The Feng Shui of Toilet Seats

If folks have heard only one thing about Feng Shui, it’s probably that you need to keep the toilet seat down. What’s the big deal already?  Why does Feng Shui make such a fuss about toilet seats?

With no context, it probably seems pretty random and it’s easy to ignore the suggestion as some “crazy Feng Shui thing”. Well, let’s step back and get some perspective.

Ah!  Ch’i is the vital energy that embodies and feeds us all, so why, oh why, would we want to suck it out of our lives?

Toilets are typically the largest pipe in the home but let’s consider what else is in the bathroom.

In all my years of Feng Shui practice some of the most dramatic imbalances I have found have involved toilets and drains. In one instance, the floorplan showed there were 12 drains in the Health and Family area of the Feng Shui Bagua of the house that was being used for the headquarters of a small business. In this area there were two bathrooms, a washing machine and an apartment kitchenette (which had a sink with a double drain plus a dishwasher). When I inquired whether the staff had any health-related issues, several people stopped and stared at me in disbelief. One employee was in the hospital and another was on long term leave. Additionally, the “health” of the business was challenged with a pending change of leadership and possible restructuring of the organization. Several actions to adjust the areas were discussed. After implementation I did hear a follow-up on one of the ill employees. To my great delight, she had regained her health. She later became a personal client.

Refer to the different Bagua areas in my  Free Bagua Map to see what type of Chi’ energy could be drained in your life. Once you apply the Bagua Map to your floorplan, note where your toilets, tubs, sink or floor drains, dishwasher and washing machine are located. Does one area have an overabundance of drains? If so, pay particular attention to reducing your loss of Ch’i there. I offer some strategies for adjusting drains and toilets below.

Wealth, Health and Relationship Ch’i can be the most problematic but who wants the energy of their Creativity, Career or Fame depleted?

Get your free Bagua Map.

Since we’re talking toilets, tubs and sinks…..

Here’s the Feng Shui lecture on cleanliness. No photos will be used to emphasize this point but the physical condition of the actual toilet seat and the surrounding vicinity define the quality of the energy you will receive from that area. The same goes for the tub, shower and sink. I’ve seen some pretty nasty washing machines as well! Mold, grime, dirt, grunge, stain, cluttered, bacteria ridden or disgusting are not words I want associated with any kind of Ch’i energy in my home. Remember, in Feng Shui, Form Defines Energy*. Let’s clean up the whole act and really get our spaces working for us by keeping everything clean and in good repair.

If you are feeling “drained” in any way, take a look at the suggestions below to start keeping more beneficial energy in your bathrooms.

Have fun!


Your Feng Shui for Today

  • Put down the toilet seat! (It bears repeating.)
  • Physically close the drains when not in use. Pull the stoppers, put in the plug, cover open shower drains with a plastic drain mat.
  • Sometimes getting the fam on board with keeping the drains plugged can be a thankless job. You can symbolically “plug” the drains by applying red tape to the pipe below. (Red is an auspicious color in China.) Red duct tape works great for this.
  • Keep the bathroom door closed, especially if it adjoins the kitchen or bedroom.
  • Once you’ve executed the above fixes, make note of any changes you might feel. Is there more energy, focus or opportunity in your life? Has anything “special” or unusual happened? Feng Shui asks us to expect results. Noticing and acknowledging them is part of the process.
  • Please share your Feng Shui “adjustments” and results with us all.
  • Enjoy!

*Form Defines Energy is a foundation teaching of Dr. Shan-Tung Hsu, PhD, of the Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute in Seattle.

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12 thoughts on “The Feng Shui of Toilet Seats

    1. Thanks Betty Ann. I’ve enjoyed learning how to create beautiful graphics and it’s been fun delving into my photo library for most of the images. So glad you are trying the toilet seats down. It will be interesting to see where the extra Ch’i energy that comes into your life is directed. In Feng Shui we’re always looking for results so if you notice that you’re feeling less “drained” by something the toilet seats are helping!

  1. Hi Carol, Unfortunately red tape in any form is not to be found where I live. I wonder if I could use a red band ( like a hair band ) instead to put on the pipe below the drains? Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Pauline

    1. Yes, great improvising Pauline. The key is to state your intention that the auspicious red color will mitigate the loss of Ch’i through the drain. May I ask, where do you live? I don’t want to recommend too many things that my readers can’t execute. Thanks for the feedback and solution!

    1. Such an interesting question Charlotte, thanks. The bathroom is generally a “watery” room, possessing a lot of the Water Element because of the toilet, sink, tub, mirrors, etc. The Fire Element, represented by the color red, is “put out” or controlled by the Water. That may be what you’re feeling uncomfortable about? That being said, Feng Shui is about achieving a balance of the Five Elements in each room as that is when we all generally feel the most comfortable. If you have sufficient lighting or windows with natural light, (also the Fire Element) that may provide more than enough of the Fire element. Does this help?

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