Front Door Feng Shui: Part 2

Is your life flowing smoothly, as you wish, with ample energy and opportunities coming your way? If the answer is no, check out your front door. In Feng Shui, the front door is one of the most important external features of your home.

Feng Shui Front Door
This home has a lovely and energetic Feng Shui Front Door.

Nicknamed the Mouth of Ch’i (pronounced Chee), the front door is the main entry point for vital energy coming into the home. When the front door is compromised, so too is the flow of energy in and through your life. That’s why it’s so important to keep the front door Feng Shui at its best.

In Front Door Feng Shui Part 1, we covered the significance of this entrance, how to identify your home’s Feng Shui Front Door (Hint: it’s the architectural front door) and how to lead the Ch’i there.

Now, let’s elevate the impact and possibilities of your front door with a few Feng Shui tips.


Energize Your Front Door

Once you physically arrive at the Feng Shui Front Door, make the impact one worthy of its stature. Invite others, and the Ch’i to come inside. Regardless of whether your front door opens to a front yard, porch, hallway, landing or other circumstance, take steps to be sure energy (and guests) are encouraged to come inside.

Treating the front door and the area around it with as much thought and care as any room inside your home can really up the energy. Here’s a few ideas and Feng Shui tips for the front door:


Feng Shui Front Door Tip #1: Keep the front entrance clean


Feng Shui Front Door
This Feng Shui Front Door is full of good energy.

Cleanliness goes a long way in Feng Shui. Dirt is considered slow, stagnant, unproductive Ch’i and does little to boost energy in our homes or lives.

Have you ever thought to clean the outside of your front door? Take a moment to wipe down the actual door, wash the stoop, steps or porch, polish the doorknob and clean any glass.

My front door is a favorite web building site for spiders. Every few weeks I make a literal clean sweep of the door, siding and porch. This quick and simple step freshens the energy in the area so much.


Feng Shui Front Door Tip #2: Keep the door well maintained   

Feng Shui Front Door
This Feng Shui Front Door needs a bit of extra care to boost the Ch’i.

Cracked glass, peeling paint, malfunctioning doorknobs or compromised screen doors all increase the challenge for Ch’i to enter your home. Making any needed repairs reaps energetic as well as visual benefits.

A front door that is hard to open, whether sticking, tricky to unlock or some other situation, is restricting you each time you enter. This can translate to potential difficulties like being put into a “sticky” situation, finding yourself “locked” into a relationship you are finding hard to get out of or needing to “push against” an unjust situation to name just a few.

Simple upgrades and improvements can “open up” the flow and help your life to flow more smoothly as well.

Occasionally I hear from a Reader that their Feng Shui Front Door has been permanently closed off or nailed shut in some way. In general, this situation is akin to covering a person’s mouth with tape, preventing any nourishment or fresh air in.

If this is your circumstance, and your life is presenting many challenges, you may want to seek further Feng Shui advice. Contact me about your own personalized Feng Shui consultation.


Feng Shui Front Door Tip #3: Add a Feng Shui Greeter

Feng Shui Front Door
A welcome mat, friendly pet and the plant inside are all Feng Shui Front Door greeters.

Do you have a Feng Shui Greeter? This is an item you purposely place outside near your Feng Shui Front Door to represent the feeling and promise of your home.

A few ideas of items I have used are:

What can you identify for a Feng Shui Greeter that will represent you, your family and your home’s energy?

Especially effective at the front door, consider putting a Greeter at each of your entrances. For those of you coming in through the garage more often than the front door, seeing a familiar and happy symbol there signals a friendly Hello each time you enter.

Enjoy the lovely new feeling you’ve created! Doesn’t it feel great? I always love it when one of my Feng Shui adjustments is completed, simply for my reaction to the impression, mood and fresh energy the new look has created.


Feng Shui Front Door Tip #4: Make it an entrance you love

Feng Shui Front Door
Both the color & wreath are Feng Shui greeters.

Do you LOVE the color of your front door? How about the decoration, lighting, landscaping or other features? If you’re giving a thumbs down to any of it, the energy is not the best it can be.

Choose a color for the door that makes you so happy you look forward to seeing it every time you approach. Figure out what you want to do to bring it up to your standards.

It is your home and you have free will to make it your own. That means to live with what you love!



Feng Shui Front Door Tip #5: Use your Feng Shui Front Door every day

Many, many people simply never enter their homes through the architectural front door – the Feng Shui Front Door. If you are one of them and use the garage door, side door, sliding door, back door or other, definitely heed this tip. You can improve the Feng Shui of your home with a simple daily exercise.

Go to the Feng Shui Front Door once a day, swing it open and invite life enhancing, Ch’i energy into your home. This simple ritual is a free, powerful and practical way to improve your life. Give it a try for a week or two, and then let us all know what you’ve seen shift in your life.

Is your Feng Shui Front Door to your liking? Are there some changes or improvements you can think to make that will help to generate more good energy in your life and home?

What an opportunity! Give it all you’ve got and enjoy the benefits of increased energy and flow in your life.

Have fun!



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