The Feng Shui Bagua for Health and Family

How do you describe the health of those in your household? Is your history with family and friends strained with lingering tensions? If so, working with the Feng Shui Bagua area of Health and Family could contribute to an improvement or resolution of the situation. “What?! you ask.”  Yes, that is , if you utilize the beauty and wisdom of Feng Shui.

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My series, The Feng Shui Bagua, provides a step-by-step approach to guide you to create the Feng Shui Bagua Map for your home. The next step is to interpret your Bagua Map’s treasures by looking at each individual area, or gua.

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We’ll start with one of my client’s biggest topics of inquiry – Health and Family.

The Feng Shui Bagua’s Health and Family gua is associated with our family, both blood relatives and close friends, especially our elders and the support system they have provided through their experience and guidance. Receiving family support helps us rally when challenges arise. Our families, particularly ancestors, provide a solid foundation from which to move forward. This is true also of good health, and so it is included here.

Define Your Feng Shui Aspirations for Health and Family

Take a closer look at the Health and Family gua when:

  • Someone in the household is confronted with a serious health challenge, especially relating to the feet, liver, muscles or  joints
  • You are facing an emotional test regarding a family secret or childhood issue
  • You want to improve your general health, athletic performance or surgery is planned
  • Multiple doctors and treatments have been ineffective for a health concern
  • Relations with extended family or a close friend need revitalizing
  • The eldest son in the household needs extra support
  • You want to draw on your inner resources and family background more fully
  • You would like guidance on your life’s direction
  • Your wish additional support to move forward on a longtime dream

Uncover the Feng Shui Concerns for Health and Family

When an issue or imbalance in your life arises, Feng Shui can look at your home or workplace for environmental factors that could be adjusted to support a shift in the Ch’i energy and thus support a more positive resolution of the situation.

Although this is a very abbreviated list of possible situations that could require a Feng Shui adjustment in the Health and Family area, you can start by looking for and improving:

  • Spaces that have become Junk Rooms are representing the supporting energy of some aspect of your life. If in the Health and Family gua, the ramshackle, unruly nature of this room does not represent the concept of health or family ties that any of us want. It needs to be cleaned and organized.

    Unused medical equipment or other illness-related items

  • A portion or the entire gua lies outside of the interior of the home
  • Any required maintenance on whole house systems like plumbing and HVAC
  • Open or clogged drains in bathrooms, kitchen, laundry etc.
  • An abundance of metal items or the colors white or gray
  • A fireplace, wood stove or other fire burner
  • Too many reds, oranges or hot pinks
  • No wood, plants or the colors green or blue in a room. Add either.
  • Unhealthy or dead plants, trees or pets
  • Overhead beams
  • Bed not in the Power Position (same procedure to place as the desk)
  • A room that is closed off, unused or filled with clutter

Clutter Clearing for Health and Family

Although no clutter is always my ultimate goal for all of us, in this area pay particular attention to clutter that may be related to your health, family or close friends. Clear these items as soon as possible:

  • Old or dated medicine and medical equipment
  • Accumulated medical bills or papers that are no longer needed
  • Family photos with unwanted memories like images of ex-spouses, abusive family members, etc.
  • Too many family photos or musty and deteriorated photos
  • Too many items from a departed loved one left long after their passing
  • Silk plants or dried flowers that are dusty or at the end of their lifespan

Add a Feng Shui Enhancement for Health and Family

Intentionally place an item in the Health and Family gua that represents your hopes and dreams for this area of your life or for the specific situation you are confronting. When placed with a clear intention of the specific health and family result you want, you begin to not only focus your attention on the positive outcome you desire, but you also start to shift the energy in your space to support that result. Possible, appropriate items include:

In this photo there are at least eight different Feng Shui enhancements for the Health & Family gua of the Bagua. Can you spot them?
  • Anything made of wood including floors, furniture and accessories
  • Any kind of healthy plant including cut flowers
  • Colors in the green and blue tones
  • Shapes of columns, stripes, tall “trunk-like” shapes
  • Materials: wood, sticks, straw, plants, silk flowers, dried flowers, driftwood, linen, cotton
  • Books with health or athletic improvement information or genealogy and family history items
  • Accessories made of wood or depicting plants or trees or vegetation. Items depicting positive health or family ties.
  • Art or sculpture representing plants, trees, vegetation of all types or having a predominance of the colors blue and green. Images of strong family ties or those that depict health are also appropriate.
  • An affirmation expressing your highest goal for this area

Did you spot the various enhancements in the photo above? They include a healthy plant, a flower pot with both a floral pattern and blue color, a wooden chair, the chair has column-like spindles and legs, a wooden floor, a bright blue sideboard and a lamp with the color blue.

Feng Shui Consultation Highlights: Medical Equipment

People are prescribed various types of medical equipment to aid in their recovery. Additionally, the elderly or disabled use many types of equipment to aid them in their day to day lives. Once these items have served their purpose, their high cost and relative low resale value make it a temptation for people to store them away “just in case”. Over the years I have seen old crutches, canes, braces for any number of body parts and even a mechanical stairway present in the homes of perfectly healthy people. When asked why they were being kept, the answer was always, “just in case” they were needed.

Feng Shui Consultant Tip

We set our intentions, whether consciously or not, with the items we keep in our homes. I always ask clients to have a vision of themselves as vibrantly healthy and encourage them to remove any unneeded medical equipment.

When you assess the health of both the people and family relations in your household, are there any situations that you might support by looking at your Bagua’s Health and Family gua? Using Feng Shui to uncover and adjust concerns and  place a Feng Shui enhancement could make all the difference in turning the corner to improving your life in these areas. I encourage you to give it a try and practice a bit of Feng Shui today.

Be aware of any changes that take place in your life after you do this Feng Shui. In Feng Shui, results are expected to appear in a few days to a few weeks. As always, you can contact me to consult with you personally about your Feng Shui Bagua.

Happy Feng Shui!

Have fun,


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  1. Going through your tips caught me with so many familiar incidences that i practice. For eg. keep old medicines and items thinking “if in case” which is not right (that i came to know visiting your site). Thank you so much. It is a great help.

  2. Thank u for the tips of letting go old med. supplies and colors in the Health corner …Im painting cobalt blue flowers in that section…

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