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Enjoy the glorious majesty of Oregon’s Mt. Hood in my Free Printable. When I first saw this gorgeous view from my son’s top floor deck I stopped, collected myself and stood in wonder and admiration of its strength and beauty. It was as though I’d met Ghandi or some other enlightened soul so powerful was the energy. What better image for me to use to begin to define Feng Shui to all of my readers.

In Feng Shui the mountain is a sign of protection and stability. The ideal setting for a home is with “the mountain to the back” whether an actual landmass or a symbolic higher building, tall trees or solid fence. It’s the same with our desk or bed where the Feng Shui recommendation is to have a solid wall behind each. We feel more secure and in harmony when something “has our back”. That is what the mountain does, it has our back.

That is what Feng Shui does for me – it has my back. It deciphers, informs, supports and enlightens through its wisdom and beauty. It so impresses and moves me I must share it with others. I’m more than delighted to share it with you.

As the saying on the Free Printable explains, Feng Shui is also a process. This process can be learned then incorporated to become part of your day to day awareness as it has mine. It will reward you with increased peace, harmony and beauty. What a spectacular vision!

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This and several other Free Feng Shui Printables can be found on my Free and Fun page.

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