situation – house under contract. All of them were not necessarily happy but anxious and worried about whether the deal would actually close. Buyers have a reputation these days of being somewhat demanding and unpredictable. Each one of these sellers was stressed as much at this last phase of the sale as they may have been at the start.

Feng Shui can be utilized to energize almost any situation, and all phases of buying and selling real estate are excellent times to call upon its wisdom. Let’s apply it here for tips on how to close a real estate deal.

Feng Shui Basics: Yin and Yang

The classic Tai Chi symbol, representing the relationship of Yin and Yang.

Yin and Yang, a fundamental tool of Feng Shui, is where we start. They are two complementary opposite forces that govern the Universe and can be utilized to describe and analyze all aspects of life and matter.

Phew, that “technical definition” can seem a bit mind-blowing so let’s just think of it as opposites. Hot, high or active situations are usually Yang. Cold, low or passive conditions are often Yin. Expand your definition and understanding from there. Yang is masculine, brighter and louder. Yin is feminine, dark and quieter. Starting to get the picture?  Yin and Yang are what is defined in the classic Tai Chi symbol.

When you sell a property, there is an initial period of getting the home ready to go on the market, contracting with a realtor, having the listing “go live”, brokers’ open houses and, hopefully, several viewings by prospective buyers before the final back and forth of negotiating the contract. During this time the homeowner is active, keeping the home well maintained, staying in touch with the realtor, tidying for showings and even searching for their next place. All of these activities are more outgoing or Yang with lots of action and movement.

Being under contract slows the process considerably, shifting suddenly toward a more passive, wait and see or Yin energy. Pausing for other people to approve loans, do appraisals and make inspections puts your action-oriented role on hold. A new level of uncertainty invades and the people are asked to give up control. Depending on how the selling process has gone, this stage may feel extremely uncomfortable, and the Seller can have a challenge staying neutral. Slipping into an unfavorable Yin state where anxiety, skepticism, apprehension or overwhelm reign could happen.

Inner Feng Shui

Now is a great time to incorporate some Inner Feng Shui into the process. Take advantage of this lull to shift your focus inward and use positive visualization to support a smooth, seamless closing. As described in my post, How Finding a Parking Space Can Improve Your Feng Shui, when you put your attention on your intention, the energy of the situation shifts and success is on its way.

Feng Shui Real Estate Sale Tip #1: Imagine and Affirm

Create a new story to repeat to yourself when you become fretful about the property. Rather than review your list of all the items that could go wrong before the closing, rehearse telling yourself that everything is going incredibly well and the property is sold. Here’s an example:


In my book, I Hold the Power of Peace, I share stories of how I used these techniques while selling two of my homes. It is available in softcover or ebook format.

The key is to tweak and perfect the story until you absolutely believe and “feel” it is totally probable. When you get this “it’s happening” feeling, it signals that the vital energetic connection has been set and the Universe is bringing the outcome to you.

Inner Feng Shui Real Estate Sale Tip #2: Visualize

“See” in your imagination the amount of your bank balance after the successful closing.

There are many ways people visualize, but if you are one who can envision images in your mind, try “seeing” the money in the bank. Simply sit down for 10-15 minutes, relax a bit and start using your imagination. Perceive yourself at the closing receiving a check. If you’re not attending the closing, you can picture checking your new bank balance and finding the final payout posted. Feel the excitement and pride of your accomplishment. You did it!





Another visualization I often use is imagining SOLD plastered across the real estate For Sale sign or the roof of the house. What would clearly represent the successful completion of the sale to you? Modify my ideas or use your own. In either case, visualizing the outcome you desire is what will propel your closing forward.

Feng Shui Real Estate Sale Tip #3: Focus on the Money

Tape up a picture of something that represents getting lots of money in your Wealth and Prosperity corner.

Once you’ve done some Inner Feng Shui you can start shifting back to more Yang energy with a bit of Feng Shui in your home intended to strengthen the completion energy. Make a scan of your Wealth and Prosperity area to be sure nothing is slowing down the vital Ch’i energy there. A dying plant, dirty windows or broken item in this area are just a few things that can signal a slow down in the ideal, forward moving flow that supports your finances. Keeping this area in proper order is essential.

In addition, you can add an enhancement to support your Wealth and Prosperity to complete the sale. Things like a healthy, leafy plant (use a nice silk if you can’t water), a round bowl full of coins or bills (you can use fake money), a photo or drawing of a bag of money or an affirmation such as “Our sale is complete and everyone is happily in their new situations” are a few suggestions.

Feng Shui Real Estate Sale Tip #4: Rally Your Feng Shui Support Crew

You can also take a peak at your Helpful People and Travel corner. As stated above, keeping it clean and organized helps the vital energy of this area support the smooth completion of your transaction. You can place the business cards of the various helpful people who can get the deal done here. Real estate agents, lawyers, appraisers, bankers, house inspectors, moving companies and others can be included. If you don’t have actual business cards, it’s fine to write the various players on pieces of paper instead.

Use an affirmation such as:

We all need helpful people to get things done!

Since you’ll likely be in the throws of packing, do whichever approach seems the most viable to you under the circumstances. Affirmations can be taped to the wall or an item can be placed on the floor if the space is already vacant. Remember to remove them all before the actual day of the sale.

Feng Shui Real Estate Sale Tip #5: Be on the Move

You can download my FREE Clutter Clearing Tips here.

Start preparing yourself, and your home, for the move. Pack whatever you can and make plans with moving companies or others to assist you around the scheduled closing date. This is an ideal time to do a bit of clutter clearing, and that will certainly help to lift the energy and contribute to a smooth transition to the new space. If you have enough time and want some specific tips on how to clutter clear, get my free download, Feng Shui  Clutter Clearing Tips.


Feng Shui Real Estate Sale Tip #6: Make the Break

Another important step is to begin to say goodbye to your home. We are all energetically connected to our environment, and the home is the primary space in which we are nurtured and cared for. You can have a conversation with the home, reviewing all it’s done for you while you’ve lived there. Explain why you’re moving on and how much you appreciate its support and shelter. When leaving, I have even told my home about the new occupants, asking it to embrace and nurture them as well as they did me and my family.

You could also write a list of the nine best experiences you’ve had in the home or nine things you’re grateful for about your stay there. Even if this step seems out of your comfort zone, I encourage you to at least think about evaluating your time there in some way. You might be astonished at how much love and support your home provides, and this will prepare you to pour your heart and soul into making your next residence heaven on Earth.

Feng Shui Circle of Ch’i

Once the sale is complete you will have gone through the entire process, the full circle of Yin and Yang with the sale of your home. Staying centered all the way to the end will allow you to close the Tai Chi of energy. With Feng Shui awareness, you can happily move on to your next adventure.

What did you discover here that might assist you with your home? Did you have any surprises as the many ways to integrate Feng Shui into your Real Estate closing were revealed? Any questions? Share them in Comments below and I’d be happy to answer them.

Try using any (or all) of these Feng Shui tips to help your closing (or sale) go more smoothly. If you’d like guidance to fine tune the approach to your individual situation, my  Feng Shui telephone consultations can help you focus and apply any of these Feng Shui recommendations. Contact me to set up a time. Whatever you choose, know that Feng Shui offers so many ways to increase the energy in your life and support you in achieving your dreams. Let’s do some Feng Shui together!

Have fun,





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  1. I am a real estate agent and this is one of the most interesting real estate “lists” I’ve ever read. Thank you for reminding me of the human and energetic component to such a big event in people’s lives.

    1. Thank you Desiree! It must be fascinating for you, as it is for me, to see how different individuals make this most personal choice. Stay tuned for additional posts in my Feng Shui Real Estate Series.

    1. That’s a great idea Judy. Do you require that the house has already been seen by a Feng Shui professional before closing or that a consultation must be available after you take possession? Is this request common for the area where you live?

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