The Feng Shui Bagua for Fame

What’s Fame got to do with Feng Shui? An often ignored or misunderstood part of our lives, Fame defines our reputation, both personally and professionally, which is an area essential to so many aspects of our lives. What are you known for? How others see us, whether as a good neighbor, invaluable employee or highly recommended self-employed business owner, Fame matters more than you might think.

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The Feng Shui Bagua Map recognizes and includes Fame as one of the eight major influences in our lives. This area, called the Fame gua, can be scrutinized and adjusted with Feng Shui to create an optimal flow of Ch’i energy. It can then support us in our endeavors toward building a favorable impression, reputation or standing with everyone we encounter. Then our Fame’s impact will spread to connect us with more people and opportunities.

I have prepared my own customized version and you can download your own FREE Feng Shui Bagua Map here.

To locate your Fame area, you will want to prepare your home’s Bagua Map. This step-by-step process is covered in my six part blog series, The Feng Shui Bagua. If you would like to skip those steps and engage my personal assistance to prepare your Bagua Map, please contact me. It is a process that has the potential to reap so many rewards that it is well worth the effort.

Let’s take a more in depth look at the Fame gua which resides in the back, center section of your home or workspace.

This gua is associated with the fame that comes from high profile expression such as being a doctor, actor, etc. However, it is also concerned with the less obvious cultivation of a good reputation through the steady giving and receiving of support. Self-expression and what you are known for, both good and bad, are also represented here.

AKA: Fame & Reputation, Illumination, Self-expression, Future, Luck

Define Your Feng Shui Intentions for Fame

When we are clear on our intentions, they materialize more easily. Feng Shui shows us how to connect the energy of the outer world of our homes and the inner world of our intentions.

Take a closer look at the Fame gua when:

  • You are self-employed or between jobs
  • You want more recognition at work
  • You want more recognition at home
  • You would like to participate at a higher level with a volunteer organization
  • You want to establish a strong reputation in a new arena or geographic area
  • You would like to increase your network, contact with others or internet/social media presence
  • A higher level of integrity is sought
  • You are looking for recognition, acknowledgement or success on any front
  • There is a health concern with the eyes, heart, thyroid, small intestine or brain
  • You are feeling burned out, anxious, stressed or overindulgent
  • You are looking for clarity in some matter
  • The Middle Daughter in the household needs extra support

Place a Feng Shui Enhancement for Fame

The points in this heart with wings, the figure of the angel and the words of the affirmation are my Fame gua enhancements.

Now that you have defined your intention for Fame, next place a Feng Shui enhancement in that gua to draw additional auspicious Ch’i energy to your home and life.

This framed photo and autograph of Wayne Gretzky, nicknamed “The Great One” is a strong enhancement for a hockey fan’s Fame gua.

My husband, Dan, is a huge hockey fan and Wayne Gretzky is a player he particularly admired. Professional skill, leadership ability and a strong work ethic were all qualities he admired in this world-famous hockey player. While on a business trip, Dan was thrilled to encounter “The Great One”, as Gretzky was called, in a hotel lobby. The autograph he received that day was framed and then hung in his office for many years as both inspiration and a reminder of excellence. It served him well. Dan retired a few years ago with a good reputation and is regarded highly by many to this day.

What exemplifies the qualities of Fame you would like to achieve? A few suitable possibilities of enhancements to place in your Fame gua include:

  • Diplomas, certificates, trophies or other awards
  • Candles, lamps and all types of lighting
  • Triangular, conical, pyramid or other pointed shaped objects
  • Silk fabrics or patterned fabrics with animals or animal prints
  • Fireplace, wood or pellet stove, fire pit (if outside) or other heating device
  • Colors in the red tones including coral, crimson, magenta, pink and orange
  • Articles made from animals such as leather, fur or feathers
  • Figurines or other items exemplifying people or animals
  • Maps
  • Lettering or signs with words
  • Books on famous people, developing integrity or how to network
  • Art of animals, people, fire, sunshine, famous celebrities or athletes, maps or globes
  • Affirmations defining your highest intention regarding your integrity, reputation or standing
Maps, stars and pointed shapes or people are all recommended enhancements for the Fame gua.

Feng Shui is such a rich and exciting study! Have you begun to define how you would like your Fame to manifest? Do you know what you can put in your Fame gua to call this vital energy into your life? Just think of the possibilities!

Your life directs you to the areas you want to examine and Feng Shui. If Fame is on your radar today, I invite you to use the guidelines above to apply some Feng Shui savvy to the situation. Should you require my additional support, I’d be happy to schedule a phone consultation with you to decipher and address the area in which you’d like to move forward in your life. Let’s do some Feng Shui together!

Have fun,


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6 thoughts on “The Feng Shui Bagua for Fame

  1. Awesome article !
    Thank you for shedding some light on this what sounds an exciting ‘bagua’ Of our homes , I’ve just ordered some red solar lights for my fame room (s) which happens to be my toilet and bathroom.
    If you have any ideas for these rooms pls let me know x

    1. Great question and one that shows you are very aware of the many variables that need to be balanced in Feng Shui. It is true that a bathroom is one of the most watery (sinks, tubs, toilets) rooms in the house. Your in the Fire Element Fame gua may pose some challenges as elementally Water douses Fire. You can use the Metal element there to reduce the conflict. Choices include metal items, round shapes and the colors white and light pastels. Also, always keep the drains closed when not in use and the bathroom as clean and in good repair as possible. Keep in mind, since I haven’t seen the actual space, this is a “general” recommendation. Watch how your reputation and fame are going, and if there’s a big issue, seek further guidance.

  2. I live in a half a duplex and it’s got lots of doors and windows and I’m having a hard time with the fungi shui. Because of the way it’s set up. Help please I’m willing to send pictures. 🙏🏿

    1. April, Living in a duplex simply gives a solid wall on one side of the structure. The first step would be to prepare your floor plan. It will start to provide a “map” of how the Ch’i energy is flowing between the various doors and windows. Get in touch again after you’ve done that.

  3. I’ve just moved my office, I’m located on the 2nd floor. I have a skincare business, I’m looking to build my business and wealth. my esthetic room is painted white with a black accent wall, gold and soft pink accessories, well the bed is actually the only thing thats pink. I’ve been in this business for sometime now, but have become stagnated. also my office is considered Southeast. Any tips would greatly be appreciated. can I set up a phone consultation?

    1. Hi Kim. How wonderful that you are incorporating the beauty and wisdom of Feng Shui to not only beautify the space your business occupies but to increase the vibrant, profitable, growing energy that makes any business successful. I will email you directly to set up a consultation.

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