The Feng Shui Bagua for Wealth & Prosperity

Almost everyone wants more wealth, opportunities and good things to come into their lives, but many struggle with achieving their financial or lifestyle goals. Are there any goals in your life that would benefit from a bit more cash? Is the money situation in your life adequate for the expenses you generate? Do the opportunities and experiences you crave come into your life?

Working with the Feng Shui Bagua area of Wealth & Prosperity is a powerful way to uncover whether some factor in your home may be contributing to financial stress, lack of opportunity or other prosperity roadblocks. Curious about how Feng Shui can help you boost the bottom line? Read on!

Get you FREE DOWNLOAD of my Feng Shui Bagua Map.

To create your home’s Bagua Map you can follow the steps in my Feng Shui Bagua Series. I’d also be more than happy to assist and place the Bagua for you so that you can start utilizing this incredible tool. Contact me to schedule a consultation.

The Bagua defines nine specific life areas, or guas, that are supported by various qualities of energy (or lack of!) within your home. You can also download my free Bagua Map for your personal use.

As a Feng Shui consultant since 2001, I always prepare a Bagua Map for each of my Clients. It is astonishing the  insights it can reveal and so exciting to see the results that materialize once spaces are adjusted. Let’s take a closer look at the Wealth & Prosperity gua.

This gua is associated with material wealth but also prosperity, good fortune, blessings and abundance of all kinds, not just money. When we place our attention on the steady, truthful gathering of wealth we attract not only money but opportunity, blessings, power and prosperity of all kinds. That is the ideal path.

AKA:  Fortunate Blessings, Abundance, Empowerment

Define Your Feng Shui Intentions for Wealth & Prosperity

Feng Shui teaches that the home is a reflection of the people that live in it. Therefore, we can arrange the space to more accurately reflect the goals, wishes, desires – the intentions – of the occupants.  If you are seeking something in your life, use your home and Feng Shui to help to attract and achieve your goal.

Take a closer look at the Wealth and Prosperity gua when:

  • You want to generate more cash flow
  • More funds are needed for a special project or occasion
  • You would like to improve your overall financial health
  • Fundraising efforts are part of your volunteer or work efforts
  • You would like to be able to be more philanthropic
  • You strive to increase your awareness of the abundance around you
  • New opportunities are sought on any front
  • More fortunate blessings and synchronicities are sought
  • Travel and the ability to explore more are wishes
  • There is a health issue with the legs, hips, pelvis,bones, respiratory or nervous system
  • You have become particularly frustrated or angry, especially with identity or power issues
  • The Eldest Daughter in the household needs extra support

Place a Feng Shui Enhancement for Wealth and Prosperity

Hydrangea blossoms are my personal interpretation of Wealth & Prosperity so I chose them for my Feng Shui landscape.

Once you have set your intention, it is time to choose a Feng Shui enhancement. Select any item or architectural feature that assimilates the energy of Wealth & Prosperity for you.

This is different for everyone so there is no right or wrong. It all has to do with what perceived meaning you give the item.

At one home I planted several different varieties of hydrangea bushes  all around my house. This made me feel like a queen, as I’d always admired the gorgeous, lush blossoms in the British gardens shown in magazines. What makes you feel rich?

These Chinese coins are often used as a Feng Shui symbol of wealth and prosperity.

Here are some appropriate categories for you to choose from in the Wealth & Prosperity area:

  • Healthy, well maintained houseplant
  • A fountain or water feature. Moving water should flow toward the interior of the structure.
  • Items that call in Ch’i energy like wind chimes, wind socks, chimes or bells
  • Anything in the colors blue, red or purple
  • A Wealth Jar containing coins, bills (can be paper money) and affirmations of items you aspire to obtain
  • A Wealth Ship – place a model sailing ship pointed toward the door, and regularly place coins and bills inside
  • Anything that makes you feel wealthy or a photo of an item that you would like
  • Books about financial acumen or achieving success
  • Accessories that are valuable such as coins, art, antiques or collectibles
  • Any item or image of an item that makes you feel wealthy
  • Art with images that exemplify wealth and prosperity to you such as a home, healthy garden, pleasure boats, leisure activities, places visited, upward moving columns or charts, etc.
  • Photos of you achieving financial success
  • Round containers to “catch” the Wealth
  • Colorful fish in a fish bowl, aquarium or pond
  • An affirmation expressing your highest vision for wealth, abundance, prosperity or good blessings
I love the “fancy chair” and painting in my Wealth and Prosperity gua.

The Master Bedroom in Florida is in my Wealth & Prosperity gua. Together my husband and I chose two specific items to intentionally enhance this area. One is a fancy wicker side chair with beautiful fabric cushions.

The second item was found at a local Arts & Crafts fair. The lovely orchid oil painting by Florida collage artist Tara Funk Grim is a favorite of ours.

Have you begun to formulate your intention and identify a Feng Shui enhancement you can place to bring in more supportive Wealth & Prosperity Ch’i?

Once the item is identified, put it in an appropriate spot within your Wealth & Prosperity gua. As you do, be sure to focus on the intention you chose for this area of your life.

When I work with my clients I lead them through a similar process so they can pinpoint their intention and identify the item that is right for them. If you’re needing help with deciding what’s best for you in this gua, I’m happy to assist.

If your finances are not what you would like, consider a Feng Shui consultation to discuss your specific situation. I will develop a customized Feng Shui approach that will help you improve the flow and energy to get the bottom line moving in the proper direction.

Contact me today.

Feng Shui has changed so many lives for the better. I look forward to your sharing your Feng Shui insights and experiences as you use the beauty and wisdom of Feng Shui in your own home.

Have fun,


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20 thoughts on “The Feng Shui Bagua for Wealth & Prosperity

    1. A good place to start would be to identify the Feng Shui Bagua Map for your home and find your Wealth and Prosperity area. In addition, have you read my post on my Feng Shui Financial Windfall? It has some very specific Feng Shui tips for increasing your finances. Finally, being very clear on your Feng Shui Intention will go a long way to creating success.

  1. Hi Carol,

    My names is Vivian and I would like help in the wealth area (prosperity), I’ve been going through a rough time in the last 2 yrs. And I am very interested in accomplishing my goals as well.

    1. Good for you Vivian! Have you applied any of the tips in this post? Look also to my post My Feng Shui Financial Windfall for additional very specific Feng Shui actions you can take to address your wealth and prosperity challenges. Always be clear on your intention. If clutter clearing is an issue, addressing that can get more resources “flowing” as well. Please let me know which you might try first and any results you experience. Have fun!

  2. In my case, my wealth area is a small bathroom right by my kitchen. I put
    A Citrine votive holder in there. I also have a small piece of Citrine in the corner of the window sill with a Herkimer diamond next to it.
    Also on the outside of the bathroom door I placed a small round mirror.
    I read that the mirror deflects bad Feng shui or something to that effect.
    What do you think? Any insight appreciated.

    1. Great moves Pamela! If increasing Wealth and Prosperity is a goal, continue to upgrade your bathroom decor and functionality and look for results. Let me know what happens. Of course, always put the toilet seat down and close the bathroom door when not in use. Should a full length mirror seem comfortable to you, use that instead of the small mirror. Well done!

    1. Thanks for your question Diana. Without seeing the picture or the space, I cannot really make a judgement. It’s sounding like waves only without a ship? What are your feelings about the piece? Do you have a great love for the piece, and do you think that it is bringing energy into your space, away or both (as with the tide)? Feng Shui is about energy and interpreting the effect of the energy in the things around us. What do you think now about your waves?

  3. Hello I would like to know my daughter room is in my wealth area what can I put in that corner to bring in more wealth? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong as my salary doesn’t last and I find I am with out money for the rest of the month PLEASE help what can I do? Thank you Rosy

    1. Some ideas for a Wealth enhancement for a child’s room are coins, a metalic, “rich” looking item or a water fountain. You can also find the Wealth and Prosperity corner of your living room and office (more adult areas) and place an enhancement there. See this blog post for more ideas of appropriate items. Keep all rooms clean, organized and free of clutter, even if not in the Wealth and Prosperity area. If you have done all of these items, be alert to new opportunities coming your way. Sometimes they are very unexpected or difficult to recognize. Maybe someone will give you a modest gift or service that you don’t have to pay for. Perhaps there is a fee for something you normally purchase that was reduced or waived. Sometimes getting the energy flowing in an auspicious way may start slowly so keep an eye out for it. Feng Shui is about the energy of your home and how it interacts with you, so take steps to feel good about your home as a whole as well. I hope these ideas are helpful.

  4. Hello,

    We just bought a new house. And my bedroom is upstairs and just below it there is the kitchen. Is that a bad thing and what can I do for it.

    1. My first question to any Client regarding their bedroom is, “How are you sleeping?” If there are no sleeping issues, I’ll inquire about the occupants’ general health. Feng Shui is a multi-layered practice and very individualized. Kitchens are a very active energy and affect some folks and not others. My first recommendations for bedrooms are to put your bed in the Power Position and avoid putting the headboard on a wall that adjoins a bathroom. Is that doable?

  5. Hi!
    I’m a little confused , where my wealth area should be.
    Is it the southeast area?

    Also I’m not sure how to place the bagua map. The bagua should be used with the front door, but we never use that door we always use the entrance thru the garage, do I place the bagua base on the front door (we never use) or do we use it based the door we used (garage)

    1. Jessica, all good questions, and I see why you’re confused. There are different schools of Feng Shui, and I practice Form School Feng Shui, not Compass School. I was taught to always use the architectural front door irregardless of the door you use most often to enter. Check out my post, How to Place the Bagua, for more details.

  6. Hi Carol
    We don’t use our front door, alway the side entrance of our home. Should I use the side entrance as the “entrance “ using the bagua?

    1. Meg, my school of Feng Shui advises that yes, use the “architectural” front door when placing the Bagua Map. I suggest you begin to use that entrance, even if it involves opening it from the inside daily and inviting fresh, supportive Ch’i energy inside your home.

  7. Hello Carol, my house is very small! I just have one room and that room is my sleeping room, my office, my living room etc. ( Only the kitchen and bathroom/toilet are separate.)
    Now I’m getting confused by things I read like: no plants in your bedroom ( very Yang) or: soft colours in the bedroom. Because I’m not only sleeping in that room. Do you have some tips for me?
    Greetings, Robbert

    1. Of course, Robbert, Feng Shui has ways to analyze any living situation. Thanks for the question. I suggest going back to Feng Shui basics. Only have things you love and use, then keep the space and things clean and organized. Seek a balance point for yourself – not too much, not too little, but just right. What feels “just right” for YOU should be the driving force. If you absolutely love plants and want a few plants in the space, go for it. Identify personal challenges and then select the “just right” Feng Shui suggestions that you are drawn to. This will help you develop a nice blend of Yin and Yang in the space which should lead to more overall good Ch’i. Do you think you can discern a few ideas about your space and take some steps with this approach?

  8. Hello Carol, I think I understand a bit what you mean: don’t let Feng Shui ‘ rules’ take over. Also try to feel what makes me feel good and comfortable. And don’t overdo it.
    Thank you for your advice, greetings.

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