Feng Shui Your Bathroom

Recently I’ve had several Readers contact me in distress, lamenting about the location of their bathrooms. Some Feng Shui articles almost demonize the bathroom, portraying it as a filthy, energy grabbing complexity of features that could drain both your wallet and health.

Although the bathroom is a room that always needs Feng Shui attention, I’m here to put your mind at ease. What then do my Clients hear about how to Feng Shui the bathroom?

Feng Shui your bathroom to more fully appreciate all it has to offer!

First of all, I tell them that bathrooms are really wonderful. Would you prefer to not have a bathroom? What would your life be like? Everyone quickly rejoins the bathroom bandwagon!

With their mind a bit more at ease, it’s time to think practically. Often when Clients hear about how “logical” Feng Shui can be, they are even more on board with making their adjustments.

It is true that a room associated with the drains, flushes and other “cleansing” activities of a bathroom will offer limited energetic support. The vital Feng Shui Ch’i energy in this space can get sucked quickly down the drains and toilets or compromised by any dirt, grime, mold or other unpleasant build up a neglected bathroom can present.

These challenges could also be associated with any kitchen, laundry room, garage or other dank and dark corner your home may have. What makes the bathroom a “must do” in Feng Shui is the concentrated number of energy depleters that are gathered in such a small space.

Next, folks start to stress when they figure out which part of the Feng Shui Bagua Map their bathroom is in. They understand that their wealth, health, career, children, relationships or some other area of their life may not be getting the optimal Feng Shui support it could.

They are right, but there’s no need to fret. When you Feng Shui your bathroom you embrace its potential and elevate this often unappreciated part of the home to its rightful position. Put these Feng Shui tips into place so you can relax and enjoy a bathroom that has as much vital Ch’i as any other room.

Feng Shui Bathroom Tip #1: Live with what you love

Getting back to basics, more fully understand and appreciate Feng Shui Foundation Principle #1 – Everything is energy. Taken a step further, this principle asks you to Live with What You Love.

Are you feeling any love for your bathroom? Does it get the care and attention, decoration and thought given to other rooms in the home? Start thinking of it as a spa, personal haven or private retreat. More on this in a bit.

Feng Shui Bathroom Tip #2: Clear the Clutter

Ouch, I know, that old clutter thing again? But when Everything is Energy, items like stained towels, outdated cosmetics, broken blow dryers, dried up nail polish, unused hair products or kids toys falling off every corner of the tub are not building vital Feng Shui energy for you. They’re likely taking it away.

The bathroom is usually a small space which makes it easier to start small with your Clutter Clearing. A single drawer, countertop or the area under the sink would be a fine choice. Discard everything you don’t love or don’t need. When you have your KEEP Pile, organize.

My life changed when I discovered plastic bins for inside the drawers and plastic stackable drawers for the more vertical areas under the sink. My grandson’s tub has a handy toy storage bin that adheres to the wall and gives a finite amount of space to house his tub’s play items. It also doubles nicely as a toddlers basketball net.

Feng Shui Bathroom Tip #3: Keep It Clean

Put a bit of fun into your bathroom cleaning.

Yes, yes, I’m starting to sound a bit too basic, but it is easy for some of us to let the bathroom go a day or two longer when it really needs a bit of scrubbing.

It’s one of those necessities of life that’s not on the top of anyone’s list, kind of like buying a bathing suit or getting a cavity filler. But, once you’re done with it, you feel better about yourself and life, right?

As special motivation remember that dirt (I use this term politely so we don’t have to get into the toilet bowl of it) is neither healthy nor vibrant Ch’i. Got it? Enough said.

Feng Shui Bathroom Tip #4: Put the Toilet Seat Down

Put the toilet seat down for better Ch’i and better visuals!

The toilet literally sucks it’s contents down the drain. This includes vital Ch’i which is then no longer available for your use and enjoyment. Put the toilet seat down when you flush then keep it down.

Let’s get serious about our intentions to have a better life by building vibrant Ch’i energy with good Feng Shui. You can do it! Many Clients have learned this new habit fairly quickly when they really began to understand the Feng Shui energy principles behind it.

Plus, it looks so much better when the seat is down, don’t you think?


Feng Shui Bathroom Tip #5: Plug the Drains

Drains literally suck vital Ch’i energy out of your bathroom. In addition to toilets, this includes tubs, sinks, jacuzzis, bidets or any other drains in the bathroom. There can be three, four, five or even more drains in a single bathroom subtly and continuously altering the Ch’i. I encourage you to make this simple adjustment and plug the drains today.

Keep vital Ch’i energy inside your bathroom with this red tape esoteric Feng Shui adjustment.

The Feng Shui remedy is to plug all drains when not in use. Pull the drain plug or cover the open shower or tub drain with an inexpensive rubber sink stopper to keep vital Ch’i in your space.

My guest room drain is closed all the time except when an occasional guest is visiting. For many people, opening and closing the drains several times a day is difficult or impractical. In this case, plug them when you can, but add this additional Feng Shui adjustment.

Feng Shui provides us with mundane (physical) cures such as plugging the drain. There are also esoteric Feng Shui cures that symbolically adjust Ch’i when a mundane cure may not be practical.

An esoteric cure to plug a bathroom drain is to wrap a piece of red tape around the drain pipe where the water exits. This signals your intention to retain Ch’i in the space.

Easy, peazy, right? You can combine this one with putting the toilet seat down and increase your Ch’i energy today.

Feng Shui Bathroom Tip #6: Hang a Faceted Crystal

Hang a faceted crystal from the center of your bathroom ‘s ceiling. As my extensive post on faceted crystals explains, they help to generate Ch’i in a space. This can be particularly effective in a smaller bathroom with no windows, but I put a faceted crystal in each of my bathrooms.

If your toilet is visible as you first walk in the door, you can adjust the placement of the faceted crystal to hang between the door and the toilet to further moderate the impact of the toilet.

Feng Shui Bathroom Tip #7: Decorate to the Max

Decorate and develop your Feng Shui bathroom into a place you love.

Make your bathroom as inviting as possible. See it as a jewel box that you fill with luscious treasures and things you love. Let it become a spa, a haven, a wonderful place to escape and nurture yourself.

I like to get bold and do things in this smaller space I wouldn’t do in a bigger setting. Since the bathroom tends to be a more Yin space (smaller, darker, singular, less active) the decoration can be more Yang.

This translates to bolder, more dramatic, brighter or whatever style and vibe you prefer in your bathroom design. Simply work toward the day when every time you walk into you bathroom you smile and think, “I love this!”

Feng Shui Bathroom Tip #8: Place a Feng Shui Enhancement

Get you FREE DOWNLOAD of my Feng Shui Bagua Map.

Once you’ve implemented the tips above, you may want to take your bathroom to the next level of Feng Shui by placing a Feng Shui enhancement. Feng Shui gives us an incredible tool for not only deciphering challenges but for supporting our personal dreams and intentions. This tool is the Feng Shui Bagua Map.

Get your Free Download of my Feng Shui Bagua Map, complete with directions on how to apply it to your home. You can also contact me for a brief consultation to place the Bagua Map.

Once you have determined which of the Feng Shui Bagua areas (or guas) your bathroom occupies, you can place a very specific item of your choice there that will represent the intention you have for that area.

Turn to my more detailed posts on each individual gua for guidance. There you will get very specific recommendations about the appropriate colors, shapes, fabrics, symbolism and more that is best used for an enhancement in that area of the Feng Shui Bagua.

Where does the bathroom lie in your home’s Feng Shui Bagua, and what can your enhanced bathroom help you attract into your life? What an exciting possibility to discover!

How do you feel now? Hopefully you’re no longer afraid of the Feng Shui of your bathroom but energized and enthusiastic about all of the possibilities this special retreat can offer.

With good Feng Shui understanding we can all create a Feng Shui home that supports a life we love.

Have fun,

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