Feng Shui Your Summer

It’s summer! Summer is so glorious here on the Coast of Maine. Summer prompts folks to get outside and take in the wonderful Ch’i from Nature. This vital energy can refuel and invigorate us all. Being aware of how to integrate a bit of Feng Shui into our lives now can allow us to make the most of Summer’s sweet few weeks.

For my Southern Hemisphere readers in the throws of winter at present, keep reading.  I’ve got you covered as well.

There are so many things to do outside in summer that the thought of staying indoors to Feng Shui may not be high on your list. Feng Shui can be applied to situations and locations outside of your home as well. Here’s an assortment of ways to create a Feng Shui mindset and lifestyle for you and your family that can be used to  enhance everyone’s Summertime experience.

Feng Shui Your Deck

At this time of year who doesn’t love getting out on their deck – or balcony, terrace, porch or patio? You definitely want to include that area in your home’s overall Feng Shui design. Feng Shui Your Deck gives seven easy steps to make this location a powerhouse of vital energy you’ll want to hang out in again and again.

Landscape Feng Shui Series #1: What is Landscape Feng Shui?

What is Landscape Feng Shui explains the basic concept of how Feng Shui is applied to your landscape but also highlights some simple evaluation and action steps you can take. If you’re planning any substantial landscaping project this is a must read.

Feng Shui Real Estate Series: Feng Shui Your Closing

Are you selling or buying a home? Maybe you’re a real estate agent? The first installment of my Feng Shui Real Estate Series focuses on how to Feng Shui Your Closing. These tips can be used for buyers or sellers so give them a look if you’re in the midst of this most critical time in your real estate process. Feng Shui has been an integral part of all of my successful real estate transactions since I became aware of its application to this most life changing transaction.

Clutter Clear for a Yard Sale

I’ve been scoring some good toys for my young grandson at yard sales this summer. If you’re planning to have your own yard sale, or simply want to clean up the garage, Clutter Clear for a Yard Sale will reveal several strategies to get you there.

Visit a Botanical Garden

Finally, life can’t be all Feng Shui at home and no play so learn how you can take a Feng Shui Field Trip and Visit a Botanical Garden. The information covered can be applied to any outdoor excursion that connects you and your family with nature in a deep and fulfilling way. Once you understand the Feng Shui energy dynamic behind getting outdoors, it can offer additional motivation, and excuses, to go out and have some fun!

Feng Shui Energy Boost: Living Things

For all of you in the Southern Hemisphere in the midst of winter, here are two season-appropriate Feng Shui suggestions. Both are energy boosts, but that’s sometimes what we all need. Those of you experiencing summer can enjoy getting outside to collect these treasures as well.

First, bring the Feng Shui Energy Boost of Living Things into your home. Plants, flowers or pets are an effective way to increase the energy in your space. During the winters in Maine I got in the habit of buying a bouquet of flowers along with my weekly groceries. Their bright, cheerful Ch’i really lifted my spirits.

Collect and bring the Feng Shui Energy Boost of Objects of Nature indoors.

In addition, you can incorporate the Feng Shui Energy Boost: Objects of Nature into your interior. Rocks, feathers, mineral specimens, crystals, shells and twigs are just a few ideas of items you can use within your decor to offer that extra outdoor feeling to a space.

Feng Shui your own home. Get your FREE DOWNLOAD now.

If you haven’t focused on your home this season, you can keep improving its Feng Shui as well as your personal Ch’i with just a bit of attention. My FREE DOWNLOAD Start to Feng Shui Today offers seven easy steps to get you going to create a Feng Shui home.

My summer is including blogging, working on one major home improvement project, some serious gardening, boating, babysitting, tennis and several outdoor adventures with family and friends. How about you?

Whether summer or winter, I hope you all have a great time and enjoy. Let me hear about your adventures and of course, your Feng Shui.

Have fun,


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