The Feng Shui Bagua for Creativity and Children

How are your kids doing? Trying to have kids? Are you the happiest you’ve ever been, full of joy and positive expectations? Are the ideas and inspiration you desire flowing freely? What a treasure trove of possibilities lie within your home’s Creativity and Children area. Let’s dive in to find what it has to offer.

A premier tool of Feng Shui, our home’s Feng Shui Bagua maps the eight major influences that are the foundation of our lives. You can see them noted in the Bagua Map below. Place the Bagua’s grid over your floor plan to map the portion of the home that holds any particular area (gua). As you stand at the front door facing inside, the Creativity and Children section lies in the middle right side of your home.

Map Your Own Home With This Free Feng Shui Bagua

Get you FREE DOWNLOAD of my Feng Shui Bagua Map.

You can download your own FREE FENG SHUI BAGUA MAP here so you can determine the exact rooms in your home where this important influence is held. Once identified, you can begin creating your Feng Shui home by applying the simple Feng Shui tips below to shift the energy to more fully support your creativity, your children, as well as all kinds of childlike qualities.

In this part of the Bagua, Children is paired with Creativity. They are joined by the underlying energy they represent. Think of how children easily transform their curiosities and observations into wonderful ideas. Imagine also, as we encourage their creativity we too benefit from the joy and delight children express through their actions and reactions. Seeing this enthusiasm not only for ideas but life in general helps us appreciate the importance of nurturing these essential qualities in our lives.

The Creativity and Children gua is associated with anything you create or birth into the world, whether done by yourself or especially when encouraging others. It influences your future and what you would like it to bring. Your own children and grandchildren as well as children in general are supported most fully here as well as all matters relating to conception and pregnancy. The childlike qualities of generosity, curiosity and joy are also represented.

My toddler grandson created this piece of art for me!

When we observe children we see how creative they are. Always investigating and trying new things, their efforts to learn and discover what the world has to offer enthralls and delights them. Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to experience some of that childlike wonder again? That’s part of what this gua helps us nurture.

How do you utilize your creativity? Do you make art, sing, play music, dance, design or write? Maybe your creative juices get going when you’re asked to problem solve or brainstorm. Even if you don’t consider yourself creative we all have some way we use this influence in our lives. When I think how central the concept of creativity is in my life, I see it present everywhere.

Define Your Feng Shui Intentions for Creativity and Children

In Feng Shui we arrange our surroundings to enhance our lives. One way we do this in a Feng Shui home is by setting an intention for some area of our life then consciously enhancing the one or two Bagua guas in which our goal is most associated.

Take a closer look at the Creativity and Children gua when:

  • You are starting a new creative undertaking
  • More ideas and inspiration are sought
  • Being more joyful and happy is a goal
  • You are in the midst of a pregnancy
  • You would like to provide the children in the household with additional support
  • Issues with teenagers are present
  • You want to honor and support adult children
  • Grandchildren need your additional blessing
  • A child has been estranged and you would like to heal the relationship
  • You are a coach or teacher of any kind
  • Addictions are a struggle
  • You would like support with conception or pregnancy challenges
  • There are health issues with mouth, teeth, lungs or large intestine
  • Grief or sadness are present
  • The youngest daughter in the household needs extra support

Place a Feng Shui Enhancement for Creativity and Children

Now that an intention has been identified, a Feng Shui enhancement can be added somewhere in the Creativity and Children area of your home. Items that represent joy and happiness to you are great choices. Anything to do with your children, grandchildren or your creative endeavors will be equally appropriate as well.

Since both of my sons were married in the last couple of years, I have two beautiful new wedding photos that now adorn my Creativity and Children area. Also, last Fall my little grandson gave me a precious framed finger painting he’d created (photo above). It was immediately hung in a place of honor in my mudroom which lies within this gua as well.




The Creativity and Children gua is home to the Metal Element which includes crystals, stone points, gemstones, rocks and mineral specimens of all types.

Here are some ideas you can consider when choosing an item for the Creativity and Children area:

  • Toys, games, stuffed animals or other items associated specifically with children
  • Anything a child has made themselves such as art, crafts or a written piece
  • Something you’ve created yourself like art, crafts, furniture, home accessories, etc.
  • Art supplies, sewing machine, camera equipment or other items you use to create art
  • Piano, organ or other musical instrument
  • Puppet stages, costumes and assorted theater-related materials
  • Anything made of metal
  • Gold, silver, copper or metallic colored items
  • Accessories that are the colors white or the very lightest pastel shades
  • Anything with the shapes of circles, ovals, semi-circles or spheres
  • Rocks, stones or items made from either such as granite countertops or flooring
  • Mineral specimens of all kinds including crystals, stone points, gemstones and petrified wood
  • Books about art, music, dance, theater, writing or any creative pursuit
  • Books about children, child rearing or childcare
  • Children’s books
  • Photos of children or you interacting with children
  • A photo of you enjoying a creative endeavor
  • Art that is joyful, whimsical, playful or gives you a happy feeling, especially if you made it
  • The colors white or light pastels
  • An affirmation expressing your highest vision for creativity or children
I’d like to get back into making art so I placed my paint box in the Creativity and Children gua of my studio.

What will be the Feng Shui Enhancement in your Creativity and Children area? If you already have something there, like white walls or metal fixtures, you could designate them as your enhancement. However, those types of general features are most suited for Creativity and Children in general. If you have a more exact intention, say learning to paint, placing something very specific to that pursuit would be even more powerful in generating the supportive Ch’i necessary to propel you toward that achievement. Try placing your paint box or an art magazine as an enhancement for example.

Are you getting excited about revving up the creativity and joy in your life? Psyched about a specific way you can give your kids some additional Feng Shui support? What ideas have you discovered here and what direction are you considering?

If you’re unsure of how the Creativity and Children area can best support your goals, I’m happy to help. When I work with Clients I lead them through a process of pinpointing their intentions and selecting an appropriate enhancement and placement. Contact me to schedule a telephone consultation to help you move toward more energy flow and balance in your surroundings and life.

Everyone deserves to live in a home they love. Start creating your Feng Shui home today to move you toward that end. Focusing on Creativity and Children is a playful and expansive way to use the beauty and wisdom of Feng Shui.

Have fun,






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