Feng Shui Results

In the past few months I’ve heard from several Clients and Readers about their success with Feng Shui. All were contacting me because their results were so fulfilling. In some instances positive changes had materialized within 24 hours of placing their Feng Shui adjustments.

A few examples of recent Clients’ results include:

  • Improved sleep
  • Studied with a new teacher
  • Embarked on unexpected travel opportunities
  • Sibling relationship improved dramatically
  • Received a recording job
  • Sold a large recreational vehicle
  • Found the “perfect” home after an extended real estate search

Can you achieve success with Feng Shui? Absolutely! But how?

Let’s review a few basics and talk about how you can use Feng Shui to enhance your life and get some results you want.


Are Your Ready to Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is about energy and how the energy in and around us is interacting. This energy is called Ch’i.

Now this first principle of Feng Shui – that everything is “alive” with Ch’i energy – is  sometimes a lot to take in. In the West we aren’t often taught about Ch’i and our relationship with it.

When I was doing my Feng Shui training there were many questions from other students about how and why Feng Shui worked. Explanations about Chinese philosophy, the Tao and thousands of years of observation were offered.

More recent discoveries of Quantum Physics provide a scientific basis for these ancient teachings. Some people need this more current research to improve their understanding.

For me, I just believe. The Feng Shui I had tried myself has produced results. The more I absorb the basic teachings, the greater my faith and trust in Feng Shui has grown.

Wherever you are in this continuum, I ask that you be open to the wisdom and beauty of Feng Shui working to better your life.

When you approach your Feng Shui with a skeptical attitude, the energy of those thoughts may thwart your efforts. If you’re a bit skeptical, starting from neutral is perfectly fine.


Decide What You Want to Feng Shui

Feng Shui can be used to both address existing and unearth potential energetic imbalances that can lead to experiences that are either fulfilling or less so.

To address current, not so ideal situations in your life at present, start by prioritizing what you would like to improve or achieve.

Do you desire:

  • Better relationships
  • Less stress and overwhelm
  • New career opportunities
  • Improved health, even focusing on particular parts of the body
  • Outside help with any situation
  • A deeper spiritual connection or practice
  • Support for your children and their challenges
  • Greater community involvement and opportunities

Feng Shui offers adjustments to your home to improve Ch’i energy flow for any of these personal dilemmas and more.

Referring to some of the results my Clients reported, finding the ideal home, discovering a new teacher, sleeping more soundly and selling an RV were all circumstances they believed could be enhanced with better Feng Shui.

As you’ve read, they were right!


Find the Feng Shui

My website is loaded with many, many posts on a wide variety of Feng Shui topics. I encourage you to start your research there. The Categories Menu in the sidebar lists many subjects such as Feng Shui Basics, Office, Career, Wealth, Children and more to lead you directly to pertinent information. Just scroll down in the column at right for additional topics.

Once you find information on the area you would like to address, use the many Feng Shui Tips provided to get you started. If you need additional clarification be sure to leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to provide further directions.

Again, referring to my Clients’ results, here are examples of the types of information that some of them used to address their life challenges.

Improved sleep
Bed Feng Shui
Bedroom Feng Shui
Feng Shui Your Bathroom

Studied with a new teacher
The Feng Shui Bagua for Helpful People & Travel
The Feng Shui Bagua for Knowledge & Self-Cultivation
The Feng Shui Bagua for Relationships

Embarked on Unexpected Travel Opportunities
The Feng Shui Bagua for Helpful People & Travel
The Feng Shui Bagua: What Shape are You In?

Sibling Relationship Improved Dramatically
The Feng Shui Bagua for Relationship
The Feng Shui Bagua Series #4: What Shape are You In?

Received a Recording Job
The Feng Shui Bagua for Career
The Feng Shui Bagua for Fame
Feng Shui Energy Boost #6: Faceted Crystal

Sold a Large Recreational Vehicle
My Feng Shui Financial Windfall
The Feng Shui Bagua for Wealth
Clutter Clearing

Found the “perfect” home after an extended real estate search
Use Feng Shui to Buy Real Estate
Feng Shui Your Closing
The Feng Shui Bagua for Helpful People & Travel

Sometimes just one action was taken and other times multiple adjustments were made. Every situation (and the energy) will be a bit different. Do as much or as little as feels good for you.

Do you have a different situation that you’d like some Feng Shui guidance about? Comment below, and I’ll be happy to make a few suggestions.


Take Feng Shui Action with a Clear Intention

Once you’ve found the Feng Shui, it’s time to take action. An important part of this step is to make your Feng Shui adjustments with a clear intention. This combination can supercharge the prospects of achieving positive results.

Keep your very specific positive intention in mind as you are doing your Feng Shui, and it can improve results dramatically.



Expect Results

Once your intention is set and the physical changes are made, be open and ready to receive and recognize the results of your Feng Shui. Look for them. Acknowledge them.

I often check back with my Clients after a few weeks to see how their Feng Shui is going. As you saw above, the results are sometimes rapid and obvious.

Other times, some think nothing has “happened” until I delve a little more deeply and start asking questions. Recognize any new, unexpected situation in your life as a potential Feng Shui result. Some are obvious and others may not be.

I can’t even count the number of times my Feng Shui brought some wonderful, unexpected outcome. So often a happy surprise of an opportunity, invitation, person, item or other treasure showed up in my life in addition to the desired result I was seeking.

Check out the post on my  Feng Shui Financial Windfall for one especially profitable (and healing) set of Feng Shui adjustments.

Also be open to the opportunities that are presented to you. Being invited to a party that leads to meeting a new acquaintance who then invites you to another event may lead you to that new partner you’re desiring. It’s up to you to follow through and say yes.



What would you like to see change and improve in your life? Are you ready and willing to shift energy in your home to help get you closer to your goals?

A world of possibilities awaits as you unlock the treasure trove of Feng Shui knowledge and tips available to you.

Have fun,

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