How Finding a Parking Space Can Improve Your Feng Shui

Do you believe? Do you believe that cleaning the garage or moving your bed can improve your life? Or, at least, change your life? I don’t want to start sounding like a TV Preacher but want to get your attention, and attention is exactly what I’m talking about.

Where do you put your attention? I think, intellectually, I’d answer my family, my health and writing inspiring content for my wonderful blog readers! But, when I evaluate a little more thoroughly, and identify what I’m really focusing on, I can fine tune my list to include worrying about various relatives’ challenges, thinking I don’t have enough time to do my yoga or procrastinating by researching how to write a blog post rather than actually writing one.

Remember the saying, Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it! My laments of “That is so frustrating” or “This computer stuff is so overwhelming” reinforce the energy these thoughts represent and perpetuate situations that are challenging rather than relieving the stress. Where we place our attention reveals our true intention so one of the biggest Inner Feng Shui skills we can all develop is to become crystal clear on what we want – our intention – and then deliberately focus on that and only that.

How do we get clear on our intention and quiet all the other thoughts that run around in our head? Here’s a simple technique to get you started, placing your attention on an unusual intention – finding a parking space.

You’ve likely heard that I live in Maine in the Summer and Florida in the Winter. The combination of the two makes a great year-round weather report. The fabulous weather, coupled with many other natural amenities make both areas very popular to tourists during the very same times we’re there. Lots of tourists mean lots of full parking spaces.

Many years ago, one of the first intuitive skills I learned was the Parking Space Visualization. Before then I would often change my plans because I couldn’t find a place to park but not now. This technique is simple to learn and execute. In fact, I’ve shared it with many family and friends and they often report back to me that they find an open space nine times out of ten.

Here’s how we do it:

Step 1: Focus your thoughts and attention on what you are seeking – an open parking space

When you know you will need a space, begin to place your attention on that fact. Whether I’m leaving the house or just deciding at the last minute to stop somewhere, the more fully I keep my focus and attention on the parking space the more quickly it seems to appear.

Step 2: Imagine the end result – envision yourself pulling into a space

Your attention can now go to starting to believe that a space will be available. Remind yourself what an empty space looks like even if you don’t see one. Realize that you often get a space and can find one again.

Step 3: Feel as though the goal is achieved – even before it is

In spite of the number of other cars competing with you for the limited spaces, try releasing as much of your skepticism as you can. Having, ”I’ll never get a space” nagging in the back of your mind only takes attention away from the task at hand. Combine your attention on getting a space with the image you’ve created of finding a space and begin to feel the relaxation of actually parking in the space. This heightened state helps you notice that a car is leaving one area or that you sense you should turn down the next row. Once you Feel the outcome you can start to tap into a deeper level of your intuition to achieve your goal.

Step 4: Give thanks for the parking space and enjoy yourself

Gratitude stengthens the connection to your subconscious and helps you be more aware and tap into it during your next activity. You are building mental and energetic muscle that you can consciously use to tap into your intention and create results you desire. Appreciate your interest and success. Well done!

Feel free to print this summary of the Parking Space Visualization, an effective technique to clarify your intention and tap into your intuition.

Trying this simple technique will give you an opportunity to redirect your thoughts into more positive outcomes for yourself. You can expand on the Parking Space Visualization and use another life challenge for additional practice. Focusing on simpler tasks like getting through the grocery store in 20 minutes or being consistent with the dog’s training will not only provide the opportunity to learn the technique more fully but also give valuable feedback on how you are combining your thoughts, imagination and feeling to give you the energy and life you want.

My book, I Hold the Power of Peace, goes into more depth on the process of using your thought, imagination and feeling to live the life you dream of.  Many other aspects of Inner Feng Shui are covered including finding inner peace, creating a Good Feeling Story and the effectiveness of joining with others to intensify the results of a visualization.

As you fine tune your intentions and focus your attention, positive and undeniable results can begin to change your worldview to acknowledge the great wealth of unseen energy that is available to you. The unseen energy of your thoughts, imagination and feeling is the very same energy that we tap into with Feng Shui when we move the couch or intentionally place a vase of flowers on the table. We start to understand the connection, that this unseen energy is something we can tap into and help to direct with our conscious intention. We all begin to believe. Do you believe?

Have fun,


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4 thoughts on “How Finding a Parking Space Can Improve Your Feng Shui

    1. You are a living example of the power of intention. Putting your attention on your desire to visit New Zealand all these years has resulted in this trip and there you are! Well done. So happy for you and so impressed. Have a great time.

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