Inner Feng Shui: Miracle Jar

Do you ever find yourself worrying? Do certain situations in your life feel like you’ve given them your all but just aren’t getting anywhere? Are the issues of family, friends and even the world just too overwhelming? Read on for some Inner Feng Shui relief from your worries.

As we know, worrying doesn’t usually get us anywhere, at least not anywhere we want to go! It can get the better of any of us, and I’ve had plenty of worrying experience!

What is worrying anyway? It is lack of faith. Faith in ourselves, faith in the situation, faith in the person we’re concerned about, faith that the world will carry on.

Exploring self-improvement and its various trends and techniques for three decades (yes, I’m no Spring chicken!) has helped me discern and incorporate a short list of practices into my life that I’m confident will support and enhance my daily living.

Of course, Feng Shui is one of them. Intention and intuition are major players as well. But quite often an additional technique needs to be layered on to help ease the challenge of a particular situation.

That’s when I turn to my Miracle Jar.

The Miracle Jar allows me to reclaim my faith and focus on something beyond my own faculties and abilities. It renews my faith in myself, faith in others and faith in the grand scheme of things.

Inner Feng Shui

The lidded turtle piece makes a fine Miracle Jar.

Is a Miracle Jar part of a Feng Shui religion?

I am not trying to preach some kind of Feng Shui religion here. To clarify, Feng Shui combines both art and science and is NOT a religion.

There is one school of Feng Shui that has aligned itself with Buddism called Black Hat Tantric Buddist Feng Shui (BTB), but I never heard them talk about a Miracle Jar.

What I do teach is Inner Feng Shui. Feng Shui is about the energy of the whole of things. We human beings have both an inner and an outer life. Developing our vital Ch’i energy with techniques that support this inner life is what I call Inner Feng Shui.

If you believe there is something bigger than yourself running things somehow, some way, and that you can have some interaction with it, read on.

What is a Miracle Jar?

A Miracle Jar is an actual vessel that you make or select for yourself. In so doing, you assign a personal symbolic meaning to this container as your own Miracle Jar. The jar then becomes the receptacle for the worries rather than yourself.


Selecting a Miracle Jar

My Miracle Jar is a handmade, decorated earthenware vessel I love.

Please consider this vessel as a sacred item in your life, a support system for your own Inner Feng Shui. Select it with care.

I consciously sought out an item that “felt” just right for me. This container is not simply a decorative item in the home but a bridge between ourselves and the divine. It has an important, empowering and transformative job to do, thus its appearance, stature and energy must all be considered.

For simplicity I’ve been using the term “JAR.” Handmade ceramic pottery vessels with their own lids have often been my container of choice as my love of browsing the beautiful wares at crafts fairs have yielded some exceptional finds.

This box with a jade Koru on the lid was gifted to me by a New Zealand friend. It would make an outstanding Miracle Jar.

If you prefer a paper or tin box, a small medicine bag, decorative basket or some other container for your Miracle Jar that’s perfectly fine.

If you’re inclined to make something by hand, go for it. Do you own a special heirloom you love? Use that. You love thrifting and want to go hunting?  That’s another good plan. Put out your intention to identify your Miracle Jar and keep your eyes open. It will appear!

Simply keep in mind that the Miracle Jar you choose is something that can be closed that you absolutely love and cherish. There are so many possibilities. I have gifted my Jars to others then been happy to seek out a new one for myself.


How to Use a Miracle Jar

Using a Miracle Jar is simple, simple, simple.

Identify your specific worry.

Start by identifying exactly what is on your mind that stresses, worries, bothers, nags, or otherwise pressures.

Write your worries on a piece of paper and give them to your Miracle Jar to handle.

Write a description of the resolution of the worry on a piece of paper.

I put each individual worry on their own piece of paper as I like to go back into the Jar later and cull out all the Miracles that have taken place. That’s super cool fun!

The paper must be small enough to fit inside the Miracle Jar.

Clearly define the worry. Sometimes that is the hardest part for me. What exactly do I need to release? More importantly, what resolution do I desire?

Transforming your perception of the worry into a positive outcome allows you to begin to open to the possibility that the worry can be resolved.

For example, perhaps there is a health issue you would like to improve. Saying “Fix my aching knee” is reestablishing that your knee isn’t 100%.

Instead, the description on your paper could say “My knee feels great and I’m playing tennis better than ever.”

Place the piece of paper into the Miracle Jar.

As you do, think of handing this worry over to the Universe to handle. It’s not up to you anymore.

Give thanks and put the lid on the jar.

This ritual signals to the Universe that you have faith and believe that things can flow in accord with the highest and best plan for you. You’ve decided to let the worry go and trust or have faith that everything will work out as it should.

There have been many, many situations I have placed into my Miracle Jar. In some instances, such as my son’s home selling, the exact worry specified on the paper was achieved.

Other times, I either stopped worrying enough the individual or situation resolved itself.

Sometimes people, circumstances or opportunities appeared in my life, prompting me to take action in some way that settled my fears or changed the worrisome circumstances.


Create Your Miracle Jar

Want to give it a try? Do you have a jar you already know is perfect or do you need to look for one that is just right for you?

What worry will you allay and trust to your Miracle Jar? It’s fine to load it to the top if you need to!

In Feng Shui, everything is connected. Paying attention to your Inner Feng Shui is just as important as having your bed in the Power Position or enhancing your Wealth & Prosperity area. If worry is something that troubles you quite often, why not try a Miracle Jar to allay your fears. It’s good Inner Feng Shui.

Have fun,


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