Grandparents Feng Shui

Remember when your cool two seat convertible became totally impractical? It was probably when you had kids. The same process is happening for us after the birth of our fabulous grandson.

We loved our glass display cases, until we had a grandchild! Not the best Feng Shui anymore.

One glaring Feng Shui Ch’i imbalance happens the second you open our front door at The Cove.  All you need do is raise your head to see through the total expanse of the house from front to back to catch the breathtaking view of the ocean beyond.

Unfortunately, the Ch’i that is so generously pouring through the front door to energize and enhance us says, “No thanks, I’d rather rush to the back and out the windows there to enjoy the lovely view as well!” This is a situation needing some definite Feng Shui attention.

As we all know, Feng Shui offers solutions or “adjustments” to divert Ch’i and modify its flow within a space. In my Living Room, the room that includes our front door, I have positioned two glass cabinets filled with my hand-blown art glass collection in the path of this rushing Ch’i.  It is a show stopper and an elegant greeting when you enter. The Ch’i heads there first and is then diverted to other parts of the living room before ambling through the door to the Great Room, the windows then the ocean beyond.

Enter a new grandchild and the interpretation of this idyllic scene shifts dramatically.  The Feng Shui suggestion to Put Comfort and Safety First has taken on a new meaning. All I can see now is a wall of glass death trap – a horrid invitation to crawl and toddle and run into danger and maiming and tragedy. Not good Feng Shui!

As the Third Foundation Principle of Feng Shui explains, Everything is Always Changing. So, change it must.  Out they go. The blown glass collection retreats to higher shelves for now. In a wonderful show of support and synchronicity, a client liked my glass cases and is installing them in her new home.

I am now breathing a bit easier after exchanging the art gallery look for smiles, toddles and coos.  Lucky me!!!

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