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In 2001 I ventured to San Diego and studied at the Western School of Feng Shui with Terah Kathryn Collins. Shortly thereafter, I received my certification as an Essential Feng Shui Practitioner®. Terah was always prompting us to “Open Your Feng Shui Eyes”.

When I open my Feng Shui Eyes and look at the environments above, I see:

  • A path that is a well defined invitation to slow down, meander and be open to the hidden mysteries that lie ahead up the solid and safe stairway.
  • A kitchen that is lovingly maintained and invites vibrant Ch’i energy inside in the form of bright sunshine and colorful Spring blooms.
  • A neglected basement that has become a dumping ground for dormant and unwanted household items. This space exhibits confusion, congestion and stagnation. Time to clutter clear!

In a nutshell, this is what Feng Shui is about:

With this blog it is my intention to help you open your Feng Shui eyes – to focus your Feng Shui lens. Let’s observe, evaluate and take action together to improve not only our surroundings but our lives. I encourage you to ask me questions – about Feng Shui in general or more specific situations that pertain to your home or workplace. Either way, we all learn from discussion.

Many of my blog posts will provide you with a specific game plan to observe, evaluate and take action in your own space. Your Feng Shui for Today will give you a framework to create surroundings that provide increased vibrant, abundant and energizing Ch’i.

Let’s get started!

Have fun,


Your Feng Shui For Today

  • What do you see when you observe your environment? Look first at the physical bones of the structure including the wall and floor colors or condition, the flow of the rooms, placement and maintenance of the doors and windows and any other design features. Next, notice the contents of the space, both physical and energetic. Sense how the space “feels” to you including its smell.
  • Do you like what you see? How does it make you feel? Which part do you like the best and which is the worst? What can you do to change the things you don’t like and duplicate the things you do?
  • Taking the next step, how can you change things for the better? What can you do immediately to improve the space and what will involve more organization? If you’d like some specific Feng Shui feedback from me just ask.
  • Submit a comment and let us all know how you are doing with your practice of Feng Shui!
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