The Feng Shui of Flags

It wasn’t until recently that I started to more fully appreciate the diverse and complex Feng Shui ramifications of flags. A Feng Shui Energy Boosts in the category called Wind Dancers, flags tend to have added layers of significance and symbolism which make their Ch’i more complex and, hence, their use as well.

The American flag generates strong reactions.

As an American, I possess a deep respect for our “Star Spangled Banner” as it is affectionately named. Instructed since grade school to “pledge allegiance to the flag”, the Stars and Stripes is an integral part of citizenship in the United States.

My New Zealand daughter-in-law reflects that the strong attachment and symbolism we Americans associate with our national flag is not nearly so passionate or prevalent in other places.

It is understandable that the stature and utilization of a country’s flag will vary from nation to nation. However, whether the United Nations, Olympics or an international political summit, countries worldwide will quickly differentiate themselves by embracing the design of their flag.

Considering the Symbolism of Flags

So what does any of this have to do with Feng Shui?

I took this photo during the Red Sox World Series Championship Parade in Boston. To the left of the flag are team catchers Christian Vazques and Blake Swihart.

In Feng Shui, everything possesses vital Ch’i energy and everything is connected. The energy of all types of flags, when interpreted by the viewer’s background and perceptions, can be considerably different from person to person. Flags can be used to rally support or enrage opponents. This takes their potential effect to another level.

I must admit, although a bit shyly, that as a Boston Red Sox fan, whenever I encounter a New York Yankees flag, it gets my attention in a much more infuriating manner than any other teams’. These two clubs have been arch rivals for years, and as a Boston fan, I have been indoctrinated to not embrace or support the Yankees!

Sports loyalty aside, flags can carry the symbolism of country, political affiliation, religion, University or corporate organization, levels of danger (nautical flags), decorative preferences and more. Particularly when flying in the breeze, they can raise both curiosity and attention in addition to energy.

Many prominent hotels fly the flags of international dignitaries or prominent guests who might be staying with them. In a gesture of friendliness and welcome, the US flag flew in front of the family beach house of my daughter-in-law during our visit to New Zealand. We felt very touched and appreciated by their kindness.

Prayer flags

Adding additional layers of symbolism, the way a flag is displayed can increase, or deplete, its message. A flag hung at half-staff denotes respect. The same flag consciously defaced, placed upside down or left on the ground can create low and debilitating Ch’i as well as a harsh reaction from those who still support the flag’s traditional message.

Prayer flags and others with religious or spiritual symbolism create yet another quality of Ch’i that can be widely interpreted. While visiting Northern India, I saw prayer flags strung back and forth along the slopes. Although I have no idea of the intent for that placement, the Feng Shui benefits were substantial as the banners helped to divert and slow the flow of energy down the steep slopes.

How to Use Flags Indoors in Feng Shui

When displayed properly, a flag hung on a wall can be provide a powerful energy boost.

As a Wind Dancer, flags are a Feng Shui Energy Boost. When an area’s energy is stagnant, rushing or in need of additional support, flags are a fun option that can be used both inside and out. Whether a single color, a specialized design or a symbol to shout out your loyalty to a certain group, be sure the flag you choose is one you love.

Hung flat on a wall inside, flags can serve as art. Not just national flags, but also nautical flags with their colorful renditions or even a holiday or seasonal theme are an interesting way to brighten an interior space.

Smaller, souvenir flags can be used as decoration. As a boy, my son collected 4” x 6” flags, each on their own tiny flag pole. Today he has lived in two countries outside of the U.S. and traveled extensively, visiting all but one continent. How fascinating it is to see that very early in life he expressed his interest in the world and its variety of places in this way.

How to Use Flags Outdoors in Feng Shui

This flag flying high definitely raises your sites and the Ch’i.

The majority of times I recommend a flag to Clients is to balance Ch’i outdoors. There, energy rolls down hills toward or away from a structure, disrupting its smooth, even flow. This draining or rushing Ch’i can be lifted when a flag is placed high on a building.

Flags and flagpoles have a very specific application in balancing an irregularly shaped structure. Placed outdoors at the point where a building’s shape would be squared off, flagpoles can be used to anchor a Bagua corner.

If your house is not a complete square or rectangle shape, I encourage you to further investigate the Feng Shui Bagua Map. Living in an irregularly shaped structure can interrupt Ch’i flow and effect the positive movement of many areas of our lives.

Most of the homes I’ve lived in have required some type of Feng Shui adjustment because of this situation. There are additional approaches to rectify the imbalance, but flag poles are one very effective approach.

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Do you already have a flag displayed proudly in your home or landscape? If not, is there a place you’d love to add one? Feng Shui offers us so many different options to not only express ourselves but improve the energy around us. How will you Feng Shui today?

Have fun,


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