Why Feng Shui?

Do any of these situations exist in your home?

Do any of these situations ring true for you?

  • You get home after a long day at work and feel overwhelmed the minute you walk through the door.
  • There’s one room in your home that you dread going into.
  • You’ve repainted your bedroom twice and still don’t like it.
  • Someone in your family has trouble sleeping.
  • You have a persistent medical issue like a skin rash, indigestion or sore back.
  • Despite numerous promises, the plumber or landscaper just doesn’t show up.
  • It seems like you can never get ahead – in finances, career, relationships, etc.

This list could go on and on to include almost any situation you might want to improve because Feng Shui is about you – how your home sets the blueprint for aligning your personal energy with that of your dreams and goals. When you pay attention to your specific circumstances and filter them through a Feng Shui lens, you can make adjustments to your surroundings that help move you toward balance and harmony.

Let’s take the example of a family member having trouble sleeping. Feng Shui would ask us to look at the space to see if any of these factors might be present:

  • Is the room close to a busy highway, steep cliff or street light?
  • Are there beams or a sloped ceiling over the bed?
  • What is the placement of the bed in relationship to the door?
  • Is there a lot of electrical equipment plugged in, especially near the bed?
  • Is the headboard on a wall that adjoins a bathroom?
  • How cluttered is the room and its drawers and closets?
  • There are other things we could ask, but the information gleaned so far can often start to reveal some changes that can be made.

With your answers to these simple questions you can begin to shift items in the space. Set your intention for good sleep and keep focused on that outcome. Then, wait for the positive results!  Isn’t that how we do our life most of the time anyway – observe, change course, and note the result. Feng Shui is wonderful because it takes a lot of the hit and miss out of the change piece and suggests a new way to observe.

Places in my home that uplift my energy and bring me joy.

In my own life, I’ve actively studied and utilized an ongoing Feng Shui approach since I became a professional Feng Shui practitioner in  2001. When things go astray there is a specific system I can turn to for support. My home is a partner in manifesting my dreams.

Chances are, if you’ve found this post you’re interested in self-improvement and personal empowerment. You understand enough about Feng Shui to think it will benefit you and you might even wish it didn’t seem so complicated and confusing. I’m here to help you sort through it all, a little bit at a time. I’ll explain the concepts and give real life examples of how the information has been used and ask you to share your questions and experiences.

Please make a comment now if you have already have a Feng Shui question. I can’t wait for us to chat!

Have fun,


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4 thoughts on “Why Feng Shui?

    1. Thanks Judy,

      Since I got my iPhone several years ago I’ve been one of those people who takes photos everywhere I go. My husband would ask in amazement, “What will you ever do with all those photos?” Well, I’ve found my gallery to display them in! All but a couple photos I’ve used are my own and that’s my plan moving forward. If the subject has inspired me enough to capture it in a photo I believe it carries the Ch’i energy it needs to communicate with my readers. Thanks for noticing!

  1. I love your style of writing so calming and informative 😍 I’ve a small lounge that I’m plagued with in fact my house no matter what I do how much I cull decorate it’s has a constant driving energy it’s going to sound weird but it’s like I’m stuck in ground hog day with it. I had a Feng shui lady come and implemented some stuff colours and crystals but she wanted me to hire a lay line person to fix the laylines and it was outside of my budget so I couldn’t. I’d like to sort the bedroom but I’m limited with the door and the smallness of the room any advice? Ive studied diamond Feng shui and interior design but I’m kinda beat kinda figure it’s always difficult doing your own stuff 😳

    1. Sounds like your Feng Shui efforts haven’t produced the results you desire. With the brief information you provided, it is difficult to hone in on a specific adjustment. Can you identify any particular Feng Shui actions taken that did yield a positive return? Then you can build from there. What is your clutter situation? Is it time for to start going through everything bit by bit and really paring down? Perhaps there is an exterior landscape issue that is contributing to the “driving energy”. Is your home positioned close to a road or at a T Junction? Are there any high voltage wires nearby or other electrical disrupters? I have seen improvements once lay lines and other energy streams in the ground were adjusted. Your final words probably bear repeating. It is difficult to do your own stuff, and it may be time for another set of eyes on the entire situation. Feel free to contact me directly if you’d like to set up a telephone consultation.

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