Your Feng Shui Home: Part 1

Did you ever stop to think that your home has energy? All of its various components – the exterior materials, mechanical fixtures, interior finishes and your very special furnishings and accessories all hold their own energy. Now add the realization that you are interacting with those various energies ALL THE TIME, and the incredible importance and potential of your home truly comes alive. This is when you can begin to create your own Feng Shui Home.

I’m always encouraging my readers to create their Feng Shui Home. What do I mean, exactly, and why should you care?

  • A Feng Shui Home is a place that is nurtured with Feng Shui awareness and, in turn, returns support and high energy to its occupants.
  • A Feng Shui Home encourages our personal empowerment and can shift circumstances and send opportunities our way.
  • A Feng Shui Home vibrates at an energy level that asks us to grow and prosper.
  • Ultimately, a Feng Shui Home can become our Heaven on Earth.
This is my sweet Feng Shui home. It brings me great joy, and I love my life there.

The Feng Shui Connection

Feng Shui teaches that our surroundings directly impact our lives. This can be in a super awesome, never been better way to the opposite side of the spectrum – in a not so awesome and could be much better way.

A disorganized and cluttered space can feel overwhelming. This energy does not support you in your life.

We’re always responding to the subtle signals our home is sending. Opening the door to a cluttered space can make us cringe, but it can also make us feel disorganized, overwhelmed or even ashamed. This strained self-image may carry over to our work life or prevent us from finding a romantic partner or any number of other outcomes.

When you embrace your home with an attitude that you and the home are connected, the motivation to clutter clear is stronger. The fresh, vibrant energy that results encourages us to repair the leaky faucet or paint the bedroom. Your upgrades have gotten the Ch’i moving in a positive direction and it feels good.

Our Home as a Reflection of Self

In Feng Shui, the home represents its occupants. We innately choose a home that can both embrace us where we are yet present the challenges we need to grow and succeed further.

This was the grandest house we’d ever owned, but I knew it definitely needed some Feng Shui attention.

The big house we downsized from a few years back tells such a clear story to me now. Purchased as our youngest son went off to college, it represented the height of perceived adult achievement. Bigger, grander and very much more a showcase than our two previous homes which nestled in the woods out of sight. This new gem was perched midway up a hill, expansive views and sprawling landscape made us feel as though we were on top of the world.

When we bought this home I’d only been practicing Feng Shui a short time. Although well aware of the multiple Feng Shui challenges in the landscape, I thought I could easily modify the energy flow. The task was much bigger (as was the house) than I’d anticipated.

A Feng Shui Transformation

I set to work developing plans and hiring a lovely couple whose landscaping designs I absolutely adored. It was a great collaboration as we strategized Ch’i flow and conifers, Seat of the Armchair and rock walls. All of the decisions were consciously made for building strong Feng Shui energy in our landscape.

Our landscape was changed dramatically using Feng Shui principles.

After many weeks of intensive work, new flat areas grounded the house to the outside space. Shrubbery, trees and garden beds moderated and directed Ch’i to stay within our yard rather than cascade into the street as before. We loved the results and felt prouder than ever of our home. This “good feeling” translated into many satisfying and productive years ahead.

Make Your Own Feng Shui Home

Feng Shui your own home. Get your FREE DOWNLOAD now.

If you are ready to improve your life, you can set out to make your own Feng Shui Home. It need not be as complicated or intensive as my landscape project. Download my guide on how to Start to Feng Shui Today. It will provide seven tips you can easily do in your own home.

Choose the step that seems the most appropriate. No one is more important than the other and all will shift Ch’i and allow you to look for results in your life. What types of results?

I have improved my wealth, health, supported my children, found a plumber and more with all different types of Feng Shui I have done in my own home (and outdoors too) over the years. If you are ready to test the waters, or expand from where you have already tried Feng Shui, get my Free Download, check out my other posts or, better yet, contact me for a personal Feng Shui consultation.

Consultations are done by phone, with photos, and can offer an alternative approach to rectifying a challenging situation. They also help you plug into the energy of your home to support the achievement of a specific goal or intention. We will also work with your floor plan and Feng Shui Bagua Map. The possibilities of how Feng Shui, and your home, can assist are many.

Whatever approach you take, your Feng Shui efforts will surely improve the energy and feel of your home and your life as well. For a better world, let’s all do some Feng Shui together!

Have fun,


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