The Feng Shui Bagua for Relationships

Are relationships a loaded topic for you? Are you happily married with the number of kids you can adore (or none), getting along beautifully with all family members and co-workers while having fulfilling interactions with friends and a wide variety of people in your larger community? Sound like an impossible dream? Not necessarily. A bit of a Feng Shui for your relationships can go a long way to having any of these intentions become a reality.

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Taking a look at your home’s Feng Shui Bagua Map gives you the opportunity to focus more closely on how your relationships really are doing as well as determine how your home’s current arrangement is supporting the outcome of those relationships. Then you can begin to create your Feng Shui home to call in the energy that can help you bliss out with everyone you meet. You can get your own FREE DOWNLOAD of my Feng Shui Bagua Map to get started.

Place the Feng Shui Bagua Map over your floor plan to reveal which room or rooms hold the Relationship gua. Generally, when standing at your front door facing the house, the Relationship area is in the back, right corner of the Bagua Map. This method only works if your home is a true rectangle or a square. If not, you’ll want to check out my Feng Shui Bagua Series for how to Feng Shui that type of floor plan. You can do it, give it a try!

Now that you know where your Relationship gua is located, let’s dive into some of the things you might learn from it.

Known as the gua of love, this area is associated with marriage, partnership, friends, colleagues and how we relate to people in general. Representing the most yin trigram, K’un – meaning Earth, it signifies flexibility, yielding and commitment. When both partners are flexible and take the other into consideration, a strong partnership emerges. This gua also refers to the relationship we have with ourselves.

Define Your Feng Shui Intentions for Relationships

To work with the energy of your home and make it more fully supportive, it is important to be clear on your intentions. Whether a new goal or a long standing issue you’d like to improve, there is a Feng Shui adjustment that can be applied.

Take a closer look at the Relationship gua when:

  • You are seeking a new romantic relationship
  • New people for work, community or social situations are desired
  • You need a partner for your business
  • A longtime relationship has lost its connection
  • Relationships of all sorts seem to be challenging
  • Self-love or forgiveness work is part of your current quest
  • You are actively undergoing therapy
  • There is a danger of getting burnt out and extreme self care is needed
  • More nurturing, caring interactions are sought
  • You would like to feel more settled and grounded
  • Health issues with female organs, the stomach or skin are present
  • You are seeking relief from overwhelm or depression
  • The mother in the household needs extra support

Place a Feng Shui Enhancement for Relationship

Now that an intention has been identified, a Feng Shui Enhancement can be added somewhere in the Relationship area of your home. However, there is a special requirement for this gua. Although it does encompass the personal relationship we have with ourselves, on a broader scale this gua represents the auspicious interaction between two individuals. Therefore, when placing an item for your enhancement here, always include TWO items of the SAME SIZE that are RELATING to one another.

Although it may seem like a simple explanation, so many of my Clients have had questions about this suggestion that I’d like to provide a little more detail. First, here’s a few examples of items of the same size that are relating:

Now, what do you think about these?

Not all combinations of items are appropriate for Relationship gua enhancements. Three examples are here.

The left hand image above has three people so that would not be suitable. The flamingo is relating to  the cottage but they are very different sizes. Mother and child are definitely relating but, although their sizes are in scale, the relationship is not as equals.

Now that you have that down, here are some appropriate categories you can consider when choosing your items for the Relationship area:

Mark Brown’s art hangs in the Relationship gua in my Florida home. The top piece has two equal size shells relating to one another. In addition, there are two equal size prints hanging as a pair, creating a substantial presence.
  • Pairs such as candlesticks, salt and pepper shakers or easy chairs
  • Figurines of couples or two separate figurines interacting
  • Rose quartz crystals or hearts
  • Lighting in pairs such as sconces or candles
  • Books about romance or relationship building
  • Accessories, cards or other items signifying a strong relationship
  • Photos of couples such as wedding or anniversary pictures
  • A photo of you and your mate enjoying life
  • Art of equal sized people, animals, birds, or landscapes with any pairs in them
  • Two pieces of artwork of the same size and general subject matter that are hung together as a pair, relating to one another
  • Walls, accessories or other decor in the colors red, white or pink (don’t need a pair)
  • An affirmation expressing your highest vision for relationship or partnership
  • Note: Angels, Ganesh, Buddha, or other religious deities or figures are best used in the Knowledge and Self-Cultivation gua as the Relationship area is about the interaction of two individuals .

What symbolizes love or a good relationship to you? I seem to love kitchy salt and pepper shakers of little critters like pelicans or kiwi birds. Once you’ve made a selection you can place it, with intention, in your Relationship area.

Don’t know what would work for you? Unsure that Feng Shui can tackle your relationship challenges? If you’d like some additional support, I offer Feng Shui consultations. Contact me to set up an appointment. We can talk through and clarify your intentions, choose a fabulous enhancement and pinpoint some additional Feng Shui enhancements you can make  to  smooth out the relationship kinks. One hour together may be all that’s needed to begin to improve a life challenge that’s been troubling you for some time.

Isn’t it incredible that this ancient Chinese system can offer so many solutions for us today? What about the Bagua’s treasures for relationship most surprised you and how will you get started? Join me in using the wisdom and beauty of Feng Shui to bring more peace and harmony to our homes and our world!

Have fun,




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4 thoughts on “The Feng Shui Bagua for Relationships

  1. Hi Carol,

    The relationship corner of the Bagua Map is in my dining room. How would I make this work to attract a relationship?

    Thank you

    1. Great question June. Artwork or accessories with two like-sized items can be used. In this post you probably saw the photo of my artwork with two shells. It is in my Breakfast Nook. If you’d like something more specific to dining, perhaps set a beautiful, romantic table for two. You could complete the setting with two red candles. Burn them nightly to symbolize the second person coming your way. You can also keep a light burning in that gua. Check out my post on the Feng Shui Energy Boost: Lighting. It provides details on this Feng Shui adjustment. Will one of these work for you?

  2. Hi Carol,

    Hope you’re still checking this post. I have a question about my classroom. I’m a teacher and my desk is in the love/relationship Gua. I’m unsure how to proceed. I don’t want my relationships (at work or in my personal life) to feel like work. How do I decorate this area? How do I functionally use this area for my desk and small group instruction?

    Thank you!!

    1. Jamie, I have done a couple of consultations with teachers. The first thing you want to be sure of is that your desk is in the Power Position. Next, realize that a work situation is more Yang (public, outward, forward, driven, etc.) than your private life. Thus, relationships should be different in each setting. Enhance this area with a relationship enhancement that relates to you and an equal partner. The students should not be equal as you are the authority figure in the classroom. Feng Shui is also about balance through right relationship, recognizing that there is duality (Yin and Yang) and times when balance is reached through inequality. Does that help you decipher your situation?

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