The Feng Shui Bagua for Helpful People and Travel

Would you like to travel or is the suitcase already packed? Can’t get the electrician to call back or you need a different babysitter? Is your spiritual life in need of new inspiration? There is one corner of your home that holds a diverse collection of energy that supports not only your experience of giving and receiving in everyday life but with the heavens themselves. Let’s take a look at this multifaceted gem that is the Helpful People and Travel area of the Feng Shui Bagua Map.

In Feng Shui, the Bagua defines several specific life areas that are supported by the energy (or lack of!) within your home. Place the Bagua grid, similar to a tic tac toe board, over your home’s floor plan to define the nine specific areas (called guas.) As you stand at your front door facing inside, the Helpful People and Travel section lies in the front right corner of your home.

Create Your Home’s Feng Shui Bagua Map

Get you FREE DOWNLOAD of my Feng Shui Bagua Map.

During my almost two decades as a Feng Shui consultant, I have found this incredible tool invaluable in uncovering and adjusting major energy imbalances in my Client’s homes and businesses. I’ve created my own free Bagua Map for you to download so that you can begin to tap into its wisdom as well.

You can learn more about placing and analyzing the Bagua with my series on the Feng Shui Bagua Map.  It provides detailed steps on how to more fully utilize its many treasures. Once you have identified your own Helpful People and Travel area, you can apply the various Feng Shui tips below to balance and harmonize the energy in that section of your home, office, workplace or other space.

The Helpful People and Travel gua is associated with helpful people and the qualities of power, synchronicity, inspiration and confidence.  Helpful people can be family, friends, colleagues, trades people, officials, spiritual beings or even someone you’ve never met before. It is also the gua used to attract opportunities and to help others. In addition, all aspects associated with travel are addressed here.

Since I’ve been studying Feng Shui, this is the area of my home that has consistently given me the most clear and challenging feedback. In return, my Feng Shui adjustments have yielded both consistent and, at some points, surprising results. You too can utilize this powerful corner of your home to create all types of movement and progress in your life.

Define Your Feng Shui Intention for Helpful People and Travel

When you experience an issue or imbalance, Feng Shui can look at your home or workplace for environmental factors that could be adjusted to bring in new energy to help you reach your goal.

Take a closer look at the Helpful People and Travel gua when:

  • Tradespeople, doctors, lawyers or other support people are needed for any situation in your life
  • You are selling or buying a home and require the assistance of a realtor as well as other support people such as inspectors, bankers, title company personnel, a Feng Shui real estate stager or others
  • Being overly intellectual is a challenge and you’d like to improve your intuition
  • You would like to balance how you are helpful to others
  • Giving back, being more philanthropic or grateful in general is a focus
  • Being more organized or productive are goals
  • More synchronicity is desired in your life
  • New travel opportunities are sought
  • A trip is planned and additional energy for a safe journey is needed
  • You would like to be more self-confident
  • There is a health issue with the head, neck, brain or skull such as migraines or concussion
  • Elimination health issues are a concern
  • There is excess worry or mental stress
  • Too much rigidity, perfectionism or need for control are issues
  • There are authority issues with an elder, boss, colleague or other
  • The Father or oldest male in the household requires additional support

Place a Feng Shui Enhancement for Helpful People and Travel

I would love to return to one of my favorite travel destinations, New Zealand.

To work with the energy of your home and make it more fully supportive, it is important to be clear on your intentions. With the help of the list above, can you identify a specific situation in your life that the Helpful People and Travel gua can help to shift? Whether a new goal or a long-standing concern you’d like to improve, there is a Feng Shui enhancement that can be applied.

Feng Shui enhancements are specific items or architectural features that are present in any particular gua. Once identified, placed and combined with your individual intention, they help to balance the energy of your space, providing fresh, vital Ch’i energy in the form of new opportunities, inspiration and more.

Appropriate enhancements for the Helpful People and Travel gua include:

Any object, book, photo, art or other reference to your spiritual beliefs is an appropriate enhancement for Helpful People and Travel.
  • Symbols of Helpful People you want to attract such as business cards, figurines, brochures or other people
  • Images or references of a specific mentor or helpful person in your life
  • Photos of you being a helpful person
  • Books about other helpful people, biographies, etc.
  • Photos, statues or other renditions of religious figures or gods, spiritual guides, angels or any kind of deities
  • Spiritual or religious devotional tools such as rosaries, prayer beads, singing bowls, bells, smudge sticks or incense
  • Religious or spiritual books including the Bible, Torah, Qur’an and Bhagavad Gita
  • An altar that honors your spiritual beliefs
  • Any travel related items are a great enhancement for this gua.

    Any item or image that makes you feel spiritually connected

  • Art that expresses your religious or spiritual beliefs
  • Anything in the colors white, gray or black
  • Metal items, particularly if they represent anything to do with helpful people, spirituality or travel
  • Keep a light burning in a room that is in this gua
  • Travel guides, magazines or books about travel in general as well as specific destinations
  • Souvenir of a special travel spot you would like to revisit
  • Photo of you in a favorite travel location
  • An affirmation expressing your highest vision of being a helpful person, of the helpful people you would like to connect with or a travel experience you hope to have

Results for the Helpful People and Travel Gua

There have been many occasions when I have turned to Feng Shui in this specific gua for assistance. It often starts when there is a challenge in finding a plumber, electrician or other support person available to help with the repair.

Turning on a light and keeping it burning in a spot within this gua is usually my approach. If your Helpful People and Travel area is in a bedroom or other private space that can’t accommodate a light on for days at a time, select a different enhancement.

A timely resolution to the dilemma has always emerged quite seamlessly with this approach. In two instances, I decided that it had worked so well I kept the light on even longer to sustain the energy flow in case any additional helpful people were sought.

It didn’t occur to me until well after the initial enhancement was made that the light was actually over-activating the Travel portion of the gua. Invitations for visits to relatives, new places with friends and exceptional training opportunities began coming in on a monthly basis so I happily accepted.  After about six months, the constant coming and going began to make me quite weary. It wasn’t until I lamented that I wished I could just stay home for a while that it dawned on me to turn off the light!

Turning on a light 24/7 is a powerful Feng Shui enhancement for any area of your Bagua, and I encourage you to try it with any intention you have. However, once the initial goal is achieved be sure to give thanks then turn off the light until you want to energize a different goal.

Activate Your Helpful People and Travel Gua

What enhancement will you place in your home’s Helpful People and Travel area? There are may things you can do to Feng Shui your home, and placing enhancements is one of them.

Do you need additional help or would you like to take a trip? Would you like to deepen your spiritual practice or be more helpful to others? Decide your exact intention and choose an appropriate enhancement from the list above to get the energy moving.

If your intention and enhancement are something that you would like assistance with, contact me to set up a telephone consultation. Placing the Feng Shui Bagua Map over your home can be part of our process if you haven’t done it yet. After scheduling our appointment,  simply email your floor plan and we will proceed from there.

Since my Feng Shui practice is also about being a Helpful Person, I would love to share some final inspiration. This scroll was purchased on a trip I took to Dharamsala, India, home of the Dahlia Lama. It’s message and meaning are very special to me. A personal item like this is a great enhancement for the Helpful People and Travel gua.

We all deserve to live a life we love. Having a Feng Shui home we love, one that generates abundant beneficial Ch’i energy for us and our families, is an integral part of this life. Start to Feng Shui today.

Have fun,


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6 thoughts on “The Feng Shui Bagua for Helpful People and Travel

  1. I love getting your emails ! I took a feng shui course a year ago…..I feel like i was never given the tools to succeed as a feng shui practitioner. They just took my money.

    Your emails have inspired me to want to succeed. My husband feels this was a waste of money. He is a realtor. And I was hoping to help assist him with properties that have been on the market for 90 days or more.

    We live in Alberta Canada.

    Anyways, I wanted you to know that I think you are wonderful!

    Crystal Delaire

    1. Crystal, you are wonderful and made my day! Thanks so much for your comments. Don’t lose faith, as Feng Shui is a lifelong study and practice. You have gotten your first training and that is great! Now, I encourage you to add on additional knowledge and skills so you can feel more empowered as a helpful person. My first certification was in 2001, and I’m always discovering new training that deepens and broadens my Feng Shui perspective. Put what knowledge you have into practice now and, when you are unclear of what Feng Shui step to do, go to your books or the internet for more insights. Keep you goal in mind, take one step at a time and keep moving forward! I’m always here to answer your specific questions as well.

      Of course, I also think that Feng Shui and Real Estate compliment each other perfectly. Have you seen my posts Use Feng Shui to Buy Real Estate and Feng Shui Your Closing ? They can add a few more ideas to your Feng Shui tool kit.

    1. I am sorry to hear of your illness. Please be aware that Feng Shui is not a miracle cure for any situation but is instead a way to adjust your space to provide more beneficial energy to your life. In Feng Shui, the areas of your Feng Shui Bagua Map relating to health are the Health & Family area as well as the Center. When you have any complex medical condition such as this, it is wonderful to educate yourself on all aspects of healing. Make any Feng Shui adjustments slowly and assess the results as you go along. If you require additional Feng Shui advice, I would advise seeking a professional consultation. Please keep me apprised of your progress.

  2. Hi Carol, My Momma recently passed away and I acquired a wood prayer grotto my husband made her along with her Blessed Mother statue that I purchased for her. She loved this Little grotto on her back porch and always had prayer cards, candles and flowers in it. I would like to put it in my garden. Is there any placement or direction I should place it? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you kindly, Cat

    1. Hi Cat,
      My sympathies for the passing of your Momma. She sounds like a soulful woman. How lovely you now have her grotto and Blessed Mother statue. Since they are very special items, I would first suggest they are put in a place of prominence, where you can view and enjoy them. If you have a spot you can call an “entrance” to your garden, consider placing the Bagua Map over the area, using the entrance point as the front door. Then feel which Bagua area would be best for your placement.

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