You Can Feng Shui Your Home

You can Feng Shui your home? Yes, of course you can! What? Surprised? You may be shocked to hear a longtime certified Feng Shui practitioner say that, but the truth is, anyone who is trying to improve their space is already doing Feng Shui. Let me explain.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the art, and science, of arranging the elements within an environment to enhance the lives of its occupants. It does this by creating auspicious Ch’i, or vital energy, and directing it within the structure so that its flow is most harmonious and balanced for human beings. Developed in China several thousand years ago, Feng Shui has come to the West in the last century and is now practiced throughout the world.

I suspect, if you’re reading this post, you have tried to improve your space by reorganizing, clutter clearing, doing DIY projects or working with your home decor. By definition, you are doing Feng Shui and are going to have some level of improvement in the energy of your home.

What is the Mystery Behind Feng Shui?

Some can feel apprehensive to start as Feng Shui may seem mysterious or filled with unexplained concepts and claims that aren’t believable or taught by mainstream Western cultures. Stories of fixing a broken pipe and receiving a monetary windfall or clearing the clutter from an old beau and opening the way for a new romantic relationship to blossom may be surprising at first, but I have seen the power of Feng Shui again and again. These two stories are from my own life, and there are many more.

The ancient Feng Shui foundation principles of everything is energy, everything is connected and everything is always changing are now being proven by Quantum Physics. It is only a matter of time before these teachings are more fully understood and utilized. I can’t count the number of times a client has commented on how “logical” or “practical “ Feng Shui is after I’ve explained a particular recommendation to them.

Take the Power Position for your desk as an example. This Feng Shui basic asks us to place the desk in such a way that, when seated, you can see the door but are not in direct line with the door’s opening. This puts you in command of what’s going on around you like a general on a hilltop surveying the troops in the valley below. This is the position in which we humans generally feel most at peace. When we’re at peace our energy is good. The Feng Shui, or position, of the desk has helped to create our good feeling energy.

Your desk is in the Power Position when you can see the door but aren’t directly in line with the door’s opening when seated.

Also referred to as the Command Position or Being in Command, this placement is recommended when we lie in bed or stand at the stove. It’s fun to play around with sitting in the Power Position and sensing how you feel. When being seated at a restaurant I always try to snag the seat in the Power Position.

Did you ever have a job interview where you sat facing the door? I bet not, as the interviewer is much more in command of the situation when you have your back to the door.

Feng Shui and Intuition

Often people who become Feng Shui Clients are more tuned into their intuition or instinct. You have an inkling something is off or know, despite repeated attempts, that the space just doesn’t feel right. What you’re really tuned into is the Ch’i energy in the environment. The feeling or “knowing” is that the Feng Shui energy flow is not balanced for you. Not knowing how to fix it adds to the discomfort.

My bedroom back in the day with its preferred, and final, paint color after applying Feng Shui.

This was my experience back in the mid 90’s before I discovered Feng Shui. I was studying intuitive development. While learning to tune into unseen messages from many sources, I gravitated toward sensing the imbalances in my home. Some of my attempted fixes were smashing successes while others were not. The Master Bedroom was repainted three times in five years! Once I discovered and started studying Feng Shui, its many tools and teachings gave me the foundation to more easily create my Feng Shui home in every new house we owned. Most of the wall colors stayed the same until we moved.

It’s awesome that you are so tuned into your home. Now all you need is a bit of Feng Shui knowledge to get you started so you can create your Feng Shui dream home.

How You Can Feng Shui Your Home

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Ready to do more Feng Shui? My free download, Start to Feng Shui Today, offers seven specific steps you can take to improve your Feng Shui. Tuning into the energy in specific spots in your home, perhaps moving a piece of furniture or two, placing intentional objects and one powerful esoteric exercise will jumpstart your personal Feng Shui practice.

Continuing Feng Shui improvements in your home is easy as most of my posts weave at least one Feng Shui principle with practical ideas on how you can integrate Feng Shui into your environment. When you apply the information directly to your own situations, positive results are expected. Ready to give it a try? You can do it!

Remember, if you aren’t entirely clear about the application of a concept or have questions about how to apply the information in your particular setting, I always make myself available to clarify. Simply shoot me a comment at the bottom of the post to be assured that I will receive your inquiry.

Results of Feng Shui

Sir Isaac Newton ‘s Third Law of Motion explains “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This is definitely the case with Feng Shui. I always tell my clients to make their Feng Shui adjustments, with an open heart and a specific intention in mind, then look for results – the reaction.  We should always expect positive results from Feng Shui. That’s why we do it!

When to Call a Feng Shui Consultant

Now you may be wondering why there even are Feng Shui consultants if you can Feng Shui your own home. It’s like staying healthy until there’s a need to see the doctor or keeping the car full of gas until the next oil change. You can surely do the Feng Shui basics, but after that, should there be a particular area of your home you’re feeling uncertain about, work with a consultant . You can contact me as many situations can be addressed with a telephone or online meeting.

Another Feng Shui clue is to make regular evaluations of how your life is going. Is there a health challenge or are finances strained this month? Have you been passed over for a promotion or your family is always racing and on overwhelm? Unwanted situations that are more complex or long standing will likely benefit from the expertise of a Feng Shui consultant. Of course, I recommend me! Contact me to schedule a phone consultation.

When I discovered Feng Shui back in 1998 I had no idea how much it would transform my life. The same is wished for you. Embracing its treasures can impact your life for the better. My two free downloads below can support your efforts.

Which Feng Shui info above most motivates you to do more Feng Shui? What are your plans? Let’s share our Feng Shui strategies and create more purposeful and powerful lives together!

Have fun,


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